Discover 9 tips for managing language schools

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Discover 9 tips for managing language schools

Table of Contents

THE language school management differs quite a lot from many other sectors. After all, the particularities of the market demand multidisciplinary knowledge from entrepreneurs.

Thus, it is not enough to have knowledge in finance if you do not understand how to attract and retain your current students. There is no way to compete with the competition if there is no planning next for the development of your brand – whether in investments or learning techniques – and not even how to monetize a commercial establishment that does not care about adding value to your brand.

So it’s worth checking out all 9 language school management tips we’ve selected for this post. Something that can serve both for the veteran entrepreneur in the sector, as well as for beginners and entrepreneurs from other areas.

Below, we will discuss the following topics:

  1. Learn to manage with personality;
  2. Have performance metrics to monitor;
  3. Use technology in your language school management;
  4. Create differentials for your students and potential students;
  5. Learn to motivate your professionals;
  6. Allow the creative educational environment;
  7. Empower yourself continuously;
  8. Invest in digital marketing;
  9. Facilitate the means of payment.

Good reading!

9 tips for efficient language school management

1. Learn to manage with personality

Personality, when it comes to a company, has to do with its organizational culture. In other words: the way in which language schools present themselves to the target audience, interact with them and position themselves in relation to any type of situation or subject.

And this also influences the pedagogical methodology and even the application of classes for each teacher in your enterprise. Not to mention your management with each of them, considering that there are different profiles and personalities, too, which impacts, basically, every interaction you do – internally and externally.

When this integration and uniformity exists, the brand value is greater and people start associating the company's language, visual identity and positioning as if they were someone close to them. In turn, companies that rely on generic actions, in this sense, tend to focus less on the ideals of consumers and potential customers.

2. Have performance metrics to monitor

Nowadays, we cannot believe, purely, in instinct and guesses without the slightest basis. Even so, many current technologies facilitate the automation of processes and the presentation of reports that are consistent with various metrics capable of assisting in their gradual development.

For the management of language schools, this type of attitude helps to understand:

  • which actions had the expected effect;
  • which strategies did not pay off and can be adjusted quickly (or discarded);
  • understand the next objectives;
  • evaluate the urgencies and challenges in the short, medium and long term.

Among many other data that can yield a more agile and assertive decision making – both internally and externally. For students, potential consumers and also for teachers, therefore.

3. Use technology in your language school management

In addition to the previous topic, it is worth talking specifically about the new technologies on the market. After all, they can go much further than monitoring metrics for your business.

And, if you are still unaware of the benefits of having these corporate solutions, check out some of them below and what they can do for managing your brand on multiple fronts.


  • language school management tools, which centralize the main information necessary for the maintenance of your company, such as administrative, financial, people management and HR, among other areas centralized on a single platform;
  • attracting students, which tends to automate strategic actions to attract and also to retain its students – a good example of this are the automation solutions for email marketing;
  • digital agenda, that can be followed by all professionals in one place. This avoids scheduling conflicts, erroneous notes by a professional and much more security and precision in your company's lesson planning;
  • financial management, which is fundamental for any type of company, and of any size. With digital solutions in this sense, work is easier, equipped with resources that facilitate the routine and various tools to personalize and keep your work much more convenient;
  • medical records, streamlining the entire relationship with students and also promoting the organization of the system of its own language school;
  • tools that value the pedagogical system, allowing greater digitization of resources to interact with students and make learning even better.

Even speaking of the quality of learning, we made a very complete post on the relationship between neuroscience and learning – a subject that has everything to do with the management of language schools and the quality of the methodologies applied for the best possible use of its students! Take a look as soon as you finish reading this post!

4. Create differentiators for your students and potential students

Differentials are tools that help to distance you, more and more, from your competition. Especially, if the quality of teaching is already recognized and teachers and students accumulate high degrees of satisfaction with their language school.

With these exclusive actionstherefore, you follow a natural path of development for a situation that already appears to be in favorable conditions. Stagnation, after all, is not an option.

Here are some incentive tips that can help to further promote the relationship with your teachers and also with students:

  • annual profit sharing for teachers;
  • bonuses for objectives and / or goals achieved;
  • awards and rewards;
  • more advantageous corporate benefits;
  • discounts, for students, when referring people to the language school;
  • gamification strategies in the classroom.

Among other actions that can exclusively promote your business and the consequent development of the brand in your line of business.

5. Learn how to motivate your professionals

Motivation is elementary for the growth of any company. Without this fuel, it is common for professionals to become less engaged and committed to the results and objectives, in the medium and long term, of your company.

A good way to do this is through satisfaction surveys as well as periodic meetings with its staff. These are questions that favor opinions, desires and fears, and are more assertive when it comes to solving them.

6. Enable the creative educational environment

Have a teaching direction, but let your teachers be free to use their creativity. The tightening of the rules makes learning equally in a cast, which may not be adequate for all students.

Hence, the importance of adding autonomy to its professionals. Allow them to explore different means within the instruction booklet of your language school, and monitor to find out which actions yield the most positively impacting results.

7. Empower yourself continuously

A specific point for the good management of language schools: train yourself. Take courses, improve networking, research the market around the clock… This all helps to build a professional image increasingly prepared for the current market and also for future trends.

In a moment as dynamic as the current one we live in, professionals have to keep constantly recycling knowledge. Do not fall into the trap of believing that there is nowhere else to develop, because this is one of the biggest myths that entrepreneurs take for granted.

8. Invest in digital marketing

Marketing actions currently focus on online areas that actively contribute to generate more digital presence for your brand.

For a good management of language schools, therefore, it is advisable to explore the media where your target audience is most concentrated, to strengthen the strategic actions on these platforms. Through this, their students interact, potential customers start to consume their contents and the disclosure of their business occurs with more amplitude and precision in the impact of their audience.

Important, however, know exactly what the profile of your consumer is, what he searches, on the internet, to reach you and how your school can meet this demand generated by the client. By translating these issues into content, and solving the issues, your brand develops more and more as a reference in the industry.

9. Facilitate payment methods

Nowadays, people are looking for multiple facilities to consume a product or service. And the means of payment have a relevant impact on their decision-making.

Explore the most practical and convenient means, in addition to taking advantage of those that are already a trend in the market. As a result, its management of language schools is better able to meet the innovations in the sector and, furthermore, it presents itself with more differentials that attract and retain its consumers.

And let's face it: the less mechanical and bureaucratic processes your company has, the better the relationship with your business will be. Automate what you can, train more and understand the profile of your professionals and students. Because with these pillars properly structured in your routine, it is easier to build an unbeatable school, prepared to become a reference in the market!

Did you understand a little more about the best language school management strategies? Share your experiences with us, in the comments field below, and we will expand this useful discussion on the subject even more!



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