Employee registration: how can technology help?

Employee registration: how can technology help?

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The registration of employees is one of the most important management tasks of HR (Human Resources), as it gathers the main data of the professionals of an organization. Such information serves as a basis for the preparation of essential documents, and can also facilitate the tasks of other sectors such as finance and accounting.

Through digital tools and their diverse functionalities, the HR sector optimizes the employee registration process. With them, their operational and managerial activities are automated, offering the process more agility, informational protection, superior storage capacity, reduced incidence of manual errors, break of bureaucracy, among others.

To better exemplify the importance of this technological support for the registration of employees, we have separated advantages that will convince you. Follow the post and check them all out!

What is the registration of collaborators for?

The employee register is a document that centralizes the most important information of all employees in an organization, and is generated and administered by HR.

Departments such as accounting and finance also make use of this same database for individual and interrelated activities, such as the admission process, dismissal, calculation of benefits, termination, consultation of FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Seniority) , among others.

Therefore, the storage of this information must be done in a cautious, organized, methodical, safe and functional way. This shared consultation between sectors ensures informational alignment, reducing the incidence of errors and rework.

What kind of information does the employee register have?

According to article 41 of the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws), some data must be present in the admission form for the registration of new employees. Check out the main ones below:

  • Name;
  • birth date;
  • naturalness and nationality;
  • CPF (Register of Natural Persons);
  • RG (General Registry) / Identity Card;
  • marital status;
  • reservist certificate;
  • Voter registration;
  • address;
  • telephone;
  • photography;
  • PIS number (Social Integration Program);
  • number of PASEP (Public Service Heritage Formation Program);
  • number and series of CTPS (Work and Social Security Card);
  • formation;
  • position and function;
  • admission date;
  • working hours;
  • wage remuneration;
  • benefits;
  • vacation;
  • career path;
  • social charges;
  • accidents at work or occupational diseases.

How can technology help manage employee registration?

The technology optimizes the management of the employee registration information since its collection.

Through digital resources, such as specialized software in Human Resources management style=”font-weight: 400;”>, all documents required for systematization arrive digitalized and are archived in the cloud on an online platform. That is, from the admission process, technology improves operational activities.

These resources offer the enhancement of storage capacity, the elimination of the need for a physical space for storage, the guarantee of the quality and legibility of documents, the preservation and security of documents, checking the legitimacy of information and facilitating the search for documents. specifics. The implementation of these technologies only benefits the sector's practical and strategic activities.

What are the advantages of automating employee registration?

Below are more advantages that technology can offer, automating the management of employee registration.

Process optimization

Some technological tools bring functionalities that simplify and streamline HR department processes, such as searching for individual information of certain employees. In just a few clicks, any data can be consulted.

Working time can be used more profitably, with more strategic activities, such as people management, planning and training trainings.

In addition, the sharing of information with other sectors involved is facilitated, better integrating the teams and enhancing the Communication.

Reduction of manual errors

Manual and repetitive activities, mainly, such as filling out spreadsheets and copying data, have great chances of generating errors.

Whether due to tiredness or lack of attention, an employee can confuse information and cause major problems for the company, including financial and legal issues.

Technologies developed especially for the sector offer the automation of most of these error-prone activities, reducing their incidence. Therefore, the guarantee of excellence in information management is integral.

Information security

The digitization of documents is a security measure against damage and loss, which is frequent in the archiving of physical material. Automated employee registration forms store digitized documents in the cloud, receive protection from various digital defense programs, and are constantly backed up, to ensure that unforeseen events do not compromise information security.

In addition, the files are easily upgradeable. To replace a document, just delete the old one and import the new one. The data is kept up to date in a practical and organized way.

Cost reduction

Technology still has a financial impact on the organization, because the automation of employee registration eliminates spending with document printing and time wasted with bureaucratic processes.

In addition, the process gains speed in the assembly of its logical structure and in the organization of all data, providing conditions for optimize team performance.

Influence on people management

Another advantage of technology is its influence on people management style=”font-weight: 400;”>. A great differential of companies that adopt digital resources to systematize registration data are the facilities that they bring to the routine.

Some simple examples are birthday reminders, the remembrance of a special occasion such as hiring, a professional achievement as a promotion, notice of vacations coming, among others. This care makes all the difference in the relationship with the organization's workforce.

The HR sector can promote actions that encourage engagement with employees, increase their satisfaction and further develop the feeling of belonging to the institution. The organization earns points for the respect and motivation of employees.

In addition to operational gains, these technological tools give confidence and protection to the Human Resources professional, as they promote conditions for their strategic and skillful potential to be stimulated and exploited. As a result, new ideas to enhance management definitely come to life.

That is why it is so necessary and important to adopt technologies that offer functionalities to optimize the management of employee records. More than general organization, these resources provide new perspectives.

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