Employee birthday at the company: why and how to do it?

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By celebrating the employee birthday in the company, you have acquired a strong ally in the conquest of more engagement of all. After all, this simple measure shows that HR and management care about people – in addition to serving as an excellent integration tool for everyone.

The appeal that a commemorative date has with people is undeniable. Print smiles, motivates, encourages, improves well-being. So, how about considering the employees' birthday celebration?

In addition to the motivational benefits that can translate into results for the company, the employee birthday in the company it has everything to be a tool of integration and with low cost (of resources and in time of implementation).

Not to mention the versatility of actions that can be considered. Want to know what they are?

In the topics below, we'll talk more about the importance of celebrating an employee's birthday at the company – and we'll also highlight some tips for creating successful initiatives. Check out!

Why celebrate the employee's birthday at the company?

As we highlighted at the beginning of the article, birthdays are dates that usually excite people. And not just birthdays! Therefore, using this fun, relaxed and social moment can actively contribute to the growth of your company.

And we are not talking directly about the increase in metrics, but indirectly. The promotion of a fun occasion can translate into satisfaction, productivity, engagement and motivation.

Then, the company acquires more results, profits and a structural base completely focused on growing together with your organization.

However, there are also other positive aspects of the employees' birthday celebration. And below, we highlight the main ones!

Turnover rate reduction

Through increased satisfaction, well-being and quality of life, people are interested in the company they work for. When there is still greater care in developing people and their abilities, they wear the shirt and develop a huge sense of belonging.

For HR and managers, this is all great to reduce turnover and also absenteeism. And, if they themselves are metrics involved in losses, the application in maintaining quality of life (such as employee birthdays in the company) can be seen as an investment by the company and not an expense.

Increase in engagement

Every kind of recognition that the company demonstrates brings it closer to its employees. And actions like this reminder of those who celebrate their birthday and promote it through a special occasion, have everything to ensure more engagement of their employees.

In this way, a continuous bond of retribution. Hence the importance of always focusing on the well-being and quality of life of professionals: they always return this affection.

Improvement in satisfaction, joy and productivity

You may have heard that happy professionals are more productive, right? So how about investing in the employee's birthday in the company and prove it?

Put the HR industry to work on this and see how to put together a schedule that doesn't get in the way of teams, offering the chance for all professionals to feel loved and close. Especially on dates that matter so much to them.

How to Create an Employee Birthday Celebration Plan

To begin with, HR must have mapped the birthdays of all its professionals. Reminders – which must exist within your automated management solution – must be set up for your specialists to plan in advance.

Then, just check which characteristics have to be part of this process so unique and capable of thrilling your professionals who are:

  • ways to personalize the occasion. Even collective birthdays, for example, must have a particular issue that helps the person to feel an elementary part of that action;
  • consistency in action and not an isolated event (as if it were something semi-annual, for example). This does not create any link with the professionals;
  • respect. Especially for employees who are not comfortable with this type of exposure. Otherwise, it becomes something contrary to the person's profile and personality, sounding like a strategy contrary to what HR is looking for.

With these elements in mind, it's time to put the best part of the post into practice: how to prepare an employee birthday at the company!

How to prepare an employee birthday in the company: step by step

Regardless of the size of your company, it is possible to carry out the employee birthday in the company without big investments – and with good surprises!


Here are some tips for creating a work environment that is as productive as it is exciting on birthday days!

1. Sugar treats

Decorating the table with sweets or even a box filled with sugary delicacies can be a delicate and succulent way to celebrate the employee's birthday in the company.

It is important that HR get involved with the teams and ask which are the favorite sweets of each birthday girl. This helps to increase the surprise and pleasure in receiving such a personalized gift.

2. Decorate the table

When decorating the table, birthdays already have a preview that the day will be filled with news that go far beyond blowing out the candle.


Again, get involved in personality of its employees and find out what they like best. Thus, the decoration gains more identity and thrills each person individually and not through the same colors and ornaments used during the collective singing of congratulations.

3. Make a personalized card and signed by everyone

Get the teams together to sign and leave a birthday message for the employee. This is a good way to bring teams together and create a bond of collaboration, respect and affection between all.

4. Have a cake

O employee birthday in the company it can't be considered that way if you don't have cake. The cake is the symbol of the birthday and so you have to place it in the center of the table.

Think of alternatives to make the situation profitable for everyone, and without raising costs too much. Companies bet on the cake once a month, singing the congratulations to all birthdays at the same time.

It can be a practical solution that unfolds in the individualized actions mentioned above. Here at HR Consultant UK we chose this option. =)

Just remember that we are talking about an event within a corporate environment. Moderation must be preserved above all!


What is the best birthday message option for employees?

To conclude this article, we rescued an addendum that HR should add a special and dedicated message to each birthday boy to the surprise.

As it is important to have personalization, each message must refer to something in particular of the person honored, but it is possible to follow a basic guideline, as in the following example:

  • name of the birthday boy;
  • message reminding the person's trajectory in the company;
  • congratulations message;
  • wishes for success;
  • signature of everyone involved in the surprise – inside or outside the team;
  • final greeting.

With that, the employee's birthday at the company will gain, above all, personality to be exclusive – and full of emotions!

If you are looking for other surprises besides those that we have already rescued throughout this article, take the opportunity to also check out the benefits of preparing a day off on your employees' birthday!

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