Eight reasons to work with a freelancer instead of hiring a permanent contract

Des avantages et des inconvénients existent dans les deux formules.

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Posted on Jan 28, 2021, 5:58 p.m.Updated Feb 19, 2021 2021 at 15:44

The last few months have been marked by a sharp acceleration in the digitization of our economy, and therefore of the digital transformation within companies. By adding to this the phenomenon of digital talent shortage and the difficulty for companies to project themselves, we then understand why the question of recourse to freelancers is being asked more and more today.

These are the situations and arguments that today convince managers and their management to opt for the hiring of freelancers, rather than employees.

1- Test a project on the short term

You are about to launch a test project, you want to experiment with a new strategy or a new product and this test phase is intended to last only a few months. The project does not require a full time, but rather a few days a week.

You need reinforcement to remedy a delay in your projects, or to react quickly to a departure.

For all these configurations, the best solution for your business is to quickly hire a freelancer over this short period. With the possibility of extending or reducing the time of the mission according to the evolution of the project.

2 – Go fast

Freelancers are by nature “plug and play” and directly “ready to use”, quite simply because they are used to working with different environments and juggling different projects. An adaptability which makes it possible to reduce the onboarding period to a few days rather than several weeks or even several months for an employee.

To start a mission with a freelance, no long formalities as with CDD or CDI contracts, no administrative complications, just sign the departure contract and the freelance can start working the next day, whether in the premises. from the company or remotely.

3 – Touching talents that were previously inaccessible

The rise of teleworking, enabled by technology and accelerated by the pandemic, makes it possible to recruit the best freelancers, regardless of their location. Opening your business to freelancers on a “remote” basis thus gives you access to a global network of talents that it would be very difficult to recruit on permanent contracts.

4 – Look for a good level of expertise

Freelancers are experts by nature. They are trained on the latest technologies, the latest tools and new methodologies in order to constantly stay at the forefront of the market. And find missions. This level of specialization is often difficult to achieve internally, unless you poach the “stars” of the market.

5 – Renew internal practices

By working with a freelancer, he will share with you the best practices he has observed elsewhere in different environments. Freelancers are thus a lever of innovation for your company by bringing a new and objective perspective on your projects.

6 – Motivated professionals

Several studies show that freelance workers are more motivated and more productive than traditional employees, in particular because the satisfaction of their customers is crucial for them, but also because they tend to be more stimulated on a daily basis because of the diversity. of their projects.

7 – A controlled cost

With a freelance, the company retains a certain budgetary flexibility and can adapt the pace of the mission taking into account the economic context and its financial situation. This also allows him not to increase his payroll because the cost of freelance will be included in purchases and external charges.

Even with a high daily rate, the annual cost of a freelancer will be lower than with a permanent contract. In fact, with a freelance, the company will not be subject to numerous employer contributions and will not bear the following costs either: retirement, mutual insurance, days of leave and vacation, RTT, training costs, material equipment, transport costs … In addition, if you hire a freelance 100% teleworker, you will also save office costs.

8 – A divorce easier to act if necessary

If you and the freelancer want to complete the assignment earlier than expected, the assignment can quickly end by mutual agreement. Conversely, it is more complicated for the company to stop a CDI contract overnight, with notice periods which can be several months. By adding the compensation for breach of contract to the length of the notice period, the stoppage of an employee quickly becomes important.

Finally, all companies know it: bad recruitment is a huge waste of time and therefore money. Collaborating with a freelancer is much less engaging than hiring a permanent contract and allows you to “switch” between different profiles more easily.

* Crème de la crème is a selective platform of freelancers specialized in the technological challenges of large companies (application development, project management, data science, ui / ux, agile methodology, etc.).



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