Discover how to motivate an unmotivated employee!

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Discover how to motivate an unmotivated employee!

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Some of the biggest problems faced by HR are directly related to the employee dissatisfaction: high turnover, increased absenteeism and decreased productivity are among the most common. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges in the sector is to know how to motivate an unmotivated employee.

After identifying the problem, it is necessary to apply the ideal solution to the situation encountered. If there are conflicts with the boss, for example, it is not a salary increase that will resolve the issue.

To help you with this challenge, we have listed the best strategies to ensure employee motivation. Want to know more? Check it out below!

What are the advantages of investing in team motivation?

In addition to avoiding the problems mentioned above, knowing how to motivate unmotivated employees brings enormous advantages to the day-to-day business. See the main ones below!

Increased productivity

Motivated employees work hard more focus and commitment, which leads to a significant increase in productivity.

In addition to delivering more results in less time, the quality of service improves and the employee feels free to suggest creative solutions for the business.

In this way, the company becomes more competitive, positioning itself among the best and most innovative in the market.

Improvement in the organizational climate

In addition to increasing quality of work, motivation also improves the mood of employees.

When they are fully satisfied with their activities, they tend to feel happier. This has a highly positive impact on the relationship with managers, colleagues and customers.

In this scenario, it can be said that motivation and organizational climate work like a cycle.

If job satisfaction contributes to building a pleasant environment, the opposite is certainly true.

More engagement

Engagement is linked to the identification of the employee with the organizational culture. The more he is involved with the company's purposes, the better your professional performance will be.

When motivation is high, the employee becomes much more likely to embrace the company's ideals and do everything he can to see it grow.

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Strengthening the team

Motivated employees are always willing to contribute to the work of their colleagues.

On a collaborative environment, where everyone helps each other, productivity and results improve considerably.

Motivation also favors retaining talent, which is great for strengthening the team. After all, teams that work together for a long time become increasingly united, efficient and innovative, since the members know in depth the way of acting and the personality of each one.

How to motivate an unmotivated employee?

When observing demotivation signs – such as poor performance, lack of enthusiasm and excessive delays – it is important to have a frank conversation with an employee to find out the reasons for the problem. Only then will it be possible to apply the right solution to recover the employee.

In general, some measures work very well in certain situations.

Below is a list of the main ways to motivate an unmotivated employee!

Review the benefits policy

Go beyond the obvious when assembling the benefit plan of your company.

The basic package with meal voucher and health plan it is not enough to make employees' eyes shine.

It is necessary to think about differentiated advantages, such as flexible hours, the possibility of home-office, cultural vouchers, agreements with gyms and other modern practices.

Do one market research to discover what your competitors offer to employees and strive to overcome them – respecting, of course, the financial situation of the business.

The same goes for salaries: employees who earn below the average of their profession tend to become discouraged over time.

Prevent this from happening by offering a fair and unique remuneration package, that no one else has.

Build an engagement strategy

For engage employees, HR must make a conscious and planned effort.

The organizational culture must be widely publicized. It must be present in all company processes.

Offer training and organize events to encourage everyone's involvement with the company's values.

A good internal communication plan and endomarketing actions are fundamental to achieve this goal.

Use channels such as hotsites, e-mails and even face-to-face meetings to align goals, value talents and promote unity between teams.

Conduct satisfaction surveys

The internal satisfaction survey is an extremely important management tool to assess how employees feel about the work environment.

Through it, it is possible to identify problems in the day-to-day business and collect relevant data to discover how to motivate unmotivated employees.

It's a great way to give employees a voice and make them feel valued by the company.

The human being, in any context, has a great need to be heard. Therefore, taking into account the opinions of professionals is an excellent way to restore your motivation.

Create a feedback culture

THE lack of feedbacks it is one of the main reasons for an employee to become discouraged.

Without them, the professional does not know what are their successes, errors and what they must do to improve their performance.

The goals are also cloudy, since there is no dialogue with the manager to clear them.

To avoid this problem, it is important to create a feedback culture. Instruct managers to monitor subordinates' performance, so that they know exactly what they should deliver on a daily basis.

Also establish periodic performance reviews, which take place at least once a year, with the participation of HR and team leaders.

This method is very useful for analyzing results, setting goals and providing the opportunity for employees to also evaluate their leaders.

Orient managers

Conflicting with the boss is the shortest way for an employee to become unmotivated.

To prevent this type of situation, HR must monitor the performance of leaders and guide their actions, if necessary.

Aggressive behavior, unattainable goals and lack of autonomy are attitudes that, little by little, destroy the employee's trust and commitment.

Good leaders must inspire, value and listen subordinates, stimulating teamwork, creativity and professional growth.

If any company manager is not managing his team properly, it is worth investing in training and mentoring sessions to improve your performance.

After these tips, it was easy to know how to motivate an unmotivated employee. When detecting the problem, just identify the employee's needs and apply the right solution to meet them.

That way, it will be possible to enjoy all the advantages of a satisfied team, such as increased results and a great organizational climate.

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