Discover 6 types of social benefits in companies

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Discover 6 types of social benefits in companies

Table of Contents

Social benefits are the advantages and facilities that the company promotes for its employees, and can be divided into different classifications, such as:

  • legal benefits;
  • spontaneous benefits;
  • monetary benefits;
  • non-monetary benefits;
  • assistance benefits;
  • recreational benefits.

There are several types of social benefits in companies, and that go far beyond those already provided for by labor laws, you know?

It is a concept relatively modern (dated to the mid-1940s), when researchers identified a greater balance between the quality of life of professionals and the increase in productivity, motivation and engagement.

Therefore, identifying the best options, among so many types of social benefits in companies, is a sure strategy to add more value to your organization.

Do you want to know more about it? Then, meet 6 types of social benefits in companies, throughout this post, and see how they can benefit everyone involved!

What is the difference between mandatory and social benefits?

In general, benefits are the conveniences that a company offers its employees, generating incentives according to the goals of the organization itself.

For example: aiming at more engagement and integration between the teams, a benefit that can be offered is the access of everyone in the company to some type of club.

In order to increase loyalty and retain internal talent, in turn, some enterprises adopt pension plans, scholarships and other options among so many types of social benefits in companies.

In fact, there are already in-depth studies on this. Recent research with 423 companies pointed out the 20 main incentives given to employees.

In this list are the mandatory and also social benefits, the first type being the one that the company is obliged to grant based on the current labor legislation.

You social benefits, in turn, are optional, and whose differentials are designed based on the company objectives – as we mentioned earlier -, but also based on the average profile of employees.

After all, it makes no sense for a company to grant access to clubs, as we exemplified earlier, if nobody in the company has an interest in it.

What types of benefits are granted?

Based on the classification of this differential offered, within so many types of social benefits in companies, let’s start by targeting them all. Staying like this:

Legal benefits

Those that are guaranteed to employees based on union claims and also on labor laws, such as:

It is worth noting that they are rights that can be paid by the company itself or yet, by social security agencies.

Spontaneous benefits

They are the types of social benefits in companies which include optional and voluntary attractions of the organization itself, such as:

Monetary benefits

Any type of assistance that involves a supplementary remuneration to the employee, as some kind of bonus (profit sharing, for example) or even a compensation aid if the professional has to leave the activities for a long time.

Non-monetary benefits

Benefits translated into advantages or facilities for employees. Some examples of this:

Assistance benefits

They are the types of social benefits in companies that meet some security conditions through unforeseen events and emergencies, such as:

  • medical and hospital assistance;
  • financial assistance;
  • reimbursement for the purchase of medicines;
  • educational assistance;
  • life insurance.

Recreational benefits

Conditions of rest, tranquility and leisure for employees, normally offered through access to clubs, holiday camps and scheduled excursions, among other activities.

What are the impacts of the types of social benefits on companies?

Based on the aforementioned attractions, there are benefits that are reaped immediately and in the short term – both for employees and for the organization itself.

Among the main advantages, we can highlight the following:

  • increases the collective satisfaction of employees;
  • reduces the turnover rate (turnover);
  • helps to drive away the reasons that cause absenteeism in the organization;
  • increases employee loyalty;
  • retains and attracts talent for the company;
  • increases the employee’s general well-being;
  • generates more productivity;
  • collectively works on the individual’s personal and professional development;
  • brings together and promotes improvements in relationships within the company;
  • reduces individual or collective demotivation.

With that in perspective, let’s get to know the different ttypes of social benefits in companies to inspire you to implement them in your corporate routine?

How about knowing 6 types of social benefits in companies?

Below, our list with various types of social benefits in companies to engage your employees:

1. Financial welfare programs

Financial stress has grown exponentially, within companies, which is nothing more than the personal indebtedness, of each employee, who accompanies him in his routine.

As a consequence of this, the professional doesn’t produce as well, concentrates less and becomes more unmotivated. And this is where the company can enter the financial welfare program.

They are practical solutions to guide you to end your debts, have an economic planning and also learn how to multiply your income, not getting a hostage to their own debts.

2. Salary advance

Also known as payment on-demand, the modality allows professionals to pay for the working days according to their needs.

This causes the rigidity of monthly or biweekly payments to be dissolved and the professional has more freedom to plan your month and avoid debt due to lack of money throughout the month.

3. Remote work

Flexible hours and the possibility to work wherever you want are some of the types of social benefits in companies that generate the most positive repercussions.

After all, they allow people to have more quality of life, flexibility to build their routine and facilities to work in the most profitable way possible.

4. Scholarships

The aid created by the company generates an investment in the career of its employees. An efficient way to retain internal talents and polish them so that, over time, they grow in parallel with the company’s development.

And this attention dedicated by the company becomes greater loyalty, the employee seeks internal growth and the company’s reputation also grows – which promotes attraction of talents in the market, interested in working with you.

5. Wellness and quality of life programs

Yoga classes or workplace gymnastics at the company are good options. In addition, you need to analyze the needs of your staff to build truly effective actions.

An interesting option is the elaboration of a walking group or flexible plans for gym and other physical activities. Thus, the promotion of quality of life is maintained, and in accordance with the interests of its employees.

6. Balanced and free food

How about a periodic consultation with nutritionists for employees? Through a personalized consultancy, they set up a plan focused on your goals and needs.

In addition, the company can offer free snacks – like fruits and other tasty and nutritious options – to engage employees to stick to the stipulated goals.

But the types of social benefits in companies are not limited to the options presented in this article. You can further qualify the level of satisfaction and collective well-being with many other good practices!

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