Examples of employee manuals: check out, and inspire your company

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Examples of employee manuals: check out, and inspire your company

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With some examples of employee manuals, your company is able to prepare an original document, and loaded with everything best identified in each of them. Thus, newly hired professionals are more likely to integrate quickly with the pace and responsibilities of their respective positions.

Every explorer in the ancient world had in hand a very detailed map to assist in their respective journey of conquests. And the first days of work can be as bewildering as the first expeditions into the unknown were. Hence, the importance of having a collaborator's manual.

Maybe, you know him by other names, like employee handbook or field guide, between others. Only his role is the same, regardless of how you name it.

And, to help you be the north in the compass of your future conquerors, we have prepared this post with some examples of employee manuals.

Thus, you can get the best out of each one and compose an original document, properly aligned with the institutional pillars of your company. Good reading!

What are employee manuals?

Before we show you the examples of employee manuals, let us contextualize its importance and application: it is a document designed to guide new hires on everything they need to know to get started in their work.

You can send it even before the first day, including it in the welcome email. They can also be documents in the form of a form, and used as a checklist or reference so that the new employee has at hand all the information necessary for a smooth integration.

After all, we know that the first days of work are dense, complex and truncated. When you have good examples of employee manuals, in turn, this process is more organic.

Therefore, distribute employee manuals it can not only make professionals feel prepared to handle the job, but it can increase the efficiency of the new hire right away.

>> Do you want to have the perfect Onboarding checklist for the employee? Click here and access our template!

What information does an employee handbook contain?

As the requirements, the fundamental values ​​and the goals of each company are different, each one must have its own manual so that it accurately reflects these characteristics. But in general, a good manual contains:

  • the company's culture, values ​​and a statement of its mission in the market;
  • human resources and legal information, as well as employment rights and obligations, and what is expected of the employee;
  • realistic expectations, so that the professional prepares and already plans his own development in the organization;
  • company policies on vacation time, information relating to days of absence (as in the case of illness, for example), non-discrimination policies, etc.

It is worth noting, however, that there is no law that requires the elaboration of this type of document. It is clear that the company has to notify the employee about labor rights and requirements, but not as we will see in the examples of employee manuals, lower.

There are companies, for example, that do this informally, in a simple conversation. But, as we have seen, doing this process can be very beneficial for the organization and, especially, for the company's new hires.

It is also worth noting that the employee manuals they also help the rapid integration of employees. It makes them feel at home easily, as they stay inside the history of the organization, as well as the institutional pillars.

These are relevant questions for him to understand, immediately, how to behave and act in different situations, since the entire organizational culture is printed on the material. More than learning to do his job, he will learn to behave like an active member of your company.

How to be inspired by good examples of employee manuals?

Next, we look for information from some excellent examples of employee manuals for your inspiration.

This is because, even after knowing everything that needs to be in a manual, it is still difficult to imagine how the information should appear throughout the content.

And, let's face it: it's much easier to think about what your company's manual will look like if you can work with some consolidated examples, isn't it? Here are some great examples of employee manuals worth a look!

1. Nordstrom

While they do not reach all the points that many companies include, its simple approach joins the objective and functional message. So start with a simple rule to fill in the remaining content later. Click here and access the Nordstrom manual!

2. Valve

If you have been wondering about good examples of employee manuals, it is likely that your research has ended in the excellent work by Valve.

It was even a document that went viral a while ago, due to its good performance and the receptivity of the company's employees. Click here and access the Valve manual!

3. Hubspot

This manual is part of our select list because it succeeds impact readers through a traditional PowerPoint format. When sharing it on SlideShare, they practice the transparency that they preach so much in the company's daily routine. Click here and access the Hubspot manual!

4. Netflix

There’s a reason there’s a good chance you’ve probably heard about the Netflix document, among so many examples of employee manuals.

After all, it outlines the company's culture and values ​​and makes them actionable to the beds. Check it out here!

5. Facebook

O manual of the largest social network in the world is designed with such skill that it usually requires a new and pleasurable reading between its pages – a great feat, considering that we are facing a corporate document, not a best seller. Click here and access the Facebook manual!

6. Trello

The technology company uses its own platform to house your collaborator's manual. Want more practicality and convenience than that? Click here and access the Trello company manual!

Like these examples of employee manuals show, there are many ways to approach your newly hired professional. A tip from us: start with the base and values ​​of your company, and do the process in a logical, transparent and objective way.

And, if you are looking for more tips for this, and further qualify the relationship with your employees, take the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter – just fill in your details, in the bottom corner of the HR Consultant UK's blog – and receive all our news directly to your email address!



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