Discover the best HR reports to improve company performance

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Discover the best HR reports to improve company performance

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Through the knowledge of the best HR reports, any organization can put its sector in order, identifying needs, needs and opportunities. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the objectives for the company’s growth and, thus, to know which metrics to constantly monitor.

By means of reliable, accurate and real-time datal for the analysis of its collaborators, any company can generate insights useful and valuable for the development of the company. That is where the great importance lies in knowing what are the best HR reports.

With their help, you can identify which of your goals are not being properly monitored – or even controlled – or, yet, which metrics may be part of your professionals’ routine.

So, follow us and discover the best HR reports and insert them among the responsibilities of your employees!

The HR metrics that are worth tracking

Although work in general is part of the HR routine, there are some aspects that must be monitored to ensure uniformity to international developmentO. These are, therefore, thekey HR metrics.

With that, the company’s decision making becomes more and more predictive than a bet. Nothing better than certainty to avoid errors, losses and waste, Is not it?

See what are the best HR reports based on these metrics indispensable for your HR:

  • employee turnover rate, as this contributes to the easy identification of factors that may be interfering with talent retention;
  • equity of positions, learning to value all professionals, regardless of origin, creed, race or gender. A culture open to all adds value, improves general motivation and attests to the obvious with great taste: all employees are equal. This measures efficiency;
  • absences, allowing the observation of absences – justified or not – in excess and, thus, evolving to an investigation regarding the reasons for this index being so high.

In addition, it is always important to consider, when thinking about best HR reports, what are the performances that can present, even if indirectly, a bigger problem behind?

For example: the turnover rate mentioned above may mean the presence of a toxic manager, who does not know how to deal with or lead his team. There, it is advisable to evaluate the best solution for this, instead of evaluating the actions of dismissal and hiring new employees.

Metrics that must be handled with care

Age, for example, is among the best R reportsH because it allows a broader knowledge about your staff. However, be careful: do this for the right reasons.

After all, the age discrimination it is frowned upon and can generate processes for the organization. In addition to being a practice irrelevant and harmful, only.

However, when age is present in the best HR reports, it is associated with early and punctual planning for the succession of leaders, in cases of retirement, for example.

Thus, there is plenty of time to carry out this project, forming new leaders, and ensuring that the new professional will absorb all the responsibilities of the position with quality.

The call to make the best HR reports more attractive

Many people carry intense dramas with the reports, attesting that they are boring, bureaucratic and unintelligible, until.

Only the question is worth: do they really need to be tasteless and unappealing? Our certainty is that it is possible to make best HR reports arouse everyone’s attention and interest in the organization. For that, just follow with some tips that we separated right after, see:

  • don’t just include numbers. Instead, learn to tell a story, contextualize and arouse interest based on the premise, the challenge and the outcome. Yes, as well as a good story;
  • in turn, the impact should be immediate, right at the beginning of the reading. Don’t let the professionals decipher the message: it must be as objective, clear and transparent as possible;
  • make the text humanized. Don’t leave it robotic and bureaucratic. Dialogue with your audience;
  • add terms and visuals that attract and keep readers’ attention. Therefore, use graphics, photographs and videos, among others;
  • if possible, invest in interactivity so that the reading of the best HR reports goes from beginning to end and leaves a taste of “I want more” after finished.

See how you don’t need to focus on dozens and dozens of metrics? Focus, initially, on best HR reports to then explore the best ways to make the reports of interest to everyone.

Does your company already invest in this type of alternative to add more value to HR actions? So, cshare with us your experiences on the subject, in the comments field of this post!


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