Digitalization of HR: know the benefits and implement in your sector

Digitalization of HR: know the benefits and implement in your sector

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Companies are looking for solutions that bring better and faster results, faster and, mainly, with fewer processes. For this reason, technology has been transforming the country's corporate scenario and optimizing all systems.

Those who are aware of the advantages that digital resources have brought to the business routine know that the Human Resources (HR) sector is one of the most benefited.

THE digitization of HR it is the process of automating your operational and managerial activities through technological supports. This transformation allows the sector to enhance the performance of the work routine, optimizing its time to focus on more strategic issues.

The use of technology provides conditions for HR to create a more productive and analytical workforce, directly influencing organizational results. For this reason, it is an absolute trend in the UK residents business scenario. Follow the post and understand everything about the digitalization of HR!

What is HR digitization?

THE digitization of HR it is the process that employs technological tools to automate the general activities of the department. This allows the workflow to pick up speed, productivity increase, manual errors decrease and the department to be more strategic.

According to research carried out by consultants Gartner and Deloitte, respectively, 92% of CEOs admit the need for digitalisation of HR and 56% of companies are redesigning the sector management program. That is, the digitalization of HR is already a competitive need for companies.

The technology brings digital resources that optimize all tasks in the sector, from admission to dismissal, facilitating not only management for the company, but also access to information for employees. It allows you to significantly reduce the bureaucracy of your relationships and activities.

How does the digitization of HR change the routine of the sector?

As we have already said, the digitization of HR allows the sector to reduce extremely administrative tasks of the Personnel Department and focus on more strategic issues of People Management. Thus, the team's working time is channeled to structure processes of greater organizational value.

Smart tools like management software specialized in HR they bring functionalities that decentralize the most bureaucratic procedures and steps.

For example, self-service allows employees to send documents, request their vacations, see their absences, send medical certificates, among many others, on a single platform online. And the industry monitors all of these activities just to make sure everything is in order.

Processes gain speed, communication between company and employee is facilitated, manual errors are reduced, rework is practically eliminated. With digitalization, HR is not concerned with DP because technological resources guarantee and provide full coverage. The main performance becomes talent management style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

HR increasingly specializes in people, making the development and training of the workforce a priority.

What are the benefits of digitizing HR?

The automation of processes influences much more than the time of the sector. Check out the main advantages of HR digitalization below:

1. Cloud document storage

Archiving is done on a centralized cloud platform, where all documents are scanned. Thus, the need for a large physical structure to archive documents is eliminated.

The storage online ensures greater information security, since it is free from the risk of damage and loss, common to physical files, and has a digital protection system, such as backups and access records.

2. Reducing the use of paper

Digitization reduces the need for paper printing, allowing the industry to adopt a more sustainable and responsible practice.

With this, the organization contributes to the environment, reduces storage costs and enhances its image in the market.

3. Quick search for information

With the documents scanned and centralized, the search for any information is done in a few clicks. The search filters guarantee the location of documents in seconds, offering agility to all processes.

4. Integration with other sectors

Some smart tools allow other interrelated sectors, such as accounting and financial, have access to the same database as HR. That is, the centralization of documents guarantees the informational uniformity and fast data exchange, eliminating rework and errors due to communication failures.

Activities such as the preparation of payrolls, medical records, termination calculations, admission process and dismissal, discounts, benefits, among others are made in an integrated way, without risk of confusion.

5. Automation of recruitment

The recruitment and selection processes also gain benefits from the digitization of HR. Intelligent systems give speed to selective process. They are programmed to filter professionals who already have some alignment with the company's interests, such as:

  • formation;
  • scores on specific tests;
  • language skills;
  • mastery of tools;
  • among others.

In addition, it is still possible to filter the candidate by their behavioral profile. Mapping software performs tests that determine compatibility with the cultural fit of the company, allowing the targeting for certain positions to be done with more assertiveness.

6. Unboarded onboarding

Automation allows the onboarding process to be done without complications. Whether for filling out essential documents, adapting to work routines, sharing organizational values, or even signing contracts. The integration process for newly hired employees is optimized.

7. Performance evaluation

Updating employee performance records is one of the tasks that most demands time and attention. For this reason, it is often left for later or even neglected.

Rate approductivity of the company's workforce it is extremely important for decision making. So, failing to do it is dangerous and unwise.

A dHumanization of HR brings the possibility to automate this process too, making records systematized and allowing managers view employee progress easily.

8. Measurement of turnover

Another advantage of digitization is the ability to measure turnover, that is, employee turnover. With specialized tools, HR is able to quantify the cost of the loss of a talent, know the causes of dismissal, develop strategies to retain these employees, among others.

THE digitization of HR it can improve the efficiency of several processes in the sector, leveraging more than the speed of operational tasks, but also the management of motivation and satisfaction of the institution's main instrument of value – employees.

The adoption of technological tools impacts the team's behavior, reflecting on its performance and organizational climate. The digitalization of HR is indispensable for companies that seek to optimize their productivity, retain professionals and stand out in the corporate scenario.

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