Don’t make these 8 hiring mistakes in your company!

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Don't make these 8 hiring mistakes in your company!

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Hire employees is one of the most important tasks of the HR sector, as the company's success depends directly on the quality of the team. So it takes a lot of study and planning to avoid hiring errors.

Failures in the selection processes can cause serious problems for the organization, such as decreased productivity, increased turnover and wasted financial resources. Some of the main misconceptions in recruiting employees are:

  • not using technology;
  • skip steps;
  • not involve the direct leader of the contractor;
  • do not apply skill tests;
  • do not confirm certifications mentioned in the CV;
  • publish incomplete or poorly written job descriptions;
  • omitting information about the position;
  • consider only the salary claim when choosing the candidate.

See below for more details on these hiring errors and how they can influence your company's day-to-day activities.

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1. Don't use technology

Printing the resumes received and analyzing them one at a time is among the hiring errors that generate more losses. Instead of spending time and resources unnecessarily, use technology in favor of the company and modernize HR processes.

Today, there are software that make the sorting resumes by keyword, automating the first phase of recruitment. In addition, there are several useful tools for advertising vacancies online, such as specialized websites and social networks.

Some stages of the selection process can even be carried out remotely. This is the case of technical, behavioral tests and preliminary interviews, carried out by videoconference.

2. Skip steps

Skip steps from recruitment and selection It is one of hiring errors most frequent in companies. Many managers and HR professionals do this to fill an urgent vacancy, but keep in mind that hurry can be costly.

It is better to spend a little more time researching candidates and interviewing them properly than to carry out a selection process full of flaws. All steps are important to evaluate the professional and make sure he is fit for the job.

When the steps are not respected, the chances of hiring the wrong person are very high. The consequence of this is the need to dismiss the employee and invest even more more time and resources in a new selection process, which causes serious negative impacts for the organization.

3. Do not involve the direct leader of the contractor

Fail to involve the leader area in the selection of candidates can also cause serious hiring errors. Many companies do this in a hurry to close the vacancy, full schedule or vacation of the manager. However, leaving the interviews to HR alone is a huge mistakebecause the leader is the only person who actually lives the area.

The manager is responsible for the division of labor and for defining which professional profile the team needs. You will also be able to explain to the candidate all the details about the position and align expectations. Therefore, your participation in the selection process is fundamental.

4. Do not apply skill tests

No test skills candidate's technical skills may result in the hiring of a professional who does not master the essential software, languages ​​and procedures for the day-to-day of the post. As much as these skills are included in the curriculum, it is necessary to evaluate in practice how he does in his activities.

Prepare a test together with the area manager that involves both the technical and behavioral aspects of the candidate. In this way, it will be possible to check if the skills and profile of the personnel are in line with the department's needs.

5. Do not confirm certifications mentioned in the CV

As in the case of skills, it is also necessary to validate the titles, awards and certifications on the CV. The candidate is expected to describe himself and his experiences in a true way, but unfortunately this does not apply in 100% of cases.

Therefore, do not be superficial in the analysis of curricula. Search for references and investigate the veracity of all information in the document. Today, with the internet and social networks, it is much easier to research someone's background than in other times.

With that, you are sure that you are hiring someone fully qualified and, above all, honest.

6. Publish incomplete or poorly written job descriptions

THE vacancy description it should be as detailed and attractive as possible. After all, it is what will make the professional decide whether to apply or not. When announcing the position, tell about the company's culture, the level of the position and the expected activities in the day-to-day.

Thus, postulants will already have a good idea of ​​the dynamics of the work environment at the outset. This helps to to attract qualified and identified professionals for the purpose of the organization, avoiding hiring errors.

7. Omit job information

Omit details like remuneration and benefits on first contact is acceptable, as it is a preliminary conversation to assess the candidate's interest. However, when the person is willing to attend face-to-face interviews, it is important to offer him a complete overview of the opportunity.

Talk about the salary range, benefits package, working hours and other factors that you think are important. Letting everything count only when the professional is chosen can end up giving up, because he expects a higher salary or is dissatisfied with some other factor.

8. Consider only the salary claim when choosing the candidate

Other hiring error it is quite common to choose candidates considering exclusively the salary claim, aiming to save on payments.

It is clear that payroll it must be within budget, but experience, skills and profile must also be taken into account. Hiring an employee just because he asked for less can cause huge losses in the future. Preparation is key, which makes it worth paying a little more in some cases.

We have reached the end of our tips on hiring mistakes! Now that you are already on the subject, how about putting everything into practice in your company's selection processes.

With study, planning and patience, you will certainly be able to minimize failures and assemble a quality team for the organization.

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