Engineers do not know unemployment … but occupy the lowest paid positions

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Les secteurs les plus rémunérateurs pour les ingénieurs sont aussi les moins féminisés : électricité, gaz, industries extractives & raffinage, équipements électriques, spatial, produits électroniques, informatiques & optiques..

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Posted on Oct 13, 2021 at 7:00 a.m.Updated Oct 13, 2021, 6:48 PM

Engineer? But yes, get used to it: it takes a female E… even if in London, women barely represent a quarter of the profession (23%). A slowly evolving reality: +5 points only in ten years.

The feminization of the profession is however well underway since nearly 30% of engineers under 30 are engineers (against 15% for those over 50), according to the Women in Engineering Observatory which publishes a new study on October 12. *.

The other good news is that these engineers are integrating well into the job market. “72% of women engineers have never experienced a period of unemployment since the start of their career”, provides the study. Young graduates find ” easily “ a job: 9 out of 10 in less than three months, and most of them get permanent contracts in large companies.

A still very gendered distribution of professions

However, the distribution of activities remains gendered. Young graduates often turn to research (nearly 40%), then to production professions (23%) and, to a much lesser extent, technical advice (less than 10%).

Women engineers are therefore much less present than men in the activities that recruit the most: data processing, the cloud, cybersecurity … In fact, more than half of them say they are not involved in the digital transformation. , compared to 41% of men.

As for the sectors, the most profitable are still mainly invested by men: electricity, gas, mining and refining industries, but also electronic, computer and optical products. Women, and especially the youngest engineers, are more oriented towards the agri-food industry, agriculture or services, the environment. Do you see the bad news coming?

20% pay gap between male and female engineers

34,000 Pounds: this is the median salary of junior engineers… and it is 4% less than men. Hang in there: if we take the median salary of all female engineers, and compare it to that of men, the gap rises to 20% (€ 49,700 against € 60,120). And the more wages rise, the more the gaps widen, as this graph shows:

The fault, therefore, to the gendered distribution of sectors, but also to the glass ceiling. Their responsibilities are 30% lower, on average, than those of men in general management positions.

The study even shows that this difference in responsibility is established at the start of a career: “Only 21% of women under 30 have responsibilities (team management, financial or budgetary responsibilities), compared to 25% of men. In the 40-49 age group, the difference goes from 4 to 13% “.

The study is based on data from 2021, before the pandemic. What can we predict the impact of the health crisis on the situation? “The first analyzes show that the health crisis had little impact on wages and the level of employment, notes Aline Aubertin, President of the Association Femmes Ingénieures. On the other hand, engineers looking for a job, and in particular for their first job, had more difficulty in integrating professionally. “ For the President, this should be rebalanced… but the advances gained by women once again illustrate their fragility in times of crisis.

*Based on the annual study of IESF, whose association Femmes Ingénieures carries out a specific comparative analysis between women and men.


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