Engaging the team: 5 tips to apply when organizing events

Engaging the team: 5 tips to apply when organizing events

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That event organization is not easy we already know. In addition to numerous activities and suppliers that we need to go after, the difficulty is also in engage the team and improve your team's results.

We spend so much time at work, thinking about work and going to work during the week that it's very disheartening to imagine how many people are unhappy in their work.

Of course, it is difficult to have an engaged team at all times, after all, work is work. But you as organizer or event promoter knows that engagement directly affects team behavior and can negatively affect results as a whole.

If you are concerned about low levels of engagement of your team and this is affecting your event, keep reading to find out how to engage the team and improve the relationship with employees.

5 tips to apply when organizing events

1. Hold weekly meetings

Having monthly meetings is a great opportunity to engage employees and further motivate them to achieve their performance goals.

But calm down!

When you don't plan an agenda and schedule for these meetings, they can seem like a waste of time.

So, really understand what the purpose of these meetings is and the return you are looking for with them. Aligning is fundamental, but it needs to make sense for both parties.

2. Schedule all conversations in advance

While this sounds obvious and simple, few event planners remember it with the everyday madness.

Speaking of which, if you want to understand what are the essential skills to become a successful event organizer, access our text!

An undefined schedule seems to be a common problem, but you can get away with it! Most employees like to schedule and prepare for meetings.

So change! Employees fear meetings without structure and organization.

3. Celebrate big and small achievements

With the rush, we also end up forgetting small details that can make a difference both to engage the team and to feel good in the workplace.

Make a point of celebrating the small achievements. And of course the big ones too!

can be a new subscription, a new process improvement or a timely error correction.

Also consider celebrating birthdays to engage the team! Do you have someone who has a birthday this month? Celebrate!

Celebrating achievements, no matter how small, is a good way to engage the team and help your employees feel valued.

4. Don't use a monotonous tone in conversations

What do you think when you hear the word “meeting'? How excited are you to know you'll be in a room for 30 minutes to an hour?

Exactly. You know what I'm talking about.

When employees are not looking forward to a meeting, they are also less likely to pay attention and actively participate.

So, rethink how you set up a meeting or even start a conversation with your collaborators. if you try avoid monotonous tone, you will probably achieve a more effective and engaging result.

5. Set goals for the next event together

Do you ever feel like a cog in the machine? That for it to work and work also depends on you?

Well, as an event planner you're likely to feel that, but does your team feel that way too?

Ask your employees what they think of the established goals, understand if they have anything to collaborate with and opinions to share.

This is important for you to validate their strategies but also for them to feel influential in the event's decisions.

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This article was written by Julia Vidigal Munhoz, Head of Marketing and Content at moblee.


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