Employee Christmas Message: Why send and templates to create yours!

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Employee Christmas Message: Why send and templates to create yours!

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Many companies still question whether they should organize a get-together party for their employees at the end of the year. Or, if it’s interesting to send some christmas message for employee.

In addition to this holiday, other moments are special and deserve to be celebrated throughout the year. So why would the work environment be any different?

It is essential that entrepreneurs include these commemorative dates in their corporate calendars, showing that they are important. Each of these events represents a opportunity to unwind, relax and strengthen bonds.

Unfortunately, not all leaders care about this, believing that the only way to motivate employees is through a salary increase!

Do you want to understand the benefits of the Christmas message for a company’s team? More inspiration to craft your own Christmas message? So, keep reading this post!

Why send a Christmas message to employees?

Commemorative dates, such as Christmas and New Year, are important moments for employees and even for the companies themselves. They represent the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Holidays and festive seasons are usually favorable to relax, break the routine and get to know another side of co-workers. Therefore, they should also be celebrated in the corporate environment. The creation of this policy is an opportunity to make the company happy and, therefore, motivate employees more.

According to Right Management research, a motivated professional is up to 50% more productive. This means that the employee’s well-being and personal satisfaction directly impacts the results of an organization!

Of course, talking about well-being means involving several factors, both of an individual nature (the employee’s personal life, mental and physical health) and of a corporate nature (such as the company’s daily life).

However, a company that genuinely cares about its employees invests in several strategies to promote collaboration, transparency and growth.

One of the most relevant strategies to achieve the above goals is to offer innovative benefits. However, the Christmas messages (and other festivities) contribute to creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

So, start creating a Christmas message for your company’s employee! For this, you will basically need to follow the following steps:

  • think about the profile of employees;
  • define the best type of language;
  • perfect in the chosen format;
  • customize the message.

There are several ways your company can demonstrate how these dates are important, whatever your beliefs. The important thing is that Christmas is marked as a moment of positivity and union.

But remember: copying a standard message and just forwarding it doesn’t add value to your business. Therefore, customize the content of the message as much as possible so that it actually carries the your organization’s culture.

What is the relevance of motivating actions at work?

Today, there is a wide variety of simple and inexpensive ways to send a Christmas message. It is possible to use the company’s own digital communication channels. The important thing is not to go unnoticed!

We know that keeping employees engaged and productive is not always an easy task. However, together with HR, managers and leaders must continually seek the development of new motivating actions.

Promoting some kind of celebration on holidays like Christmas can be a big boost! This is because people feel more comfortable interacting with each other and also with the company itself.

A well-crafted message can inspire the team, and thus generate more satisfying results during the Christmas season.

This is a magical time, expected by most people and able to lift our spirits. Generally, in feelings more willing to help others and even revise some of our habits. So it’s interesting replicate this climate within the organizational environment.

The company should seek to promote specific moments for everyone to share the successes and transformations achieved throughout the year. It is important that everyone has the opportunity to view and talk about the results achieved, in addition to the obstacles overcome.

Did you realize the importance of the Christmas message for employees? So, check out now how to create yours!

How to create a Christmas message for employees?

To prepare a Christmas message, you must first consider the characteristics of your team. The age group, habits, goals, everything is valid for the message to really make sense to him.

HR is a great ally in this mission. See the main tips for crafting a creative message:

1. Think about the profile of employees

Through the performance reviews, feedbacks and other practices carried out during the entire stay of people in the company, it is possible to identify the best ways to impact them.

In addition to the information obtained from HR, you need to know if your company’s dominant audience is female or male.

What is the organizational culture? Should the card be different for each sector? Some issues like these should be considered before creating as personalized a Christmas message for employees as possible.

2. Define the best type of language

To create a Christmas message correctly, it is essential to think about the average age of the team. they are part of the generation of millennials?

If so, they will prefer to receive messages by digital means. Now, if they are professionals at generation X, physical cards may be more suitable.

This will help you determine the format, style and channels of the message. Reflect which is more efficient: print message, video or email marketing? The message must reach everyone.

3. Take care in the chosen format

Design adds value to the message, so don’t use dull, ready-made templates found on the internet.

Yes, you can do research on the internet to get ideas, but in the end create a unique layout that will catch the attention of your internal audience. Make the message catch people’s curiosity.

Seek to innovate in the language of communication, in images and in the message itself. Otherwise, the Christmas message will look like just a corporate announcement.

4. Customize the message

Rescue important moments experienced by your team, in order to remind them how much the organization values ​​its employees. Use messages that make sense to the team, treating people as unique and special individuals.

5. Get inspired by some examples of Christmas messages

To further help your organization, we’ve separated several phrases so you can be inspired and unleash your creativity. See below:

“Hi! There you are, doing what you like and what you know how to do very well. Proving that in our life anything can happen, if we invest in positive thoughts and actions. And if we persist in our goals.

And on this Christian party that is Christmas, I want to send you my hug of thanks and recognition for your excellent work, attention and professionalism.

I wish you a beautiful end of the year, celebrating and sharing this happiness with your fellow men, because Christmas is fraternization and friendship.

May this New Year continue to be that professional who does his job in the best way possible, overcoming challenges and, of course, being this great person!”

“It’s Christmas and the Christmas fraternization spirit warms our hearts, renews our spirits and dreams. At this time, we look back over the past year and analyze our life trajectory.

It’s time to leave behind everything that doesn’t help, doesn’t bring happiness and evolution. Christmas is rebirth! Let’s take with us only the learnings and the good memories for the New Year!

I wish you all a special Christmas, surrounded by family and friends, and a wonderful start to the year! May this positive energy be maintained throughout the year in our lives.

Happy holidays everyone! And may another year of many professional and personal achievements come for all of us.”

“One more year comes to end. It’s time to count successes! Thinking about personal and professional growth, the happy moments we shared, the obstacles we’ve already overcome. It’s time to celebrate life and toast the future!

It is always necessary to believe that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. But it is also necessary to value every moment of life that has passed and make the present our greatest asset.

After all, it is in the present that we can change what we don’t like in our lives. The past is behind us, and the future hasn’t even begun.

Bet everything on the present, because you need to be happy every day. Live each day in a special way, always envisioning a life each day more complete and happy.

We wish our journey partners, our committed employees, that they have a special Christmas and that the New Year is fully lived every day!

Give your best to the world, and the world will receive the best. Happy Holidays!”

“Dear employee, 2021 was different from all others.

Nobody expected such sudden and impactful obstacles in the world. we had a pandemic to face and our own personal challenges to deal with.

It was certainly a challenging time for everyone (and it continues to be). But all this also brought some learning and new perspectives.

We were able to value the simple things in life. We come to see the value of empathy and helping others.

So, today we hope that all this baggage will not be lost with time. May it be possible to keep a more human eye in relation to others. May resilience, compassion and collaboration continue to be present in everyone’s lives.

Happy Holidays and may the next year be a better time, to reap positive results in our lives!”

Importance of employees to the company

As you’ve seen, there are many ways your company can express the importance of employees to business success. The employee Christmas message is one of them. So it’s worth embracing it in your organization’s culture.

It is clear that this year it will not be possible to have a get-together within the company. The pandemic is still a problem and we must be responsible for everyone’s health. However, companies can favor this new cycle climate through digital messages.

More than ever, employees must be reminded of the importance of unity and resilience. Despite the challenges of 2021, organizations must see the Christmas message as a positive retrospective.

If you still haven’t sent a Christmas message to the team or other festivities to your employees, do it differently this year!

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