Emotional well-being of employees: why should the company be concerned?

Emotional well-being of employees: why should the company be concerned?

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HR specialists have long warned of the importance of employees' emotional well-being, whose balance translates into more productivity and satisfaction in carrying out their activities. This also includes maintaining a harmonious work environment that is free from stress and exacerbated pressure.

Stress, depression, demotivation and even the burnout syndrome are some of the psychological disorders that most afflict professionals today.

In fact, the stress is present in nine out of ten professionals in Brazil. And that, in itself, should raise the warning sign, from your HR, regarding the importance of emotional well-being of employees.

Do you know how to measure the level of emotional well-being of your company's employees? Regardless of your answer, in this post, we will highlight the value of this strategy so that your HR values ​​your assets even more to generate positive results for everyone. Check out!

The concept of emotional well-being for employees

In general, well-being translates into a balance of our physical and psychological health, elementary so that we can carry out our activities with pleasure and without wearing out the body and mind in the process.

However, in the national scenario, this consequence – which should be natural in companies – has become a real challenge. In 2017, for example, 75 thousand people were removed from their positions to deal with the symptoms of depression. A high number, and that only reinforces the importance of taking care of the emotional well-being of employees.

And what would that be, in theory? HR's attention to the health levels of its employees, something that can extend to situations within the company, as well as those that occur outside the company, but which impact the face and attitudes and behaviors of its professionals.

Reasons that can interfere with people's well-being

Internally, a number of factors can turn on the warning signal for your HR specialists, such as:

  • high competitiveness;
  • a lot of pressure for results, and few professionals to achieve them;
  • continuous threats from leadership company (such as layoffs);
  • few (or many) challenges without the aid to qualify the work routine;
  • low wages;
  • bad organizational climate;
  • harassment of all kinds.

It’s not just about emotional well-being of employees, but of issues that can qualify the work environment.

In general, when there is close action to improve collective health, companies acquire more productivity, focus on activities, gratitude and recognition (which promote the retention and attraction of talents) and more collaboration in activities.

Therefore, this type of issue adds values ​​not only intrinsic to the well-being of employees, but of the entire company. How about we see, then, how to put into practice the strategic actions promoted by HR in this sense?

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Actions to invest in the welfare of the entire company

Below, you can find out how HR plays an active role in the development and maintenance of the emotional well-being of employees!

Invest in labor gymnastics

Simple but effective measure to take a break from activities and stretch your body. Occupational gymnastics helps to reduce the health problems of its professionals in the exercise of their profession, and helps to create focus, control and body perception.

In this way, moments of tension are quickly identified and resolved with stretching and breathing exercises, for example, also helping in a more rational assessment of problems.

Work ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics is among the main factors to prevent an accident at work, since it is aligned with the principles of psychophysiological conditions. In other words: the company starts offering the means for employees to spend a good part of their days in a less stressful position, as well as helping them to maintain a productive posture and work and without unnecessary stress on the mind and body.

Offer periodic massages

Are tension and stress common in everyday life? How about breaking these bonds by means of periodic massages in the company?

With this type of internal activity, employees work more relaxed and satisfied, which can increase productivity levels and also reduce accumulated stress.

Promote trainings and lectures

Awareness is the key word here: explain the risks of not adhering to the actions of emotional well-being of employees, and explore its benefits in the daily lives of each team.

In addition, training can help to make professionals know more about themselves. Something fundamental for them to prevent stressful situations from accumulating.

Create and sustain your organizational culture

If the company has its share of responsibility for the emotional well-being of employees, nothing better than composing an organizational culture that promotes people's health and appreciation.

This helps to disseminate aggressive competitiveness, internal conflicts and management problems that harm the work environment.

When collaboration is present in all stages of the workflow, stress is lessened and everyone knows exactly their role in building a productive, efficient and harmonious place. It is also advisable to bet on bos rules of conduct to avoid internal problems.

Offer feedbacks

An interesting tip to improve the emotional well-being of employees: offer periodic feedbacks. Thus, the employee understands, in advance, what he is doing positively, and what does not help in his development within the company – or even outside it.

In this way, the company actively participates in the construction of a healthier work environment and always focused on the growth of everyone – from the employee to the desired results.

Know how to give feedback

Feedbacks can be positive or negative, so it is important that the manager knows how to give feedback in a way that the employee does not feel harmed or affected, so that he understands what can be improved, taking this as something positive and that the grow within the company.

With these measures, the entire company becomes more productive, focused on self-knowledge and practical and functional measures to promote efficient communication., as well as the physical and mental health of everyone!

And in your company, how is the concern for the well-being of employees going? Share your experiences with us in the comments field of this post!



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