Employer branding and well-being: understand this relationship

Employer branding and well-being: understand this relationship

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Employer branding is a company's reputation as an employer. In other words, it is the way in which its employees, future collaborators and society in general sees and evaluates the company. It involves a set of actions to promote the satisfaction and well-being of employees, aiming at the engagement, retention and attraction of new talents.

A subject that is more and more frequent in meetings of the Human Resources (HR) department, the shortage of trained and experienced talents causes great concern for employers. Although there is no ready recipe for talent retention, there is an efficient solution to minimize this problem: employer branding and well-being.

The job market is constantly changing, and this evolution directly follows the personal and professional expectations of employees. Therefore, it is essential to think about their interests as well.

Currently, offering only excellent work and excellent remuneration is no longer a guarantee of talent retention. So little employee satisfaction. More than remuneration, what you look for in a job opportunity it's an inspiring professional environment, which is in line with personal values ​​and policies aimed at the employee.

Given this scenario, people management strategies must also change within companies. And, one of the best ways to do that, is by investing in the union of employer branding and well-being.

But if you are still unable to realize that this is a key opportunity to improve your brand as an employer, we suggest that you let go of your prejudices and double your attention when reading this article.

What is employer branding?

Translated to the letter, employer branding means the employee's brand. Strategically, it represents how employees, and society in general, see the company, that is, how it is doing. her reputation as an employer.

O employer branding concept it has been used for decades by marketers, focused on how to improve a company's reputation for its customers. Recently, it was noticed that this tool also has great application in the talent recruitment and retention process.

But, of course, instead of building a reputation for a product or service for your customers, the goal – and challenge – here is build and maintain a positive image as an employer, with a focus on employees, so that they feel more and more motivated.

We are living in an era of research and experience. Before making any decision, the first impulse is to research what people are saying about that topic or place.

And this habit has served for any activity: restaurants, cities to travel, medical appointments, purchase of products, etc.

Including to choose which organization to work in or not. It would be too presumptuous to consider that your company is not being researched, is it not?

That's where the importance of working the employer branding strategy!

How to apply the employer brand?

To increase a company's reputation as an employer it is essential to develop actions that increase the employee satisfaction and engagement. That is, a large part of the work must be done internally, so that it gives better results and a true engagement of the team.

Not only improving the benefits offered, but also investing in a well-defined organizational culture, which goes beyond a catchphrase that cites the organization's values.

Culture must be present, and rooted, in each service, product and work process. Only then can employees perceive this as real and feel proud of belonging to a company that brings credibility to the organization's discourse.

The result of this investment is Natural, observed in employees who become true ambassadors of the business. Employees who speak well, indicate products or services and recommend your company as a great place to work. This can only be achieved with a well-executed internal work. Therefore, it is essential to structure your project well. employer branding and well-being.

And the HR area plays an extremely prominent and important role in this process, with a clear vision strategic and assertive. However, you need to be sensitive to the fact that you cannot do everything alone and you need to involve other sectors in this mission.

As is the case with the communication sector, the company must have an active stance in the disclosure of its qualities. In this way, the two teams, HR and Communication, work together to create strategies to publicize the brand in the market. Not only for excellence in services, but also as a great place to work.

Thus, all communication channels must be designed with a focus on building this image, from the institutional website to the vacancy announcements.

What is the connection between employer branding and well-being?

Stress problems and burnout syndrome at work are increasingly present in the corporate environment. And the triggering of these, and other pathologies, are directly related to the work environment poorly functional, inefficient management and overload.

The consequence is a drop in productivity and an increase in employee dissatisfaction. And it could not be different. Without an appreciation of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, there is no well-paid salary that supports the biological imbalance.

Although many managers turn a blind eye to this trend, investing in employer branding and well-being provides significant advantages for both the employer and the employee.

Here are some examples:

  • positive work environments;
  • greater satisfaction and engagement;
  • greater productivity;
  • reduced levels of stress;
  • less absenteeism;
  • greater retention of employees;
  • lower turnover;
  • attraction of new talents.

So, more than just a benefit for employees, initiatives aimed at health and well-being are fundamental for a company to prosper. In addition to being an important part of employer branding and the healthy growth of a company.

>> One of the proposals for well-being at work is to promote quality of life in the company style=”font-weight: 400;”>! For this, we created an e-Book full of tips to create a quality of life program in your company. Click here and access now!

More and more companies are being evaluated and judged by their relationship with employees, customers, the community and impacts on society in general. And this has been a determining factor in deciding whether or not to work for a company – or even to stay with it.

Are employee branding and well-being strategies for growth?

Research published in 2015 by Quantum Workplace and Limeade found that 38% of respondents were more engaged and 18% likely to dedicate more when they felt that their employers cared about their well-being.

This shows that concern for employees is a determining factor for the company's growth. When a team feels well cared for and valued, the benefits obtained are immeasurable, including:

In an attempt to differentiate and get ahead of competitors, invest in a culture that effectively supports the employee well-being, is a powerful employer branding strategy.

Taking into account all the facts presented here in this article, you, who already considered investment in human capital as a growth strategy, must now be thinking about how to work it out in practice.

And you, who started reading thinking that aligning employer branding and well-being was just another pointless idea, we hope you are now reconsidering this thought.

This is the time to invest in the health of its employees, and also in his experience with your brand, and thus increase your company's productivity and even profits.

Now we want to know your opinion. Did you already think about the employee's well-being as a strategic piece for the company's growth? What has been done to improve the quality of life at work? Leave your comment here in the post.



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