E-recruitment: how to use technology in recruitment and selection

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E-recruitment: how to use technology in recruitment and selection

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In the past, it was common to look for job opportunities in the newspaper's job book or by going to companies in person to leave a resume. However, these days, these methods are in the past. In the last decade, the e-recruitment gained strength and became the most efficient way to search for candidates in the market.

To find the best professionals, you need to be where they are. And in today's world, that means being on the internet and social media. In an era where everyone is connected 100% of the time, it is natural that the search for work also happens online.

With that in mind, we have put together in this article the best tips for you to use technology efficiently in your processes recruitment and selection. Want to know more? Check it out below!

What is e-recruitment?

E-recruitment, or digital recruitment, is the hiring of human capital over the internet, using tools and strategies that use the best of technology to search for candidates. The method, already consolidated in the market, has become increasingly rich and efficient as the technology evolves and brings up new features.

The great advantage of digital recruitment it is greater agility in the process and a decrease in the volume of manual tasks.

With the support of technology, HR has access to a much wider range of candidates, which increases the chances of getting hires right. In addition, the selection steps become more fluid, which reduces the closing time of vacancies.

What tools are used in e-recruitment?

To make a e-recruitment efficient, it is necessary to know the tools available and how to use them at each stage of the selection process. Below are the main recruitment and selection technologies and the best tips for implementing them in your company!

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Vacancy platforms

At online platforms are the tools most used by companies to advertise vacancies. In general, the operation is very simple: HR prepares the job description, makes the announcement and awaits applications from interested parties.

It is also possible to go the other way: search for professionals by keyword and invite those who are more aligned with the vacancy to the selection process. Then, just contact us by phone or email to proceed with the steps.

However, the platforms are not all the same: it is necessary to pay attention to the differentials and specialties of each of them. Some sites, for example, focus on managerial positions or in a specific area of ​​activity. Others are more generalist, accepting advertisements for professionals of all levels and sectors.

One of the biggest advantages of having a platform of vacancies in the e-recruitment is to expand access to market professionals. Furthermore, the screening of resumes is done in an automated way, without the need to print the resumes and analyze them one by one.

Some websites also offer the possibility to make interviews and tests online, which further accelerates the process. In this way, face-to-face interviews are reserved only for finalist candidates, so that it is possible to get to know them up close and make the right choice.

Social networks

Another great way to implement the e-recruitment is to search for candidates on social networks. The main one is the LinkedIn, which has already surpassed the 600 million users around the world.

Created with the aim of connecting professionals, the tool goes far beyond the publication of vacancies and resumes. It is possible to generate content, network, publicize projects and create relationships with people from all areas of activity.

The network also has exclusive resources for headhunters, which serve to facilitate the search for the ideal candidate and increase the success rates in hiring.

In addition to LinkedIn, you can also do e-recruitment through other social networks. O Facebook, for example, has no specific focus on professional connections, but is accessed by more than 2 billion users. That is, it is a great opportunity to do business and search for candidates.

Groups and fan pages can be used to direct messages to the public of interest, making them excellent communication tools. talent attraction.

big data

To do data analysis to hire talent is not exactly a novelty. The difference is that, today, the volume of information available and the speed at which it can be processed are much greater.

With this strategy, the company is able to predict who can be hired and set up a talent bank, not just chasing candidates when you need them.

In a LinkedIn search, 64% interviewed recruiters claim that use Big Data in their selection processes. And that number is expected to increase even more: 79% of the participants said that intend to use this technology in the next two years.

Artificial intelligence

THE artificial intelligence is another trend that has been gaining more and more space in the e-recruitment. With the use of machines that can learn and make decisions on their own, HR can further streamline recruitment and selection.

It is possible, for example, to use robots to analyze responses and analyze candidates using criteria such as facial expression, body language and speed of speech. In LinkedIn search, 67% of respondents said that this technology helps to save time in selection processes.

Digital admission software

It is also part of the e-recruitment count on a digital admission software, so that the hiring of the chosen candidate is done quickly and without bureaucracy.

This type of system allows all documentation to be sent and stored online. Thus, neither HR nor the professional needs to deal with paperwork when signing the contract. In addition, access to employee data is much easier, as well as its inclusion in the payroll and benefits plan.

Therefore, it is essential for any company that wants to have agile and modern processes to seek a good partnership to implement this technology.

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Now that you know the main tools for e-recruitment, it's time to put them into practice in your organization. Evaluate the company's scenario well and plan the necessary measures, always respecting the available budget. AND keep an eye out when new HR technologies emerge, to keep your recruitment processes up to date!

Did you like the post? Tell us in the comments how e-recruitment is done in your company! We are available to help you with your questions and opinions on the subject.



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