Digital natives and the changes they are causing in companies

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Technology has radically changed people's relationship with work. The generations, classified into Baby Boomer, X, Y and the Millennials, or also called Z, present significant differences in the corporate world.

For Baby Boomers, the mission was focused on raising a family and finding happiness outside of work. The Xs, on the other hand, took their relationship with their professional lives very seriously. The common point between these two generations is the ability to wait for situations in the corporate environment to be resolved in their own time, that is, promotions, professional development. The Y and the millennials were born practically digitized, therefore in a world very different from other generations.

You millennials, digital natives, want everything in a hurry, they have transformed consumption habits and also the attitude towards work. They didn't know the world without the internet. They are critical, dynamic, demanding, know what they want, self-taught, do not like hierarchies or inflexible schedules. They are usually well educated, speak one or two languages, are helpful, like to work hard, but also like to have fun and have free time.

Unlike previous generations, where experience demonstrated ability, and the most important was hierarchy and protocols, now the Z's question the rules. They are less motivated by money than millennials and have more entrepreneurial ambitions. Many want to have their own start-up.

But are companies ready to welcome this new generation? What challenges are being imposed by them? Many are still trying to decode them. And it will require companies to adapt and apply new practices to attract and retain these professionals. Organizations need to be aware of all these changes, have flexibility for new practices and programs.

Demanding, these young people do not submit to working conditions that do not satisfy them, for example. Also, they prefer to work from home.

What do we have to learn from the millennials? We can define in three topics:

  • Organizations need to deal with decisions with speed, as this generation needs quick returns, whether positive in the case of a promotion, or even negative in a dismissal;
  • Digital natives also like to be challenged. Professional projects must be really challenging and will be carried out with speed, intelligence and wisdom;
  • And finally, and in my opinion, the most complex and critical topic is that of managing the managers they need to have the maturity to understand what needs to be done with regularity and defined processes, but also be able to receive surprises that this generation can bring to organizations. Being flexible is the keyword for the Gen Z manager.

Bernt Entschev, Headhunter and founder of the consultancy that bears his name, he has been recruiting executives for over 30 years.


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