Employee well-being: tips for quarantine

Employee well-being: tips for quarantine

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It is always a great challenge for companies to keep their professionals engaged and motivated. For this reason, promoting employee well-being, at the mental, emotional, social and physical levels, brings extremely relevant results for the company as a whole.

A study by the University of California showed that a happy worker is, on average, 31% more productive on a daily basis, three times more creative and sells 37% more compared to others.

Thus, in order to win and retain the best professionals in the market, companies have innovated in solutions to complement the traditional benefits offered to them, presenting different options to meet the needs of employees.

In this article by the Vacations & Co in partnership with our blog, you can check out 6 of these experiences that bring positive results for the well-being of employees, and which were specially designed and / or adapted for the current moment of global crisis, in which social distance is still necessary. Among the experiences we highlight are:

  • SPA at home;
  • Differentiated tours;
  • Special dinner;
  • Tickets for leisure and drive-in culture;
  • On-demand salary;
  • Trips.

If you want to understand how these benefits work, read on!

Leisure as an investment in the well-being of employees

A Cornell University survey published in 2014 shows that, in general, people feel the same level of happiness when they receive a material good or an experience. But in the long run, satisfaction with material goods decreases, while satisfaction with experiences tends to increase, since experiences generate great memories.

Another survey, carried out by the Locomotiva Institute, together with LTM, found that employees who receive some type of award are 45% more satisfied with their work. In addition, the study also showed that 87% of respondents see awards as a form of appreciation, and 80% understand that these actions can increase productivity and improve the work environment.

With this, the research highlights how the investment in actions that generate well-being for employees, whether through benefits or awards, are a sure bet for companies to strengthen the relationship with their professionals.

Promoting out-of-work experiences, for example, contributes to moments of leisure, well-being and personal fulfillment, points that directly reflect on a more positive and engaged work routine.

In addition to increasing productivity, combining the award with experiences for leisure time for professionals tends to generate even more positive results for the company, as it attracts the best professionals in the market, retaining talent, team motivation and high performance.

When employees are able to make the most of their leisure days and experience new experiences with family and friends, their return to work will be with the feeling of satisfaction and gratitude that the company has offered such an opportunity, which will remain in their affective memory forever. . All of this helps to improve your personal and professional satisfaction.

6 leisure experiences for your employees

To help in creating experiences provided by the company aiming at the well-being of employees, we have separated 6 tips for experiences adapted to the current moment.

1. Day at home SPA

Having a day of your own with massage and special treatment to relax and take care of yourself is wonderful, isn't it? The SPA day at home is a great option to promote the well-being of employees in the comfort of their homes.

The company can choose to either send a specialized professional to the employee's home, or offer kits with products that help in individual relaxation. And, of course, this is also a day off for the employee.

2. Differentiated tours

Another good experience option that promotes the well-being of employees is offering differentiated tours.

A balloon ride, a parachute jump or a scenic flight through the city, for example, are unusual experiences for most people, which helps to create a unique and incredible memory.

A differentiated tour can also be a way of fulfilling a collaborator's wish, offering a personalized activity that he has always wanted to do, but has not yet had the opportunity or even an occasion to do.

It is worth mentioning that the options do not always need to involve “adrenaline”. There are more “soft” alternatives, such as boat trips, a limousine ride around the city or a luxury car ride. Many companies are already operating in accordance with hygiene and safety protocols to ensure that activities are carried out without risks to health.

3. Special dinner

This treat offered as “a special dinner” is a simple, but very effective way to please the professionals of your company.

It is also possible to send a special kit with ingredients for a “chef for a day” experience to the employee's home, which he and his family can enjoy together.

Options for experiences that involve food, most of the time, will be positive. Eating is one of the most pleasurable actions in life, it promotes people's happiness and, therefore, it is always something highly valued.

4. Tickets to drive-in events

There are several possibilities for entertainment, but considering the current moment and with events in the “drive-in” model on the rise, it is a good idea to invest in tickets for drive-in events.

Cinema sessions, theater plays, concerts by musical artists and stand-up presentations are some of the options of events that are being held in order to allow a little entertainment while social distance is still necessary.

These are also great suggestions for employees to enjoy with their families or friends safely.

5. Salary on demand

The on-demand salary does not function as an award, but fulfills the role of “solving” the financial problems that may arise throughout the month, which effectively also helps in the well-being of employees.

This benefit works as a salary advance or the 13th salary, and was designed precisely to facilitate the maintenance of the employee's finances. Through the platform HR Consultants UKy style=”font-weight: 400;”>, the employee can receive a salary proportional to the days he has worked, being able to use the money in any way he wishes.

On-demand wages (or payment on demand) also avoids much of the financial stress that can interfere with an employee's productivity. Thus, thinking of ways to create experiences that help in the finances of employees is always productive for the company.

6. Travel

Who doesn't like to travel or dream of a trip? Offering an experience of a getaway to the countryside or beach is an efficient way to meet the wishes of employees, after all it promotes a unique experience for them.

The lodgings have started the reopening process and are following all the rules stipulated by the WHO to serve customers with great care and security. With that, it is already possible to offer trips with more access, planning and ease as a form of benefit for its employees.

As a solution, the Vacations & Co. it is a unique and innovative benefit that provides companies with a better use of employees' rest and leisure days.

It is also possible to carry out more assertive actions and aligned with the profile of employees using the benefit as a form of award and reward.

There are many other ways to help the well-being of employees, however, the important thing is for the company to know the profile of its employees, and to seek the best solutions to meet their needs.

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