Employee appreciation in companies: importance and how to do it

Employee appreciation in companies: importance and how to do it

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Through employee appreciation in companies, it is possible to reduce the number of layoffs – so costly and detrimental to development – in addition to increasing engagement and achieving a stimulating organizational climate that generates everyone's ongoing development interest.

For this, the best corporate actions on how to value an employee can be carried out in the following ways:

  1. Recognize all achievements as well as efforts;
  2. Talk constantly with your teams;
  3. Show that the company cares about people;
  4. Hold employee integration events;
  5. Promote the development of employees;
  6. Perform performance appraisals and continuous feedback;
  7. Show confidence.

The HR where you work is a good example of employee appreciation in companies<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>?

If your answer was negative or you hesitated before answering, this post was made especially for you to raise awareness about this subject.

After all, recognizing the efforts, achievements and the work itself of each employee, is a powerful motivational tool capable of bringing wealth (material or not) of all kinds – and at a low cost!

Do we inspire your curiosity? So follow us on this reading and discover the importance of employee appreciation in companies. And, of course, the best strategies for doing this!

What is employee appreciation in companies?

In short, the concept of employee appreciation is linked to professional recognition. For many, the practice falls into the misconception that the only way to work on employee appreciation in companies occurs through monetary bonuses.

Of course, they exist. Only are far from the only ones and more efficient ways of approaching employees and obtaining more engagement and satisfaction with day-to-day activities within the company.

In other words: valuing your human resources is an activity that can be implemented in a diversified manner. And, of course, without the high costs of bonus entire teams with just money.

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