Employee satisfaction: why and how to measure it? Indicator guide

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Employee satisfaction: why and how to measure it?  Indicator guide

Table of Contents

The satisfaction of employees in companies, roughly speaking, is when they are happy in their work and do everything to perform their tasks correctly. In short, a happy employee produces more and, therefore, employee happiness has become, more and more, one of the main concerns of companies.

The level of employee satisfaction is considered a major competitive advantage and directly influences business growth.

When they are satisfied, employees tend to strive more to do their job and also to seek their own professional growth.

Thus, the team remains motivated, contributing to a more productive and effective environment.

Therefore, companies are seeking to take several measures to maintain employee satisfaction, with actions such as:

  • ensure a healthy work environment;
  • meeting the needs of your team;
  • offering salaries compatible with the market;
  • possibility of career growth.

Given this scenario, the organizations' concern to maintain employee satisfaction increased. However, many still struggle with how to measure employee satisfaction.

With this in mind, we prepared this content with practical tips to measure employee satisfaction in companies, quickly and easily. Thus, it is possible for the HR sector to create and maintain effective measures for employee happiness and to modify the unsatisfactory elements. Check out!

Employee satisfaction in companies

Finding out if your employees are happy to work for your company is indispensable today. It is necessary to understand what pleases them and detect the negative points. Only then, it is possible to make the necessary changes and create efficient motivation strategies in organizations.

By promoting well-being at work, the company provides benefits such as:

This is reflected in all sectors of the organization and can even be seen in customer satisfaction.

Read more at: Employee engagement and customer satisfaction: understand the relationship!

Otherwise, the effects of lack of employee satisfaction are also quite apparent. The team's professional dissatisfaction leads to a series of losses for the business, such as:

An individual who does not have their needs met will not have the necessary satisfaction to perform their activities with quality at work.

That's why it's important to keep an eye on the employee satisfaction index to ensure the organization's success in the market.

The problem is that many organizations don't know how to measure this level of employee engagement.

Many managers confuse the methods used to obtain motivation and, with a wrong interpretation, they end up not eliminating the difficulties. On the contrary, they can contribute to the generation of new problems.

How to measure employee satisfaction: main tools

To create an aligned and motivated team, it is necessary to know the best ways to measure employee satisfaction in companies and put them into practice.

The traditional way to do this is through employee satisfaction surveys. However, there are alternative and effective ways to measure the employee satisfaction index and have positive results.

Therefore, check out different criteria below to analyze employee satisfaction and eliminate the problems of how to motivate unmotivated employees.

1. Daily productivity

As we've talked about before, happy employees produce more and with better quality. So one of the ways to measure the employee satisfaction level it is through daily productivity.

To do this, you can set a percentage for tasks that are planned or delegated and analyze the rate of those that have been completed.

Thus, when evaluating performance, HR can be aware of the following question:

“Are people able to deliver their daily tasks?”

When the percentage is between 80% and 100% complete for the planned tasks, it is possible to identify that productivity indicators are high and, probably, satisfaction is up to date.

2. Net Promoter Score

NPS is a metric used to measure a company's customer satisfaction. However, it is an excellent tool to be used with an organization's internal audience.

From a single question, “on a scale from 0 to 10, how much would you recommend us to a friend”, HR can assess employee satisfaction. Zero being the same as “no way” and 10 “certainly”.

Thus, it is possible to identify the level of loyalty of the team with the company, observing the level of satisfaction of each one.

3. Talent retention

Satisfied professionals tend to stay longer in their jobs. Therefore, another excellent ally of this process is the monitoring of the retention percentage of talent in the corporation.

High dismissal and turnover rates are warnings of low employee satisfaction. Therefore, when talents in the market seek to remain in their positions and develop in their company, it is a sign that they are satisfied. Thus, the chances of losing them to the competition diminish.

For you to understand a lot more about talent retention, we have separated some content and materials that will help you on this journey. Click here and sign up to receive now!

4. Suggestion box

One way to measure the overall satisfaction of all employees is through the creation of a suggestion box. So when employees have a good idea, opinion or criticism they can deposit it anonymously.

Through anonymity, employees will feel more comfortable to express themselves and, thus, will be able to talk about the negative points of the company. In this way, it is possible to have a better sense of what may be missing in the workplace to improve the team's daily routine.

5. Performance evaluation

Another way to identify employee satisfaction in companies is through different types of performance evaluation.

HR should focus on individuals and their specific needs. Thus, it is possible to deal with each case of dissatisfaction.

Assessments must be carried out periodically, at least once a semester. At the meetings, it should be known about the problems faced by each employee when carrying out their task.

Identify if there is an increase in pressure and stress levels, if there has been any kind of conflict with other employees in recent months, unjustified absences and a drop in production.

It is important to investigate whether you need any training and qualifications for employees or help to deal with a situation in your work.

People are often dissatisfied with their work because they feel they have nothing more to learn or when they are struggling and do not get help from the company.

In this way, by providing them with help and new skills, employees become more motivated.

Promoting employee satisfaction

As you can see, employee satisfaction is really a very important issue for business success, as it directly impacts:

  • the motivation;
  • productivity;
  • behavior of each employee.

Thus, knowing how to correctly measure employee satisfaction and improve your team's internal well-being indicators is an essential step for any undertaking.

THE HR participation as a leader in the implementation of this culture that seeks employee satisfaction in companies is strategic for the success of the project.

So that the department can dedicate itself to the strategy, the ideal is that it can count on the support of a management platform, such as that of HR Consultant UK, which will reduce the time of activities and bring efficiency to its execution.

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