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Leading a team requires the development of different skills. The objective is to be productive, understand personal issues and know how to motivate and engage employees. However, achieving this goal is not always easy. Therefore, training for managers has become increasingly common.

These professionals are responsible for coordinating teams in pursuit of organizational goals. To achieve these goals, they must undergo technical and behavioral training in order to know how to deal with adversities, improve communication and be more efficient.

How to do this? This is what we will present in this post. Here, we will see some training trends aimed at managers. Come on?

The importance of training for managers

The search for results is the main objective of the corporate world. However, it is very common for companies to train employees who work in the operational part and forget about decision makers.

Preparing managers is synonymous with making an investment in your organization, because this allows it to develop continuously and efficiently. These professionals must be trained to know how to overcome the challenges that appear on a daily basis and to create innovative solutions.

That is, when the company has an up-to-date management professional, it increases its competitive advantage. This is because the manager understands his role in the development of new leaders and teams.

In addition, the company achieves other benefits, such as:

  • improved communication;
  • improvement of individual and collective performances;
  • continuous improvement of processes;
  • development of monitoring means;
  • effective measurement of results.

In this scenario, HR's mission is to think of increasingly modern ways to attract, motivate and train leaders and managers. It is up to the organization to verify the most appropriate practice for them to develop and present the best results with their teams. This is how investments in training will deliver solid returns.

The question is: what are the trends in training? Check out some of them:

Leadership improvement

You may already know that there is a difference between a manager and a leader. The first is a results-oriented technical professional focused on processes and metrics. The second is someone who has more skill in dealing with people. He can motivate them, have good communication and resolve conflicts. Therefore, his focus is on human capital.

For the manager to perform his function well, it is important that he develop leadership skills. The idea is that employees carry out their activities because they are engaged — not because they are obliged to do so.

In this case, the manager with leadership skills is better able to guide his employees towards the result, because he is able to communicate better with the team and has their trust.

Due to this context, leadership training aims to train the manager to know and work with the best market practices. In this way, it manages to improve processes and increase productivity, generating the results planned and expected by the company.

Another benefit is that the HR manager is able to assist in the elaboration of strategic planning, delimiting what is feasible according to the reality of the organization's human capital. In addition, it is possible:

  • analyze problems and make better decisions with the team;
  • delegate tasks considering the profile of the person who will receive them;
  • develop employees focusing on their strengths;
  • map activities, processes, relationships and connections between subordinates, teams and sectors;
  • implement recognition systems to increase people's engagement;
  • admit mistakes and resolve them professionally.

Measurable results orientation

Result is something managers understand well! These professionals need to introduce them frequently. Therefore, it is important to train them so that they can identify the metrics that are important for their sectors.

In results-oriented training, the objective is to identify the most relevant metrics. If the manager's focus is different, he will not achieve positive and efficient results, since his concern will be diverted.

Follow-up of results

Training is a constant process, which goes beyond a course, exam or workshop. Much more is needed than analyzing the change in indicators. In fact, it is necessary to monitor the day to day and verify the changes that have occurred.

Confronting the expected results with those actually performed is an adequate way of conveying reliability and presenting the improvements generated by the training.

Gamification implementation

Using game mechanisms to engage managers can be a great strategy. This innovative training model offers greater engagement, allows simulation of real situations and encourages competitiveness.

From gamification, you can create performance dashboards and rankings to encourage managers, who are often highly competitive. In addition, this technique helps to make decisions, as the professional finds himself in different situations and under pressure.

task delegation

Managers must strive in order to develop their leadership. An important aspect of success is task delegation. It serves to guide leaders in distributing tasks efficiently.

Thus, employees have more responsibility and autonomy to perform certain tasks. This characteristic helps in their evolution and makes them more productive.

Therefore, task delegation training is used to:

  • evaluate the most suitable employee to perform the task;
  • offer autonomy and responsibilities to those being led;
  • trust your feeling to make decisions;
  • present what to do in a clear and objective way, avoiding doubts;
  • define deadlines and methods of monitoring delegated tasks;
  • recognize good results.

People management

A good manager must have technical know-how in his area and the ability to manage teams, regardless of the sector he works in. People management training provides tools that allow you to assess employee profiles and define the best teams to form.

With this, there will be better conditions to place the most appropriate person in the execution of the tasks, obtaining the best possible result. These evaluations can still be carried out in several aspects, such as:

  • professional profile identification: to check the career with which the person has the most affinity;
  • recognition of psychological characteristics: in order to identify behavioral traits;
  • other types of assessments carried out by specialized companies.

However, you don't have to be tied to these tools alone, as a 360º assessment can help managers understand how people perceive themselves, their peers and the organization's managers.

Effectiveness of communication

Speaking of training for managers, it is essential to address communication, a fundamental point to contribute to the success or failure of a management. In order for this training to be effective, it is necessary to know how to listen, speak and act at the appropriate times.

This is where the role of the manager comes in. To communicate well with his team, he needs to listen to his collaborators, avoiding acting hastily, which jeopardizes the desired result.

In addition, this training must address situations of poor communication involving managers, subordinates and their consequences.

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