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The set of actions that your company can put into practice to promote the attraction and retention of talent is called employer branding. These are techniques that reinforce the positive aspects of working in the organization, creating and strengthening an image that makes it possible to feed a network of internal and external defenders.

This is an increasingly common need in companies that want to reduce staff recruitment costs due to high absenteeism and turnover rates. Creating an environment conducive to professional development and, thereby, gaining a reputation, is something desired by all organizations.

Read on and learn about the power of employer branding to attract and retain talent.

Why is employer branding important?

Look at the market in which your company is located. In the current environment, the values ​​that make it possible to differentiate one company from another are getting smaller and smaller. The products and services offered to the public are often so similar that the competitive differential occurs in fields such as customer service or the qualification of professionals.

To differentiate your company from competitors, it is essential to prepare a team that helps to spread and highlight the brand's qualities. This positively impacts the way the company is seen by both consumers and professionals working in the same area. In this way, a network of company advocates is created.

Some companies already invest in this field, however, only with a focus on customers. The fact is that we must remember that it is the professionals who work with you who are on the front line of service and dealing with people. If they are also not fans of the brand, they are unlikely to convey this image to customers.

Employer branding also enables gains in the company's productivity levels, after all, we are talking about a set of actions that value the well-being, engagement and retention of talent. This values ​​professionals, having a positive impact on their motivation. And motivated people are more productive!

The company that strives to create a productive environment that promotes the well-being of people is seen from a different perspective by the team itself. Motivated, professionals become proud of the company they work for and seek to increase efforts to meet the organization's expectations.

Another aspect that we should highlight about the importance of employer branding is that it makes professionals more aware of their position in the company.

The improvement of the organization's reputation in the market more easily attracts more professionally qualified people. Therefore, if it happens to be a good place to work, all job positions will be more competitive – which reinforces the need for continuous growth and development.

What are its benefits for the company?

Increase in employee productivity level

As mentioned in the previous topic, the first benefit of employer branding for your company is the increase in the level of employee productivity. They start to work more satisfied and aware of their own importance within the organizational context. This motivates them to constantly give their best.

Reduction in the cost of recruiting professionals

Since employer branding manages to change the company's image in the market, both for clients and professionals, it starts to attract talent more easily. This helps to reduce the amount invested in recruiting personnel, as the exact opposite process occurs: the professional starts looking for job opportunities in the company.

Creating a network of brand advocates

Remember that employees are on the front lines of dealing with the company's target audience, so they need to be prepared to defend the brand. Impacted by your company's employer branding actions, they will adopt a more unified stance towards defending the ideals they believe in – the same ones presented by the organization.

Decrease in the company's absenteeism level

Absenteeism is one of the big problems that affect a company. Having employees who frequently do not comply with the workday harms the organizational climate. Thus, investing in employer branding helps to raise awareness among the team, making professionals more committed to the work they do.

Decrease in the turnover rate

Another negative index that is also impacted by employer branding is turnover. The high turnover of personnel harms the company in several aspects, as it affects the financial costs and its image in the market. Professionals who are more motivated and aware of their own work want to stay on the board, therefore, they leave the company less often.

Improved company reputation

The main benefit of employer branding is the improvement in the company's reputation with consumers, professionals and the market in general. Being recognized as a good company to work for makes the brand more human, as it becomes associated with an organization that cares about the well-being of its employees.

How to build your employer branding strategy?

To make your company one of the most desirable to work for, it is essential to know the aspects behind building a good reputation. Employer branding does not work from just a single action, but through a set of them. Define, initially, what are the values ​​that support the business.

Your brand's employer branding strategy must be supported by the strategic pillars that form the organizational culture. Establish, therefore, all the values ​​that will work towards the recognition of the company in the market. Prepare a plan that documents the steps that will be taken, the objectives and even the resources available for the actions that must be taken.

Invest in professionals who are already part of your team. Bet on complementary benefits and improve the quality of life in the company. Create an environment that favors the sharing of knowledge and the well-being of all. To do this, facilitate the way in which internal communication occurs.

Invite all company managers to explain the importance of employer branding and encourage them to lead by example. As they are the heads of the teams, they must demonstrate the steps that need to be taken. They need to know how to give and receive feedback, value their team members, delegate tasks and actively participate in processes.

Finally, to be able to invest in employer branding, your company must define a value proposition for the employee, that is, something that differentiates it from the others and that can make it coveted in the market. Having this kind of resource helps in building a good reputation and reduces the chance of suffering from labor shortages.

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