Employee admission: know the steps of the process

Employee admission: know the steps of the process

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THE hiring employees it is one of the most important processes of the company. Due to the innumerable amount of details, each step requires extra attention from HR, so as to avoid any future labor problem.

This is because a routine of hiring employees not just in the selection process. It goes further with the analysis of documentation, exams and goes beyond bureaucracies with people management. Always requiring good employee integration, training, introduction to the code of conduct, etc.

Each step becomes essential in respecting the CLT laws and to help you with this employer admission process we have prepared a special article! Know every detail and avoid labor errors that can be costly to the company.

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It's still a bureaucratic process

Even with HR having a more strategic role in the current scenario of companies, bureaucracy is still part of the sector's routine. And one of the main ones refers to steps in the employee hiring process.

Do you want to know the bureaucratic details of the process? We explain it below.

1. Recruitment stage

The recruitment process, from the announcement of the vacancy to the moment of the first contact with the employee, is an important part of hiring employees.

It is at this point that the recruiter has the analysis period to choose the profile that best suits the company. It is from this dynamic that the recruiter and the company begin to create their bond of trust with the hired future.

It is in this conversation that he exposes the needs of the company and also what will be offered by the contract (salary, benefits, extras, etc.).

In this way, the recruiter has the responsibility toanswer all the candidate's doubts so that he has clarity about everything that will be offered by the company.

Therefore, it is essential to act with respect and ethics before all the employee's legal rights.

2. Documentation analysis step

After recruitment, the company notifies the candidate of his choice and leaves for the bureaucratic process, what formalizes the admission of employees.

At this stage, the employer requests some mandatory documents under the labor legislation when hiring.

The most common documents requested by companies in the hiring employees are:

  • copies of the RG, CPF, Work and Social Security Card (CTPS), proof of schooling, proof of residence and birth certificate in the case of children under 21 years of age);
  • professional registration, in the case of professions that have this requirement, such as a lawyer (OAB registration) or doctors (CRM);
  • military enlistment certificate for 18- to 45-year-old males;
  • attestation of Occupational Health (ASO) – document that attests to the health of the professional to exercise his position and the functions determined;
  • CNH, if the function requires the use of vehicles;
  • photo 3 × 4;
  • If any, declaration of dependents;
  • voter registration and also the voting slip for the last three elections.

The company has up to five days to return the employee's documents, as provided by law No. 5,553.

It is important to emphasize that in the case of the portfolio, the time is shorter, and cannot exceed 48h for return, according to article 29 of the CLT law.

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We must not forget, of course, the admission exam, which can vary according to the position that the professional will exercise. Vision and hearing tests can be requested to protect the company in relation to the employee's health in certain functions.

3. Registration step

After analyzing the documentation required in the admission of employees, the next step is the new employee registration. Here, it is considered both the markings in the work card and the electronic record, book or record, provided for in article 41 to 48 of the CLT.

The employee's registration form must contain all information regarding the employer and employee. For example, salary, position, place of work, opening hours and subsequently vacations, sickness allowance, etc.

4. Employment contract

It is in the employment contract that the employee admission process in writing. It is important at this point to check all the data, clauses and benefits determined by the company as previously agreed.

It is provided for in article 442 of the CLT, which technically explains the meaning of the employment contract before the law.

Art. 442 – Individual employment contract is the tacit or express agreement, corresponding to the employment relationship.

There are several contract types for which the company needs to be attentive according to its rules. The main ones are:

  • Fixed-term employment contract (when there is a scheduled end date);
  • Employment contract for an indefinite period (when there is no deadline for the termination of the agreement);
  • Temporary employment contract (this type of contract can extend for a maximum of 9 months and works in cases of transition or replacement of an employee);
  • Occasional employment contract (in this case there is no employment. It is sporadic work and for short periods);
  • Internship (there is also no employment relationship and the contract works as a term of commitment with the functions to be performed, agreed between the employer and the intern).

Now it's time to manage people

After all bureaucratic employee admission processes to be fulfilled, the company should pay the greatest possible attention to people management.

This step is essential for the employee to integrate as quickly as possible into the company's routine.

We will now learn about some of the phases that are part of people management in hiring employees.

1. Integration and presentation of the employee

Integration is one of the first steps towards employee success in the company.

Although it seems like a simple detail, it is from that moment that the employee start to engage with what the company has to offer you. It is also at this time that he has the first contact with his team members.

If the first impression is what remains, it is essential to have this positive impact for the employee in his first contacts with the company's routine. But what cannot be missing from the integration?

There are several essential issues to be addressed in this presentation. From a welcome message and a presentation to your new colleagues, to the team, to the exhibition of the company's history, culture, facilities, mission, vision and values.

Every detail is important for the employee to feel welcomed and confident with the new challenge. It is recommended that the company does not forget to consider theadaptation period, in order to make more concrete demands on the professional's performance.

2. Introduction of the company's code of conduct and culture

THE code of conduct and company culture it is the basis for what the employee should or should not do within the organization.

It is through it that the company can expose rules, which somehow align the employee's profile with the company's culture.

Nobody can follow what is not exposed and presented to them. Therefore, it is not possible to charge a collaborator for any conduct if you have not even presented him with a path he should follow.

And this introduction of ccompany code of conduct when hiring employees it serves as a guide for new professionals to make daily decisions.

Not to mention that with the company's mission, vision and values ​​exposed to the employee, the chances of success in the integration and adaptation of the professional increase.

It's that code of conduct can contain basic information like the dress code even of conduct on social networks or language in internal emails and for the client. This gives employees greater security in the performance of their tasks.

3. Training

Having a collaborator prepared to perform his function in the company, this is a crucial point for the organization to reach good results.

And this path is closely linked to training, which should be part of the integration and admission of employees.

Book a period for train the employee in the role it is essential to engage you with the company's objectives. Those who work knowing exactly what they have to do, without loose ends in execution, are more motivated in the search for results.

And this training, to keep the employee prepared, comes with training. And don't think that this training is just a bonus for the professional, it has a total impact on the company's routine.

That's because with training you will have professionals better prepared for the execution of tasks. The theoretical training of a new employee is very important. However, it is essential that training be part of this process of hiring employees.

Not to mention that any form of training and qualification, in addition to being a process of integration of the new professional, directly impacts productivity. Since training and qualifications enhance the skills of the team.

Employee admission: a mandatory routine

THE employee admission process it is an essential routine for the company to evolve and avoid problems with labor justice.

Therefore, it is essential that the company has a prepared team, which knows its needs and the CLT law – so that the bureaucratic step be fulfilled.

It is also important to understand that the employee admission process does not end with the signing of the contract. From then on, the company needs to take a step regarding people management, so that the employee is correctly integrated into the company.

Therefore, it is essential that a strategic planning of the company in the admission of employees includes not only the bureaucratic part, but also people management.

Organizations that can combine the two points are more likely to succeed with their employees. Being able to retain them for a longer time in the company and reduce the turnover.

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