Fights at work: consequences and how to avoid

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Fights at work: consequences and how to avoid

Table of Contents

Disagreements are common and must be handled smoothly for a balanced outcome. It turns out that as a result of numerous factors, disagreements can evolve to fights at work.

As a result, the productive environment is harmed, colleagues leave and the corporate day-to-day can suffer the consequences of this in short, medium and long term.

Avoiding fights at work it is a continuous exercise, because disagreements occur and must be treated naturally.

The issue is more associated with the alternatives that leaders and HR use to alleviate the problem. Some solutions for disagreements in the workplace are:

  • know that conflicts are common;
  • always talk to your team;
  • be transparent with the team;
  • know the profile of your employees.

It is up to HR and managers to maintain a safe and harmonious place with measures that help curb exalted spirits.

Do you want to know what they are and how your company can guarantee collective well-being by preventing cases of fights at work? In the next topics we will explain everything. Read on!

Consequences of conflicts at work

Mediating conflicts is a strategic and productive job in corporations because it helps to dispel any malaise that hangs in the air after the fights in the workplace.

In addition, HR is able to make teams aware of the problems caused by the conflict. In turn, if there is no special care with the issue, the environment will gradually deteriorate.

It is similar to what happens when the symptoms of corporate demotivation are neglected. Over time, they increase, become more evident and equally difficult to get around.

Below, some of the consequences that fights at work can leave on a daily basis:

  • malaise within the team or between the areas involved;
  • enmities that damage the collaborative environment;
  • professional sabotage;
  • division team’s;
  • emotional instabilities that hinder employees’ concentration and productivity.
  • impact on quality of life in the work environment, as a whole.

Ignore the fights at worktherefore, it can lead to chronic problems within the company. Hence the importance of knowing how to deal with each case individually to obtain the best result from it.

Alternatives to not stimulate fights in the workplace

The most immediate solutions in situations of fights at work consist of warn, suspend or even dismiss those involved.

All of this will depend on the profile of each employee, their background and also the degree of the discussion. Especially, what does the code of conduct and the organizational culture of the company.

There are organizations that do not tolerate this type of behavior. Others are more flexible and seek to alleviate the uncomfortable climate generated by fights at work before any final decision, such as resignation.

Labor laws allow dismissal for cause

Fights at work that are not resolved or have evolved to the point that make the unsustainable routine are supported by work laws.

There are even precedents for organizations that supported themselves in the article 482 and point J of the CLT, which allows the constitution of just cause to those who practice “Harmful act of honor or good fame practiced in the service against any person, or physical offenses, under the same conditions, except in the case of self-defense, self or someone else’s”.

But, as we said, there are conflict resolutions that allow a more harmonious development and that does not impact the productive routine so definitively.

Management solutions to avoid fights at work

Fights at work, however isolated they may seem, interfere in the routine of many people. This is where the leaders of each team must be aware of some issues to discourage such raw new attitudes.

Below, we highlight some essential points for the maintenance of well-being and good coexistence among professionals and avoid misunderstandings in the work environment:

1. Know which conflicts are common

We can recover the excerpt that opened this article: disagreements are common. They guide us to new solutions, to debate and to promote different ideas.

For this, however, the manager must serve as a mediator, to ensure that the discussions remain productive and at least acceptable for a good social relationship, contributing to a organizational climate satisfactory.

2. Always talk to your team

If fights occur at work or some individuals are constantly falling out, take the lead and meet with them.

A frank conversation helps to untie us and also to understand the reasons that – directly or indirectly – are leading the dialogue to disagreements.

3. Be transparent with the team

Don’t feed gossip at work. If fights have occurred in the work environment, meet with the team, clarify the points – without unnecessarily exposing those involved – and reaffirm your interest, as a leader, in maintaining the corporate day-to-day balanced and pleasant for everyone.

4. Know the profile of your employees

As much as we deal with the team collectively, the good manager identifies, in advance, the profile of each employee. Thus, in the face of fights at work, he knows how to deal individually with those involved to extract the best solution.

Active employees to avoid fights at work

Leaving for the side of those who are involved with disagreements in the work environment, we also have some tips to avoid and ease any discussion that may lead to fights at work:

  • preserve education and respect for others;
  • have the patience to state your point of view;
  • never pay back in kind. If someone is rude and acts with excessive violence, talk to the superior and clarify the situation;
  • have emotional intelligence to put yourself in the person’s shoes and mitigate situations with the potential to evolve into an unnecessary fight;
  • encourage good relations, always bringing the team together. So, in the face of conflict, it will be in everyone’s interest to resolve the problem as soon as possible;
  • constantly evaluate your behaviors. A critical self-assessment is essential to know when we exaggerate or lose control of the situation.

It is important to highlight that the above attitudes are enriched with a work environment that encourage dialogue and open your communication channels for the employee to suggest, vent and expose his opinion.

This contributes to fights at work – as much as they are inevitable – they are obstacles easily overcome, and not stones in the way that impede collective development.

Not for nothing, the HR sector has a fundamental role in this process. Through training, for example, employees understand more about themselves, and apply it to their routines.

In addition, human resources professionals are fundamental in monitoring aggravating situations, such as fights at work. They can give full support to professionals and also to management to ensure that there is learning behind each problem – recurring or not.

And in your company? How are fights resolved at work? Share your opinion with us, in the comments field, and tell us which alternatives suggested here yielded the best result internally!

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