Ecology: 3 avenues to get started without changing jobs

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Il est possible de s'engager pour l'écologie au quotidien, sans forcément changer de métier.

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Posted on Oct. 15, 2021, 7:03 amUpdated Oct 15, 2021, 10:35 AM

The changes linked to climate change are becoming more and more visible. It is becoming urgent to halve our CO2 emissions in order to limit global warming to a level below the 2 degrees set by the London Agreements. If 83%* of the English feel concerned by the ecological crisis, it is more than eco-gestures but our lifestyles that should be changed to contribute, on our scale, to the ecological transition. To do this, there are 1001 ways to get involved, even in your professional life (without necessarily becoming an HVAC engineer!). Here are some tracks taken from our practical guide to switching to the green:

1. By injecting ‘green' into your work

When we imagine an impact profession, it is common to say to ourselves that we will have to train to retrain … with all the brakes and fears that accompany this change. However, it is possible to get involved in your work, without turning your current life upside down.

By staying in the same company, you can train in various tools or engage occasionally while being paid thanks to the Friday platform. It is also possible to use one's skills and competences in the service of a committed structure. For that, there are directories, like Shift your Job, which list structures contributing to the ecological transition.

The example of Fabien Gattaz, 32, from tourism to urban revegetation

Fabien had had good contact with the small garden center where he often went for his purchases. To test and have fun, he put on the apron during a workshop around plants organized by the garden center. He loved getting his hands on the ground so much that he traded in his old job in tourism to use some of his business skills in this garden center.

2. Dedicate yourself to a professional project or a side project

When we start to take a closer look at our impact on the environment, we realize that the green is… everywhere. To achieve more consistency in its commitments, ecology can then become a daily struggle, whether in one's professional or personal life.

Many therefore devote themselves 100% to their fight without counting their hours to concretely contribute to the changes they want to see in the world. This can translate into more or less radical commitments and projects: setting up an eco-place, working in permaculture, donating time to an associative structure in your neighborhood for example, or to a more global structure like Make Sense.

The example of François Arnaud, 36, who combines several activities around the ecological transition

François felt a difference in values ​​between his employer and what he felt deep inside him. Today, he switched by crossing tastes and skills from his previous life in finance (analyzing, transmitting, rationalizing, explaining…) with his ecological awareness and his need for independence. He now combines several activities around the ecological transition: he teaches green finance, and designs the weekly newsletter “Pas de Côté” to understand all the issues related to the ecological transition.

3. Switch on your lifestyle

Of course, everyone has their reasons for not engaging in their professional life. You can, for example, feel aligned in your job (even if it is not green) but want to inject it into your personal life and your way of life!

The Climate Fresco is a very powerful tool for understanding climate change and targeting changes to implement in your lifestyle: by reinventing the way you travel close to home, by preparing to earn less money, by going to work in the green, by changing your diet … anything that allows you to feel in agreement with your values ​​and have an impact.

The example of Camille Chaudron, 31, media activist on @girl_go_green

In addition to her job in marketing in a large food group, Camille first changed her lifestyle: “I felt out of step with my job. I wanted at least to gain consistency in my personal life so I was interested in zero waste. And I started to consume differently in my daily life: organic, local, seasonal, recycled, without meat, zero waste, etc. I have also joined associations to fight against food waste or to help refugees in parallel with my job. “

In short, there is not THE right way to get involved. You can give your time occasionally to an association, use your professional background in a committed structure that corresponds to your values ​​or even dedicate your life to a fight that has meaning for you. The best way is yours: the one that best suits your abilities, the cause you want to contribute to, and the way that suits you best.

* CSA Institute study for LinkedIn and Ademe, June 2021.


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