Discover the 8 best benefits in the office for employees

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Discover the 8 best benefits in the office for employees

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Offer good office benefits for employees it brings benefits not only for employees, but for the entire company. Practice makes up an important part of organizational culture, being essential to increase team satisfaction, engagement and efficiency.

Having an attractive workspace makes everyday life lighter, as well as helping to attract and retain talent. With that in mind, we’ve listed in this article the top eight benefits in the office for employees:

  • Healthy snacks and snacks;
  • Academy in the company;
  • Relaxation room;
  • Happy hour;
  • Home office;
  • Flexible schedules;
  • Pet day;
  • Indoor nursery.

To learn more about each of these benefits, keep following the post!

1. Healthy snacks and snacks

Do you know that hunger that hits in the middle of the afternoon? Having free healthy snacks and snacks in the office is a great way to meet that need. Everyone needs to eat throughout the day, and nothing better than doing it for free and in a nutritious way.

It is possible to offer this benefit in several ways. Can be one full fridge and easily accessible on the floor, a basket with assorted fruits or one afternoon coffee complete on one day of the week. Make tests and check what is most well received by employees, always respecting your company’s budget.

2. Academy in the company

O encouraging physical activity it is one of the best benefits in the office for employees. When taking care of the health and well-being of the team, it is possible to reduce stress level and increase focus and productivity.

Many large companies have gyms on your premises, which facilitates and makes access to classes and equipment cheaper. With such a space inside the office, the person has less and less excuses for not doing physical activity.

However, if this is not possible, there are other ways to get employees to exercise. A common and very efficient measure is to agreements with gym chains, yoga studios and other places, with discounts or free of charge for those who enroll.

Another good alternative is the applications that offer free access to several gyms, so that the person can choose a location that best fits their routine.

3. Relaxation room

Taking a break to relax is essential in a day to day filled with pressures and responsibilities. So it’s interesting to have on the floors rooms with comfortable sofas and chairs so that employees can relax, read a book, socialize or even take a nap at lunchtime.

Many employees, even, become more productive to take the laptop to work in spaces like these, at certain times of the day.

Some companies also offer rooms with video games, ping pong, pool tables and other forms of entertainment. This is great for encouraging active rest, socializing among employees and a healthy dose of competitiveness.

4. Happy hour

Having good relationships at work is something highly valued by professionals. This makes conducting happy hours one of the main benefits in the office for employees.

The event can be monthly, in the same office or in a place nearby that everyone likes. If you can’t do this so often, organize these meetings to celebrate important achievements or acknowledge the team’s performance.

These moments are essential for everyone to talk more relaxed, about matters outside the office, creating ever stronger bonds. This will definitely improve the day-to-day relationship and make people more productive and collaborative.

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5. Home office

Today, with laptops, online chats and file storage in the cloud, most tasks can be performed remotely, including some meetings. Therefore, whenever possible, every company should offer employees the possibility of making home-office.

Many professionals work better working from home, because they feel more focused. In addition, there is no stress with traffic, nor with crowded public transport, since all one needs to do to start the day is to open the laptop.

6. Flexible hours

THE flexible journey it is one of the main benefits in the office for employees. In this model, the employee works at the time he feels most comfortable, not necessarily during business hours.

This benefit may or may not be combined with the home-office, and the rules vary from company to company. Some adopt a timetable completely chosen by the employee, while others give options for the employee to choose (8 am to 5 pm, 9 am to 6 pm or 10 am to 7 pm, for example).

In any case, flexible hours contribute to the balance between personal and professional life, because it helps the employee to fit the work into their routine in the best possible way.

7. Pet day

Increasingly common in companies, the pet day it is a day when employees can take their pets to the office. This is an excellent way to make the environment more pleasant and make people feel more at home.

In addition to relieving stress, the presence of pets can help break the ice between colleagues, improving the relationship in the office. Another advantage is the tranquility of the employees, who are closer to their pets and know that they are not alone at home.

To make a successful pet day, just take some precautions, such as warn in advance and adapt the space company to welcome the animals.

8. Indoor daycare

Having an in-house daycare is one of the best benefits in the office for employees, especially women who have just returned from maternity leave. In the end, for those with children, being close to them is the number one priority.

With this space, fathers and mothers can safely take their baby to work, check how he is doing throughout the day and breastfeed him at the right times. All of this without the need to hire a nanny or leave the child in an outside nursery, away from the parents.

Now that you know the best benefits in the office for employees, how about putting them into practice in your company. By offering these benefits to employees, you will surely increase their satisfaction on a daily basis, ensuring a much more engaged and productive team.

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