eSocial: Is it possible to improve your OSH management without automating it?

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esocial gestão sst

Table of Contents

We know that the previous phases of eSocial, have taken some areas of your company to sleep. Being attentive to each change that occurs and the specific rules of each stage, is always an arduous task. Now we have in a few days the start of SST shipments – Health and safety. So, is your company ready for this shipment?

We selected some of the main doubts on the subject, answering with tips to elevate the OSH management of your company and facilitate the service of this phase. Follow us!

What is the importance of OSH information management combined with eSocial?

Have you been monitoring the number of records of accidents at work in your company? Have you been evaluating the absences of your employees and identifying the related reasons? Do you know what the cost of maintaining an operation without monitoring and without a vision of the impacts it generates for your company, for your employees, for shareholders and for society?

Answering these questions is the first step to seeing the importance of OSH information management, regardless of eSocial.

Thinking about these issues leads an organization to act preventively and to find ways that reduce liabilities with a burden on labor, fines and stresses linked to the effects of non-control or minimal control.

When we talk about eSocial, we deal with the visibility and transparency of this management, integrating areas such as OHS, Training Administration, Positions, Recruitment and Selection and Payroll. The unity of this information will make internal policies stronger and more connected with the company's strategic vision.

It is not just a legal obligation, but to guarantee more effective results in our actions.

What are the most strategic points related to OSH and eSocial?

The entire OSH process begins with the mapping of areas, their risks, work impacts and the determination of the form of preventive control, as well as reactive actions regarding situations caused when the control of the presence of employees in these places is not effective.

At this point, the tip is to build a detailed analysis, to know the whole, but to intensify the vision of the parts that make up this whole OHS process. It is necessary to have in hand the governance about what happens in all areas of the company and the work reflexes; this is basis of effective OSH functioning.

Create prevention and monitoring programs that can demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of their management, that ensure that their employees are aware of the risks and impacts. In addition, have the resources to reduce chances of losses to your own health, and above all, collaborate so that this whole process generates results.

Focusing on eSocial obligations, you must maintain the consistent information on a reliable, responsive basis and ready to communicate with the government. It should also assess the requirements set by the layouts deliberate by the government with advancebecause the deadlines are different for each group of companies.

Another point to be taken into account is that, starting with eSocial, the ergonomic issues. So stay tuned, as this is a point that will need action as soon as possible. Currently, in the eSocial manual, highlights are 11 risks linked to ergonomic issues and psychosocial, which can be seen in the MOS – eSocial Guidance Manual.

Yours job structure, yours lottery structure it's the homogeneous risk environment, need to present a synergy with each other and mainly reflect the reality of your organization. All of this information is the base than the government requests for that phase.

If, even so, you do not feel safe to start this phase and want to meet the deadlines, seek solutions and specialized support so that this process is effective and at the same time is carried out with the least risk of error in the information.

Is it possible to improve your OSH management without automating it?

Nowadays, automating or not automating the OSH area is no longer an option: it's a legal necessity. The current scenario, which involves internal and external transparency of information, no longer allows the use of manual means. We are inserted in an interdependent world, and eSocial is the very demonstration of this reality.

Therefore, it is the right tools that you use in OSH, the integration and coherence of information that they provide, the specialized support in your daily life, agile and simple communications that will allow OSH management to be an integral part of the day to day. day.

May other areas appreciate its importance and participate in its evolution and that you fulfill your legal obligations with tranquility, quality and excellence. This is what the HCM Group wants and is available to carry out related projects in your company.

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