Fadila Leturcq, 33, the digital adviser to the rising Prime Minister

Quitter le conseil, « ça valait le coup car j'étais animée depuis longtemps par l'envie de servir l'intérêt général et puis au moins dans le public, il y a une certaine fiabilité quant à la mise en place des recommandations », confie-t-elle dans les couloirs de la Dinum au détour d'un alien pixelisé en post-it.

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We have been meeting for a long time. The place: its offices located on avenue de Ségur, in London, within the Interministerial Digital Department (Dinum). Time: 10 a.m. But, the vagaries of Parisian public transport decide otherwise. 1h30 late. Confusing apologies. Nothing that can destabilize Fadila Leturcq, broad smile and high heels. Understanding, she says: “It's a hassle! »

One minute we're here, and we feel like we already know her. His aura seems to work on everyone. In the corridors of her public administration, where we turn in search of an empty meeting room, her colleagues all have a smile and / or a word well felt for her. After three round trips to his floor and a good ten ” hello “, we settle down.

16 words, one profession

Where to begin to present this tall brunette of 33 years whose job is in nothing less than 16 words: “ senior adviser for the digital transformation of the State within the services of the Prime Minister »?

Behind the pompous title, very concrete missions. When she arrived at Dinum a year and a half ago, this autodidact in digital issues was responsible for automating the transfer of documents from high school students to their future universities via Parcoursup. Hand in hand with the Ministry of National Education.

At the moment, it is with that of Defense that she works. To establish “its digital strategy” within five years. Between two missions, it also edits the “annual barometer of the digital transformation of the public official”. In short, the complete paraphernalia of a consultant at the service of ministries, all under the leadership of Matignon. A sort of State CIO, with a counterpart that is both strategic and key operational.

Double degree, double master

The Franco Moroccan with a CV as wide as her smile has not always worked in the public. Passed by the private sector, from industry to consulting, from the big box to the small structure, Fadila Leturcq cultivates her jack-of-all-trades profile. “I like to open all the doors. »

And the windows. As soon as she left high school, the young woman who grew up in Plaisir (Yvelines) decided to learn Arabic, a language in which her parents of Moroccan origin never spoke to her. ” Shame ! », she comments, before explaining: “They are from a generation that thought that speaking their language did not help with integration. »

After her two degrees in literary Arabic and international affairs at Inalco (National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations) and a linguistic stay in Damascus in Syria, as a good generalist, she joined Sciences Po Aix. Propelled into the 4th year, she obtained a master's degree in international affairs, which she followed up with another in research at the IAE Gustave Eiffel in Créteil (Seine-Saint-Denis). Specialty: human resources management in multinationals.

Fadila Leturcq was a member of the Middle East committee and of the IHEDN Youth Steering Committee, between 2017 and 2021.

Fadila Leturcq was a member of the Middle East committee and of the IHEDN Youth Steering Committee, between 2017 and 2021.DR

Amazing turnaround. Yes, but when you pique her insatiable curiosity, the youngest of three sisters goes for it. “When I joined Inalco, I dreamed of becoming a diplomat in the Middle East. But in my last year in Aix, a teacher offered me a management internship within the IGS Group. [leader de la formation en London, NDLR], I went there and stayed there for a year. I have a passion for HR issues! », remembers the assumed opportunist.

A professional deviation that allows him to ward off his fear “to be locked up”. “When you pass competitions like the Quai d'Orsay you give your all for something without guarantee, and if you have it you become a civil servant and a priori it's for life. » This daughter of an engineer and a childminder then reconsiders her professional future after her “meeting with the private” and the freedom that goes with it.

A “UFO” in the consulting world

After a year in HR in the automotive industry, she joined the RH & M group, a think tank ” at Human scale “ specialized in questions of collective intelligence. We are in 2014, she signs her first permanent contract.

Until Deloitte, with whom she works regularly, poached her. “In three years, I had intellectualized a lot about human relations, I was looking for the operational, I said to myself what could be better than consulting? » She spent two years there, “exciting but exhausting”.

It's not so much the rhythm that exhausts her (even if she likes to repeat it, “advice is a bit of preparation in the professional world”) but the fact of having to assume its “UFO” profile in the consulting world. In several ways: first she is a woman, then with her 5 years of experience behind her, she is no longer “shapeable” like the majority of consultants recruited fresh from the school she calls the Deloitte babiesand especially outside working hours, she is very (very) involved in associations.

