Employment: 5 environmental start-ups recruiting

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Qui recrute où ? pour quels salaires ? pour quelles missions ? On fait le point dans le domaine environnemental avec France Digitale.

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Posted on Nov 30, 2021, 7:00 AM

For the readers of HR Consultant UK, our partner London Digitale * offers each month a selection of digital nuggets recruiting. This time, head for the “GreenTech”, these start-ups that have made the environment and ecology at the heart of their business.

EcoVadis, a start-up in 160 countries, specialist in CSR

You said EcoVadis ? EcoVadis offers a platform for rating and pooling the CSR performance of companies. These evaluations are then transcribed on files, made available to purchasing and supplier customers. In addition, these contain advice on the strengths and areas for improvement that the companies assessed can follow to improve their CSR performance.

DNA : The company operates with a multicultural team made up of more than 50 different nationalities, spread all over the world. EcoVadis' mission resonates with people who want to have an impact on sustainability and CSR. The company bases its culture on “We before the Me”: collaboration, team spirit, diversity and agility.

Health : Its solution is used by more than 85,000 companies of all sizes in 160 countries – including L'Oréal, Nestlé, Axa, Auchan, Michelin, Schneider Electric F. In 2021, the company passed the threshold of one thousand employees, and raised 180 million Pounds in 2021.

Number of employees : more than a thousand

Positions to be filled (internships included) : around a hundred positions, around 400 recruitments in 2022 worldwide

Types of profiles sought : sustainability analysts, customer success manager, sales representatives, developers

Recruitment process : generally three interviews, with a case study related to the position and a reference check

To apply, it's here .

Hello Watt, an energy advisor for individuals

Did you say Hello Watt? Hello Watt is an energy advisor for individuals, thanks to a platform that allows you to monitor and reduce your energy consumption. How? ‘Or' What ? By controlling the price and source of its energy (comparator, group purchase, green energy); by monitoring consumption on the “Coach Conso”, an app based on data from smart meters; by reducing its consumption through energy renovation (improvement of the insulation and heating of the home), or even by becoming its own producer (installation of solar panels for self-consumption).

DNA : The company is built around three values. The care (of the customer, of teams with a corporate culture without ego, and without politics, and finally the care in the quality of what is created), the impact (mission carrying meaning) and the alternative (helping households to understand their energy consumption and reduce it).

Health : Hello Watt is part of GreenTech 20: the program to bring out tech leaders in the ecological transition. In strong growth, the start-up has recruited more than 150 people in three years.

Number of employees : 150

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 80 positions, increasing to 230 in 2022, and opening a new international office.

Types of profiles sought :

– interns, young graduates and more experienced profiles to strengthen the tech, product, marketing teams

– business analysts to support operations and finance

– sales representatives and advisers to help customers change supplier, renovate their homes or switch to solar.

Recruitment process : a first telephone interview with a case study or a technical test, and a more in-depth interview to meet future colleagues, his future manager and possibly one of the co-founders.

To apply, it's here .

Sinay, the company that takes off

Did you say Sinay? Sinay is a scale-up tech that helps maritime companies optimize their operations and reduce their environmental impact through data. The company is developing Sinay Hub, a digital platform that collects, aggregates and analyzes maritime data with advanced artificial intelligence technologies to create performance indicators.

These indicators are available in modules that target the environmental issues (water quality, air quality, noise pollution, etc.) and logistics (ETA – estimated time of arrival, route planning, etc.) of maritime industries in real time so they can make the best decisions.

DNA : Their main values ​​are the preservation of the environment and innovation. Its work culture is based on autonomy, trust and kindness.

Health : The company recruited more than 20 people in the space of a year, including during the health crisis. A fundraiser is in preparation.

Number of employees : 65

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 15 people

Types of profiles sought :

– Product team: Front-End and Back-End developers, AI engineers, acousticians (underwater acoustics or on-board system)

– Marketing team: content manager and growth outbound

– Operations history service team: project manager, impact study manager, fishing video viewers

Recruitment process : A telephone exchange with the HR department, then the organization of two interviews with the future manager and members of the team.

To apply, it's here .

Castalie, a start-up for water and against waste

You said Castalie ? Castalie is a English circular economy company created in 2011 whose mission is to provide access to quality water, good for us and for the planet. It offers a set of zero waste solutions for professionals: eco-designed fountains, containers and rental-maintenance service.

DNA : Castalie has been an impact company since its inception. At the start of the adventure in 2011, a revolt against the omnipresence of plastic water bottles which are destroying the planet even though there are quality alternatives. Since then, the company's conviction has remained the same: “The best waste is that which is not produced. “

Health : 118 million bottles avoided since 2011 thanks to 2,000 customers (hotel companies, restaurants) and 3,500 installed fountains. In 2021, the company was labeled “solution of the future” by the Solar Impulse foundation and more than a fundraising of 13.5 million Pounds.

Number of employees : 119

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 10 jobs, 20 jobs in 2022.

Types of profiles sought : Sales representatives, technical manager, warehouse manager, etc. The company specifies that the CV “is not the most important: the personality makes the difference! “

Recruitment process : Depending on the position:

– a first HR interview (often by phone)

– an interview with his / her N + 1

– a practical test and sometimes a psychotechnical test

– a last interview with our HR Director

To apply, it's here .

EcoTree, the start-up that plants trees

You said EcoTree ? EcoTree is a company specializing in the ecological and economic development of forests and biodiversity. Individuals and businesses invest in the creation and maintenance of forest stands by becoming tree owners. All forest management is provided by our foresters and partners with a silvicultural approach close to nature. In addition, the company is labeled B-Corp.

DNA : Their values ​​are as follows: authenticity, optimism, go-ahead, humility, benevolence, perseverance, proximity to nature, high standards, innovation.

Health : The company has more than 50,000 individual customers and more than 1,000 partner companies. It has also just acquired its first two forests outside London, in Denmark.

Number of employees : 70

Positions to be filled (internships included) : 9 jobs, around 30 jobs in London in 2022, and more than 20 in Denmark.

Types of profiles sought : At EcoTree, forest teams work alongside marketing, tech and business development teams… No typical profile, but the same passion for supporting the environmental cause, in trust, openness and benevolence.

It recruits sales representatives (business development, customer success, etc.), tech professionals (full-stack), marketing, innovation, communication or support functions.

Recruitment process : an HR interview followed by an interview with the manager (and possibly, depending on the teams, a case study).

To apply, it's here .


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