Discover 10 innovative HR courses with industry trends

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Discover 10 innovative HR courses with industry trends

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Seeking professional updating is essential to stand out in the job market. For human resources professionals, who deal directly with people, the importance is even greater and innovative HR courses have their due importance.

It is necessary to invest time and, sometimes, money to learn the news of each sector so as not to get out of date quickly.

In HR it is necessary to be in constant learning on how to deal with professionals and their basic needs. After all, if the employee is unhappy, it can directly impact their performance at work.

To support human resources professionals, several innovative HR courses are available for those who want to update themselves and get to know in depth the changes in the area.

In this article, we will list the 10 innovative HR courses for industry professionals. You will know:

  • How has HR changed in recent years ?;
  • What is the importance of taking innovative HR courses ?;
  • What are the main innovations in the sector ?;
  • 10 innovative HR courses.

Come on!

How has HR changed in recent years?

Needless to say, the HR professional it deals with people, and as time goes on, the population's desires and needs change. For this reason, the human resources department is the one that most tends to change in order to adapt to the new scenarios.

In the past, the sector was very operational and bureaucratic, focusing on hiring new employees, organizing benefits and controlling time. Currently, HR is more strategic, acting directly with the other areas, in an integrated manner.

The actions planned by the human resources team need to talk to the business objective in the short and long term, and especially with the company's values. For that, a differentiated look and an in-depth knowledge of the company's mission is required.

At the same time, HR increasingly needs to look at the human being behind the employee and offer a attractive work environment. Good pay is no longer enough to retain talent.

It is not uncommon to be surprised to learn that that employee, with the highest position and salary, left the company. And, soon after, we learn that he is undertaking or acting in a place where the company's values ​​are more similar to his personal values.

How important is it to take innovative HR courses?

In the face of so many changes, several innovative HR courses bring the possibility for professionals to update themselves on what is most innovative in the market.

The advantages of innovative HR courses are the duration, they are shorter than a graduate degree, so learning is faster and can be put into practice soon.

In addition, there are a number of free course options and for all budgets, many of them can be done at home.

The professional who does not update it loses space in the job market, as companies always look for those who want to grow together with them. So, be sure to research which courses you most identify with and invest your time in learning.

It is even worth specializing in thinking of holding a specific position within the department, such as recruiting or retaining talent.

What are the main news in the sector?

As we have already said, the HR department has expanded its area of ​​expertise, so much so that several other professionals such as lawyers and psychologists are beginning to join the team.

This is because companies need to take a deeper look at the professional and the society around them.

Therefore, the activities of the human resources professional now include concern for the health and well-being of the employee and we are talking beyond the health plan.

Home office style=”font-weight: 400;”>, reduced or flexible working hourspsychological support, gympass, these are just a few examples of increasingly common benefits.

Another important point is socio-environmental responsibility. Consumers are selecting companies according to their values, and not just for the quality of the products or services they offer.

Transforming the company in a solid way so that it has a more responsible performance in this area, not with isolated actions of solidarity, should be another concern of the professional of the sector.

10 innovative HR courses

The innovations in innovative HR courses are many, but how can you keep up to date without having to spend a lot? The market offers a number of free options and, for those who can, there are also great paid options. Meet some of them:

1. Introduction to Strategic HR

IPED – Polytechnic Institute of Distance Learning offers several fast and free innovative HR courses. One of them is Strategic HR, which will address how the corporation's strategy is linked to the work of the human resources department.

For more information Click here.

two. People management

THE SEBRAE has a totally free and online course, with digital certification.

Despite being the basic function of the human resources professional, learning about People Management contributes to discover new tools and strategies to effectively manage the company's human capital.

3. People Analytics

One of the most outstanding innovative HR courses is that of People Analytics style=”font-weight: 400;”>, since the automation of the sector is still new.

On the Kenoby platform, the course is free and allows you to understand how data analysis can assist in assessing the behavior of human beings.

Using algorithms, the system allows analyzing the impact of the behavior of employees and candidates. In this article from our blog, we talk more about the tool.

4. How to engage employees by developing skills

An employee engaged with the company's cause is synonymous with greater productivity and, consequently, financial return. Developing the skills of each team member can be a differentiator in this regard.

In this course from IPED, you will learn more about this concept and how to invest in each employee, betting on training and learning.

5. How to attract the best professionals

In order to train your employees, the essential thing is to make good hires, attracting the best talents in the market. For this reason, among the innovative HR courses, this is one of the most important.

The non-profit organization Endeavor offers a quick, online course on the topic. In two and a half hours, you learn more about the subject and stay up to date.

6. Talent Management

In addition to recruiting the best professionals, the company needs to know how to manage this talent in order to retain it for a longer time in the framework of collaborators. In partnership with the University of Michigan, on the website Coursera, you can take the course for free.

Among the content are the best recruitment techniques and, in particular, performance evaluation and how to manage these results.

7. Conflict Management

A small conflict in the company, whether between teammates or leadership and led can generate a great deal problem for the human resources team. Thinking about it, Administrando Conflitos was born, from Foco Educação Profissional, one of the innovative HR courses.

Conflict management is a skill that many companies have sought out in industry professionals.

8. Strategic planning

We have already talked about how important it is for the human resources sector to be aligned with the business objectives. Investing in a quick Strategic Planning course is an excellent bet to keep up to date.

In the course of LearnCafe, in just five hours, you acquire the most important concepts and can now apply in your day to day.

9. Leadership and Motivation

Even if you do not intend to take on leadership positions, it is extremely important to understand how to develop this skill and even identify the potential of employees.

THE FGV has a course that unites theories of leadership based on competences and presents motivation as a tool to develop it.

10. HR Business Partner

The Udemy platform concentrates a series of innovative HR courses, at a low cost. One of them is the “Business Partner Training – HR strategist”, whose main objective is to train human resources professionals to be a business partner.

With totally online classes, the course promises to prepare the HR professional to assist in the management of the company, improving results.

The 10 examples of innovative courses cited in this article are just a few of the opportunities you can find to specialize. There are countless other innovative HR courses that can assist in professional development and career growth.

If you are in doubt as to whether it is worth investing in specializations, create a study schedule and start with the free options. Certainly, every minute of study will add value to your work.

The market is constantly changing, mainly due to technological advances, so studying is always an indication for professionals in all areas. And, the human resources department eventually ends up working with all of them, making updating knowledge even more necessary.

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