Decorated for her commitment

When she is not working, Fadila Leturcq finds the time to satisfy her “desire to serve the general interest”. Here again, it is difficult to summarize its thousand and one activities. The convinced atheist takes a break and makes the list: since 2018 she has been a reservist in the English Navy (she has two survival training courses to her credit); in 2021, she created a platform called the Marianne School, which aims to train young people through a MOOC on citizenship issues.

Always a new idea under the elbow, two years later, she founded another association: the English-speaking Federation of the future (or “F3”). Objective : “inventing the future of the Francophonie” with nine other digital specialists at his side, in particular Gnagna Konate, Senegalese entrepreneur at the head of the 10,000 coders school or Anne-Charlotte Monneret, general manager of Edtech London.

But that's not the most compelling. Between 2017 and 2021, she was mainly part of the Young people of the IHEDN, a European association which is interested in issues of commitment, defense and security. Gradually, she rose in rank and headed strategic steering committees. Her “breath of fresh air” out of work.

The association is its ” leisure “ – even if it means becoming “a bit addictive” she confesses. However, its responsibilities are real: it must motivate 3,000 members aged 20 to 35, organize events, manage tight budgets. Without forgetting the co-drafting of thematic reports (“Ahead of us: 32 ambitions for the future” during the first confinement; “radicalization”; “facial recognition”; “Army reserves”…) taken up by the UN, NATO, certain ministerial cabinets but also the National Assembly.

Fadila Leturcq discovered the Army during an internship offered by Science Po Aix in 2011 at the Patrouille de London air base in Salon-en-Provence.  Another happy meeting.

Fadila Leturcq discovered the Army during an internship offered by Science Po Aix in 2011 at the Patrouille de London air base in Salon-en-Provence. Another happy meeting.DR

Since 2021, Fadila Leturcq has been auditioned twice by deputies. And she stood out. The young woman has since been distinguished among the 200 “committed personalities of covid” by the Institute of Commitment, which accompanies in particular civic services.

A “very logical” shift

Beyond the decorations, this period coincides with his awareness: it is possible to have an impact on decision-makers. His tropism for public affairs awakens his wanderlust. Opportunity does the rest. A former IHEDN member offers him to join the team he is building “a kind of internal state consulting firm”, she popularizes so that we understand her current job. It is today its n + 1 at the Dinum which has only three short years of existence.

Exit the CDI at Deloitte, hello the contract contract for three years alongside civil servants. She does not overlook her salary. A posteriori, its sector slip is “very logical” because his aspirations “distinct from the board culture” and especially “You can't do digital transformation without HR transformation”.

In office for a year and a half, Fadila Leturcq has withdrawn from decision-making bodies in her associations to avoid any conflict of interest. She returned to the status of a simple volunteer. And that's not so bad: she takes the time to travel (her last: Lebanon, Rome, London, the United Arab Emirates) to visit two of her sisters – wives of expatriates – but also to do sport (cycling, running) with her companion with whom she has been in a relationship for ten years. He, four years his senior, works in close custody, nothing to do with work, or even associations – “and it's good like that!” “.

“A visionary”

The secret of his balance between his professional life – personal life – association life: “no organization! », she jokes, with a sonorous laugh, hands in the sky. She doesn't like schedules, even less than linear careers. She prefers spontaneity, detours during the holidays, public-private round trips, the heterogeneity of profiles, the diversity of experiences…

At the risk of digressing a bit? “I'm afraid of hyper-specialisation, I like being a generalist. I'm always trying to get out of my comfort zone.” she answers. Which takes nothing away from his side “to the end”, warns her friend Raphaël Kenigsberg, former member of the Young IHEDN steering committee and co-founder with her of the Ecole Marianne: “She is not centered on a fixed idea, she always looks elsewhere. She is a true leader, a visionary! »

The man does not hide his admiration. In five years, he sees her in government. Has politics even thought about it? “No, I don't like the method even if the ideas attract me”, retorts the one who admits to having recently been hit on by the LREM but who has never been inserted. For the moment, she is categorical: she would not like it because she has “still want to explore a lot of things”. Even if it means closing a door?


Surname and first name: Fadila Leturcq

Age: 33 years old

Studies: Degrees at Inalco, Masters at Sciences Po Aix and another at IEA Gustave Eiffel. Summer school at Havard Kennedy School, USA.

Profession: senior adviser on the digital transformation of the State within the services of the Prime Minister

Nationality: Franco-Moroccan (but never voted in Morocco).

Place of work: Dinum, in the 7th arrondissement of London.


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