Doers, Dreamers, Thinkers and Deciders. That’s how they learn

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Doers, Dreamers, Thinkers and Deciders.  That's how they learn

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We have written blogs about different forms of learning before. But which form of learning actually works best? That depends on a person's preferred learning style.

Four learning styles and countless learning methods

David Kolb is an American learning psychologist and educator, known for his theory of learning styles and the learning cycle. In his theory, Kolb describes four learning styles. How do you recognize them and which learning methods suit each learning style?

1 The doer

A doer has to experience something to learn from it. Experimenting and trying out are magic words for this person. He or she wants to get started as soon as possible. Forms of learning that suit the doer are, for example, conducting surveys, playing a role play or taking a quiz, company visits, brainstorming and group discussions.

2 The dreamer

The dreamer also wants to experience something, but rather by looking or feeling than by doing. A dreamer wants to look at a challenge from all sides and thanks to a great imagination he or she sees new entrances and solutions again and again. The dreamer has a preference for learning methods such as mind mapping, writing stories, demonstrations and coaching.

3 The Thinker

A thinker looks for the combination between reflective observation (looking) and abstract conceptualization (analysis). A thinker likes to work independently in order to first have the opportunity to form a picture of the theory. Overview, insight and logical reasoning are magic words for the thinker. Pleasant learning methods are therefore attending lectures, debating, researching or studying tutorials about a particular theory or method.

4 The decision maker

Decision makers like to apply information and knowledge in practice. They have great problem-solving skills and make decisions easily. When a problem arises, a decision maker takes a deductive and problem-solving approach. Appropriate learning methods are making assignments with clear objectives that are focused on results, devising and making simulations, attending demonstrations, doing a practical or listening to practical stories.

Learning phases

Everyone has a natural preference for a learning style. At the same time, you can also see these learning styles as phases that every person has to go through in order to learn something. After you have experienced something, you have to reflect on it. Then you look for the logic behind it and finally you apply what you have learned. Curious which learning style suits your employees best? Then it might be nice to invite them to take the Kolb test.

Knowing more?

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