E-reputation: the 10 tips to maintain a good image on the net

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Table of Contents

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 at 5:12 PMUpdated Dec 16, 2021 2015 at 14:36

1. We google each other

Admittedly, the verb does not appear (yet) in the Petit Larousse but it is the first thing to do to know exactly what is being said about you on the web. In the Google search tab (engine used by 98% of Internet users), type your name and see what appears. Don't forget the visuals: a scantily clad photo of yourself with a bottle in your hand never makes a good impression. You will be able to see what your e-reputation is and what image you are sending on the Internet.

2. We erase unwanted content

If you are active on the web and you are not constantly attentive, some content may damage your online reputation. To make them disappear, several solutions are available to you. Contact the managers of the sites where they are located, file a complaint with the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Freedom) if you believe that your image rights have been infringed, and / or complete the right to be forgotten form of Google …

3. We create positive content

If recruiters find out about you via the web, they are like most Internet users and do not (or hardly) go beyond the 2nd page of search results. Pushing back unpleasant information to the 3rd or even the 4th page is therefore a good way to restore its “e-blazon”.

There is only one solution for this: to have yourself referenced with the desired information, by creating a blog, by appearing in forums, by being active on professional social networks such as Viadeo and Linkedln.

4. We show ourselves in our best light

You would certainly not go out in the street in your pajamas… On the web, adopt the same reserved behavior and take care of your appearance (e-reputation). Choose photos where you smile and where you are dressed properly.

5. We put a barrier between personal and professional life

The main thing on the web is not to mix tea towels and towels, in light private life and professional life. If you like to share your personal photos and your breakfast menu on Facebook, be sure to adjust the privacy settings properly. Only allow your friends (not even your friends' friends) to access your posts and don't forget the option where your consent should be asked if someone identifies you.

6. We “sell” on professional networks

It is said from social networks that Facebook corresponds to the house, Twitter to the street, Lindedln and Viadeo to the office. If the internet is an excellent way for you to find work (or to change it), subscribe to these last two professional networks and add information in line with your CV.

7. We are active in our branch

You are passionate about your job and are looking for work in this sector: make yourself seen and show that you are an expert by participating in discussion forums, commenting on blog posts …

8. We hide to play

Do you have a passion for online games, or do you have less respectable hobbies? On any site, forum… where you subscribe, use a pseudonym! This is obviously not mandatory for all your areas of interest.

9. We minimize the risk of piracy

To prevent someone from taking your profile on such or such a network and doing what they want with “you”, there is only one solution (besides that of not responding to suspicious messages): regularly change your words. past.

10. We keep control

Be vigilant, without Googling yourself every 2 days, is essential. You can easily create alerts with your first and last names (on Google, Tweetbeep, Webmii) and you will be informed as soon as you are quoted on the web.


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