Do HR and IT speak the same language?

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spreken hr en it manager dezelfde taal

Table of Contents

Mutual understanding or a different agenda?

HR and IT have equal concerns in a number of areas and therefore know where to find each other. Just think of maximizing data security and the safe handling of employee privacy data. Both departments are also strongly involved in the way employees become more productive. For example, by offering applications in the cloud and allowing people to work more flexibly.

However, there are bigger concerns. At board level, this mainly concerns digital disruption of newcomers that can completely turn existing markets upside down. In order to be successful in the future, it is important that HR and IT mutually understand the importance of IT knowledge development. But is that really so? Do they also have equal concerns when it comes to knowledge development, or do they neglect each other?

Equal concerns

In an IT company there is a good chance that the HR manager understands a lot of the IT manager’s constant need for knowledge to take his team to a higher level. Nothing changes faster than technology. The better the IT knowledge development is stimulated, the greater the competitive strength. This will undoubtedly lead to more good IT staff applying for jobs. IT knowledge development is a crucial part of these companies to survive and attract top talent.

Do HR and IT understand each other outside IT?

Outside the IT sector, it is not always self-evident that HR and IT managers really understand each other well. For example, you are an IT manager at a government institution and you see that it is necessary for the employees of your IT department to develop further. It is then not inconceivable that the conversation to get the budget available from the HR manager will be somewhat more difficult.

Compared to other departments, the IT department needs more specific knowledge, while the HR department is usually used to offering general, generic.

Are the budgets correct and can they be justified?

This will often mean that the training budgets per employee will have to be increased. After all, every industry needs IT knowledge to stay ahead. As an example, the aforementioned government institution will be able to greatly improve contacts with citizens by gaining knowledge of new online possibilities.

“IT knowledge development is an investment for 95% of companies, but only 6% measures the ROI”

Training budgets are therefore usually seen as an expense, while it would be better to see it as an investment. By specifying clear KPIs in advance, the ROI of the investment in IT knowledge can be measured.

Distinctiveness is facilitating knowledge

Fortunately, making technological catch-up is more and more on the agenda of the board of directors. However, the question can be asked how exactly you facilitate knowledge development. The answer most often mentioned is that organizations send their IT employees to classroom training courses.

“95% of companies say they engage in continuous knowledge development, but only 7% actually facilitate this”


In order to be and remain truly competitive, we are convinced that HR and IT must speak the same language. In the field of continuous knowledge development for IT, we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise and we can make a large number of recommendations at management, HR and IT level that deliver proven results. An equal agenda is where the strength lies to keep up.


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