eNPS: why is it important for the company’s health and how to measure it?

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eNPS: why is it important for the company's health and how to measure it?

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You may have heard of NPS for customers: it is a survey to measure external audience satisfaction. But one of the worldwide trends in the Human Resources sector is the eNPS, which is nothing more than a survey with the internal public.

We know that the success of organizations depends on employee motivation. That is why, adopting measures to improve your satisfaction is essential when it comes to strategic planning.

Do you know this innovative method? Come with us and we'll explain everything!

The concept of eNPS

eNPS is short for Employer Net Promoter Score, which is an internal survey process to assess employee satisfaction, loyalty and disruption.

It is important to identify whether the organization is providing a positive and productive environment. Thus, managers will be able to know if it is (or not) on the right path.

The importance of eNPS

Applying the method in companies is essential to guide the next paths they should adopt. Check out some benefits:

Increases employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction and happiness is something companies are increasingly paying attention to. That's because, over time, they realized that there was no point in continuing with the same satisfaction programs they had implemented 10 years ago.

Currently, employees are looking not only for a job, but to be recognized and valued within the organizational environment. Therefore, creating strategies to increase their satisfaction is one of the most important attributes in companies' strategic planning. A motivated employee:

  • produces more;
  • creates a good working climate;
  • is always happy;
  • seeks to achieve professional success within the company in which it operates;
  • recommends the company to your friends and family;
  • does not miss or be late for work so as not to jeopardize the progress of their activities;
  • is responsible and fulfills its goals.

And, happier employees generate great results in your company's Talent Retention. To learn more, we recommend that you download this free eBook. Answer the form and receive:

Identify problem spots in the company

Working at the strategic top of the organization, there is often no way of knowing the difficulties or necessary improvements. In some cases, only employees will be able to point out the difficulties and their ideas for solving the problems. So it is possible to create activities so that the income is higher.

Think carefully: an employee in the production sector, for example, works sitting up all day cutting out pieces. But if the chair he's sitting in isn't comfortable enough, he may feel a lot of pain in the afternoon. So, as a solution, the company could provide a more comfortable chair and provide 15 minutes of labor gymnastics after lunch.

Increases productivity and motivation

The fact that the employee is motivated increases their productivity, as they work feeling that they are part of a team and that their role is extremely important. This implies their frequency and their commitment within the company.

advantages over other satisfaction surveys

eNPS has great advantages over other methodologies for measuring satisfaction with your company. Check out what they are:

1. Its low cost

Data collection and analysis can be an expensive and time-consuming process in other methodologies. Now, with eNPS, it is possible to have greater agility, both in capturing responses and in feedback for research participants.

This is because eNPS is simpler, faster and cheaper to implement and analyze than other types of research.

2. Your continuous improvements

The agility in eNPS allows the company to develop a continuous process to measure employee satisfaction. Thus, it can define action plans for continuous improvement when critical points are detected.

3. Your results increase the production of employees

Once the company puts eNPS into practice, it is possible to reap the results. This makes employees more satisfied, unwilling to leave their jobs and, most importantly, tied to organizational culture from the company.

Thus, eNPS is synonymous with productivity, profitability and better products for the consumer public. Thus, everyone starts to feel the advantages: company, employees and customers.

How HR should apply eNPS

To apply eNPS correctly, it is necessary for HR to develop the methodology with all employees, use the right questions and carefully review the responses obtained.

When the company already has the answers in hand, it can group employees into different relationship categories that express their degree of satisfaction with the company.

But, first, it is necessary to prepare the team, choose the best questions and only then start calculating. Check out the step-by-step instructions below to get started:

Step by step to apply eNPS

1. Understand and show the importance of employee loyalty

Even before applying the eNPS, it is necessary to show that each employee is recognized by the company and that their loyalty is fundamental to the business.

Therefore, the organization must understand that when its employees feel identified with the company, they work harder to achieve the business objectives. Also, the chances of leaving their jobs are less.

From there, the leadership of the teams, executives and directors must act so that employees feel that way. Only then is it possible to put eNPS into practice.

2. Explain what eNPS is and its purpose

After implementing the necessary actions to develop employee motivation, it is necessary to explain to them what eNPS is and why their participation is essential.

The organization will only be able to have more accurate results when the maximum number of employees participate. To do this, address the following topics to explain the reasons for the research:

  • Why is the company doing this?
  • What is the value of eNPS to business?
  • Why is it safe and discreet?

3. Work the questions

The main point of the survey, the questions. Try to use simplicity so as not to lose focus on the objectives pursued with eNPS.

Check out the best questions to achieve the best results:

  • Would you recommend the company for someone to work with? (The answer should vary on a scale from 0 to 10)
  • Why?
  • What could the company do to get its answer to a 10 in an upcoming survey?

The importance of recognizing the level of satisfaction

We remind you that it is not enough just to apply a good research, it is necessary to tabulate its results. Otherwise, it will do no good for you to take the time to find out what the employees think, if nothing will be done with it.

With the application of the eNPS method, it is possible to make improvements in the sectors so that employees feel more comfortable working in the company. Also, it is possible to understand their needs in order to involve them and make them more productive. For this, after applying the key question we mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is necessary to recognize the level of satisfaction:

  • grades 9 to 10: promoters;
  • grades 7 to 8: neutral;
  • grades 6 to 0: detractors.

The most desirable thing is for employees to give grades from 9 to 10. That's because promoters are the ones who wear the company's shirt, are productive and create an excellent environment in which to work.

Neutral employees, on the other hand, believe in the importance of their work, but they still need fuel, because they are not totally satisfied, but neither are they totally dissatisfied.

Detracting employees are the ones you need to immediately identify the reasons for their dissatisfaction. Otherwise, they will leave the company at the first opportunity, in addition to having more absences, delays and influencing reduced productivity.

Method for calculating eNPS

Now that you know what it is and how important it is, let's learn in practice how to calculate it. The first step is to follow the formula:

eNPS = % promoters – % detractors.

Only with this result can you identify which zone your company is in:

  • zone of perfection: eNPS between 70 and 100;
  • quality zone: between 50 and 70;
  • improvement zone: 0 and 49;
  • critical zone: -100 and -1.

Perfection zone

If your company is in the perfection zone, congratulations! We hope she stays that way. But remember that it's important not to settle down so the indicators don't go down, right?

quality zone

If your company is in the quality zone, it is a sign that your employees are satisfied and loyal to it, but your organization can grow even more, through actions that improve the routine of the work environment.

improvement zone

In the improvement zone, you need to be very careful! That's because your employees are not happy with your company and you can have a lot of problems. Urgent planning is needed to reverse this situation.

critical zone

Although it sounds very desperate, don't panic! But, it is necessary to create many strategies that range from relationship to employee growth.

You have seen what it is and some benefits of applying eNPS in your company. But, remember that it is not enough just to apply it, it is necessary to create strategies to constantly improve processes. This is because it is not a concept that will solve all your problems, but rather create a path so that you can identify the satisfaction of your internal audience.

Did you already know this method? Did you like our article? So share it on your social networks so that your friends also know about this methodology! Until the next post!


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