Does your company’s HR closely follow the trajectory of its employees?

What opportunities does your company have for Generation Y?

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Participating actively in the day-to-day of professionals is one of the main functions of the Human Resources department. Knowing the goals and expectations of each employee is essential to keep them motivated and focused on activities that interest them.

The American academic Edgar Schein created the theory of career anchors, which are the pillars that structure a professional's career. Altogether, there are eight anchors: autonomy, security, technical-functional competence, managerial competence, entrepreneurial creativity, dedication to a cause, pure challenge and lifestyle.

Career anchors reflect the motivators that the professional has to perform a good job and feel satisfied with their position and place where they work. But for this to happen, companies need to know exactly what the expectations and motivations of each employee are to understand how the working relationship is perceived.

That's why it's so important that companies have a deep understanding of the professional's career plans and understand where they want to go and how they'd like to work. Knowing how to respect these parameters avoids low performance driven by the unhappiness of not doing what you want in the way you idealized. For example, imagine a professional who has autonomy as a career anchor, but in his company the environment does not allow him to make decisions or act in accordance with his proposals. If the company has fixed methods and does not allow this employee to fly, he will certainly work without motivation and unhappiness, which will directly affect his productivity and interpersonal relationships.

Another example is people who are driven by challenges. If they haven't been constantly tested, they won't be satisfied either. Putting the right person in the right place is one of the most important tasks that a company's HR has.

Often, it is also necessary to deconstruct an image that the professional has of his career. If the person imagines himself in a position, but he does not fit in well due to technical or behavioral skills, it is the role of HR and also of the manager to help in this evaluation. Some internal movements happen wrongly because they did not have a correct pre-assessment, which will interfere with the performance of the employee as a whole, often causing both sides to have large losses.

The best way to avoid these career diagnostic errors is periodic evaluations to align expectations, address technical, behavioral and performance issues and, above all, understand where this professional wants to go. It is very important for managers to realize if the company is managing to meet what the employee expects, but also if, on the other hand, he is delivering what he proposed at the time of his hiring. If you are not achieving results, for example, it may be an indication that you are not satisfied with your position and with the tasks you have been assigned. With the use of specific tools, HR, in partnership with the manager, together with the professional, can analyze the trajectory and conclude if he is in the right place or if any change in route needs to be carried out.

Ana Carolina Machado is a Talent Management Consultant, specialist in Strategic People Management.


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