E-leadership: what is this new way to lead?

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E-leadership: what is this new way to lead?

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That technology is growing every day and takes over the market everyone knows. However, did you know that it has an impact on leadership models? More and more people talk about the importance e-leadership, the leader who has a new way of leading.

If the eye in the eye was the real motto of a good leadership, today the confidence and hearing the voice of employees makes the difference. The market outlook has changed.

Videoconferences, e-mails, cell phones, project software and collaboration have been taking the reins in the list of leaders and followers. In other words, e-leadership has gone from a concept of leadership to a model that is even more effective than the traditional one.

This is because ways have been found to enhance the best that professionals have. Since e-leadership is based on a leadership that makes the most of your team, taking advantage of all Skills and skills that impact results.

But do you know what are the main differentials of e-leadership and how is your relationship with the millennial generation (Y)? In this article we will show an overview of this concept of leadership and its particularities. Check out!

What is e-leadership?

E-leadership is nothing more than a aspirational leadership model that can handle and enhance the skills of the so-called millennial generation or generation Y.

E-leadership is the leader who manages to identify and take advantage of the knowledge of this generation that is connected all the time and who strongly believes in quality of life as a determining factor in the work environment.

So much so that according to one PwC study, 95% Millennials say the balance between work and personal life is extremely important.

We already talked about quality of life at work in the article: What it means to have quality of life at work: 4 tips to promote and apply the concept. It is worth reading later.

Who are the millennials?

The millennial or Y generation refers to people born between the years of 1980 and 1995. One Itaú BBA research revealed that 50% of the workforce in the country is already millennials and that number should reach up to 70% in 2030.

Among the main characteristics of this generation are:

  • the inseparable relationship with technology;
  • the ease of changes;
  • timeliness;
  • the lack of concern with formalities;
  • the great openness to innovation.

Characteristics of e-leadership

what-and-eleadershipImage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Knowing a little more about the millennial generation, we separated some of the leadership aspects that e-leadership needs to implement in order to get along with a team formed by people with this profile.

1. Less hierarchy

The hierarchy where the boss commands and obeys who has judgment does not work with the millennial generation. Excessive authority is a problem because they want to be more collaborative in the day-to-day of the company.

This means that they want to be heard by their leaders and, above all, that responsibilities are shared with them.

In this sense, e-leadership knows that it needs to include those around it in plans and projects. His subordinates need a certain power of decision and he offers this space in a more dialogued leadership.

2. More collaboration and participation

One of the characteristics of e-leadership is a concept of more collaborative and participatory leadership. This means that the whole team has its share of importance that is taken into account in all projects.

Especially because the current generation has this desire to participate, to be included in everything all the time. Idle time is the way to lose the engagement of millennials.

They want to make a difference by questioning their leaders and proposing solutions through creativity and their own competencies. Well, they have the desire to be heard all the time and this detail is paramount for them to feel satisfied.

3. More flexibility

The leadership rigidity of former bosses is not well regarded by e-leadership. With great expertise in the technological area, he knows the importance that flexibility has in the current market and in the lives of millennials.

According to research performed by UK residents Internship Center (Nube), 53.01% of employees places personal satisfaction as the most important item at work.

In this sense, we can affirm that the flexibility to be able to deal with personal and professional life, is fundamental for professional well-being.

When it comes to greater flexibility, we can consider work in the home-office format, meetings by videoconference, online collaboration, among other items.

Each of these details adopted by e-leadership makes all the difference in the company's day-to-day and has a profound impact on the good relationship with millennials.

4. More autonomy

As we mentioned above, the millennial generation wants to have participation in decision-making important. This means that e-leadership needs to offer more autonomy to the team.

Millennials like challenges and taking on new responsibilities constantly. In fact, this is an important factor so that they are always willing and motivated with their work.

In addition, when it comes to more autonomy, we go on a path where trust, transparency and freedom to act are preponderant.

And greater autonomy offered by this modern leader (e-leadership) to employees, they have the ability to increase productivity and results.

6. More motivation incentives

E-leadership also has the great challenge of keeping the team motivated. So you need to have cards up your sleeve to motivate the employees constantly, even because of the uneasiness that millenials have.

Being stagnant or not predicting growth in the company causes this generation to disengage and look for new opportunities in the market. So those who do not create actions that stimulate motivation, are subject to an increase in the rate of abstention and turnover.

It is necessary to make the employee love what he is doing and know how important his work is. But not only that, they need something in return.

Whether through continuous feedbacks, training and courses, financial well-being actions, climate surveys, favorable environments for work, flexible hours, etc.

By the way, a global PwC study pointed out that the benefit that millennials value most is training and development companies offer, followed by flexible hours.

7. Being an ally of technology

E-leadership needs to deal with all the technological power that the millennial generation has to offer. For this reason, it is extremely receptive to the use of technology as a means of innovation and real-time communication.

Its leadership is well adjusted to the millenials, as it has no resistance to the implementation of new technologies. Offering support and recommending the use of technological tools as a basis for task optimization.

Therefore, being an e-leadership mainly means being aware of everything that the market offers in technology and not only using them, but encouraging the team to do the same.

E-leadership and leadership success

E-leadership is not only a leadership model that has become a trend, but the reality of many companies, mainly due to the technological evolution. Those who do not update themselves lose several talents of the Se generation.

As we saw in this article, it is necessary to motivate and encourage this generation so that they remain engaged and willing to wear the company's shirt.

In other words, e-leadership is not only able to deal with this generation, it leverages the skills of its team and trains new leaders for the market.

Given the companies that have leaders and not bosses and professionals who want to win the team game and not alone, e-leadership usually generates more results.

Since as the former basketball player used to say Michael Jordan:

Talent wins games, but only teamwork wins championships”And that e-leadership knows how to do very well.”

Leverage technology to deliver new benefits

If the millennials value dynamism and are familiar with technology, your company can take advantage of this profile to implement benefits that help in the financial management of employees.

meet the HR Consultant UKy, a tool that allows your employees to be able to anticipate part of their wages when they want to.

The on-demand wage system is changing the way employees handle their wages and generating more satisfaction and motivation from the team with the company.

HR Consultant UKy can be one of the most valued benefits for those who work at your company. Talk to an expert and learn more!

Did you like our article? Leave your comment and tell us how your company can handle and motivate professionals of the millennial generation.



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