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More and more UK residents professionals have come across the acronym EAD – Distance Education. This is because, with the technological evolution that we are currently experiencing, it has allowed courses in this modality to evolve, and a lot, in terms of transmission, audio and video. Therefore, performing a specialization using this resource became practical, easy and at an affordable cost, when compared to the traditional method.
But those who believe that this is something new, innovative, are wrong. The essence of EAD was born there in the 20s of the last century. At that time, people who decided to take the distance course received physical handouts, batteries of questions about the content and corresponded with the educational institution through the Post Office. A module to be completed took around three weeks. Today can be done in one day.
So what has changed since then is the technology used. However, its essence remains the same: to facilitate access to education. The participant's profile also does not change. The student needs to be dedicated and willing to learn about what is being addressed, in order to have a satisfactory use. It is still different from the face-to-face method, as a good student will be good in physical or distance classrooms, the opposite is also true.
The corporate world needs to open its eyes to this great market segment that has evolved technologically. First, breaking down barriers such as resistance to hiring professionals trained in distance education. It is known that the value of a degree from a distance course and a face-to-face course are equivalent, so the vision of the company and the recruiter needs to be focused on the person and their technical capacity to meet the demand of the organization.
Second, to break this barrier, companies need to start experimenting with offering distance courses as a way to train their employees. Living this in practice, you will see that the effectiveness of this method is very good. In addition, the cost is much lower when compared to other methods. The use is encouraged, since classes can be taken at any time, and if the employee loses content, he can make the replacement whenever he wants and from anywhere, even when traveling, for example, something that is restricted when hiring face-to-face modules.
Another benefit is logistics. Today, time is wasted in traffic to get to the face-to-face classes. At the end of a distance learning course, the hours saved with traffic can be an incentive bonus for the student's study and use.
The major impediment to the advancement of distance learning within organizations has been the high cost of setting up an internal structure for conducting the courses. The initial investment needs to be thought about in the long term. And companies that opt ​​for this format need to be aware that not all employees are familiar with using equipment and technological resources, so a brief training on this handling will support the student to have a better use.
A world trend, distance learning in just over a decade will share the market with face-to-face education. If it is a reality that is here to stay, there is no point in delaying it. The ideal is to take advantage of this tool to boost the team's updating possibilities and reap better results and less time.

By Bernt Entschev


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