Financial management books: 10 tips

Financial management books: 10 tips

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Are you financially organized? Do you know where your money and your company goes every month? Well know that nothing better than having tools that support you to manage your money well. In this article you will get to know 10 financial management books.

In Brazil, 58% of people admit they don't take care of their finances, second survey by the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brasil) and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL).

Three out of ten claim to seek some type of reference to base and plan the management of personal finance. The truth is that without knowledge it is impossible to do well in such a complex and nuanced area.

Therefore, with the financial management books that we have separated for you, from the basic to the most advanced, we want to give you the support you need to deal well with finances, making financial management simpler and decisions more assertive.

We will cite classics like the “Art of War” and successful books like “Me Poupe!” by Nathalia Arcuri, and “Rich dad, poor dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Go ahead in this article and check out our list of financial management books.

10 books for financial management | LIST

1. The Art of War – Sun Tzu

“Focus on strengths, recognize weaknesses, seize opportunities and protect yourself from threats” (Book The Art of War)

The “Art of War” is considered as the strategy bible. The book has sold millions of copies and features 13 chapters of military strategies created by the Chinese general Sun Tzu.

This is one of the books for financial management widely used in the business world in the sense of making decisions in the face of threats, challenges and opportunities.

Always highlighting the need for financial planning style=”font-weight: 400;”> meticulous on top of all the possibilities of victories and defeats.

The book is available in the main bookstores, Click here to acquire.

2. Save me! 10 Steps to Never Miss Money in Your Pocket – Nathalia Arcuri

“When we have a goal, saving becomes much easier, rational and, above all, stimulating”. (Book Save Me!)

With over 100,000 copies sold in 2018, “Save me!” is one of the books on financial management written by youtuber Nathalia Arcuri.

The book brings readers step by step how to perform financial management in an assertive way, which is why it was highlighted in our list of books for financial management.

The author gives tips for how to save on a daily basis style=”font-weight: 400;”>, saving, what are the best and worst investments and how to manage money without giving up your own dreams.

Nathalia Arcuri has a YouTube channel that has more than 2 million subscribers and highlights in her book, as well as in her videos, the importance of planning, creating objectives, goals, purposes and establishing priorities.

Are you interested? Get the book clicking here.

3. Rich dad, poor dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki

“Intelligence solves problems and generates money. Money without financial intelligence disappears quickly ” (Rich dad book, poor dad)

Among the financial management books “Rich dad, poor dad” is considered one of the most outstanding best sellers. There are more than 30 million copies sold in 80 countries and 9 million in Brazil.

Robert T. Kyiosaki brings in his book a true guide on how to take care of money, with lessons that present the necessary tools to educate financially style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

The book presents two parents, the rich and the poor, who with different lives, between mistakes and successes, achieve success in different ways.

The heart of the matter is that all the time the author hits the key that what really makes the difference when dealing with our finances is the financial intelligence.

The work can be purchased in several stores, buy clicking here.

4. The richest man in Babylon – George Clason

“A little caution is better than a great remorse” (Book The Richest Man in Babylon)

“The richest man in Babylon,” written in the form of parables by George Clason in 1926, is one of the books for financial management that could not be missing from our list.

George Clason is responsible for publishing the first atlas in Canada and the USA. He served in the American army and studied at the University of Nebraska. His work has sold more than 2 million copies.

In “The richest man in Babylon” Clason shows the importance of knowing the value of money in order to save, plan and increase earnings.

The book puts the financial success of the ancient Babylonians as a reference and presents its secrets for saving resources and boosting profits for the future and, above all, draws attention to the dangers of investing in something that is not known.

You can purchase this book clicking here.

5. Financial Management: Theory and Practice – Michael C. Ehrhardt and Eugene F. Brigham

“An understanding of finance theory is absolutely essential for anyone who develops and / or implements effective financial strategies” (Financial Management Book: Theory and Practice)

If you are looking for a guide that combines theory with practice in this list of books for financial management this is undoubtedly one of the best options.

“Financial Management: Theory and Practice” by trained writers Michael C. Ehrhardt, Ph.D in Finance at the University of Tennessee and Eugene F. Brigham, Ph.D. in Finance at the Georgia Institute of Technology, makes a combination of knowledge and the applications of management concepts in everyday life.

The work brings basic concepts about the financial market, risk analysis, investment possibilities, time value of money and etc. But not only that, everything in the book is followed by real examples to contribute to the reader's understanding.

The book is recommended for both lay people and experts looking for qualified content to base their financial management on. Click here to learn more about the book and buy it.

6. “From a thousand to a million. Without Cutting Coffee ”- Thiago Nigro

“Without sacrifice there is no benefit” (Book From A Thousand to a Million)

Thiago Nigro is the creator of the platform ‘O Primo Rico' and his YouTube channel has already surpassed 3 million subscribers. His first book has already gained prominence in the market and was among the best-selling books of 2018.

The work, which we now quote among the books for financial management, focuses on good money management.

For this, Thiago places some necessary pillars for the person to be able to jump from a thousand to a million. He highlights three as the main ones:

  • spend correctly;
  • know about investment;
  • learn how to maximize earnings.

The author presents some of his experience as an investor and also a finance advisor and draws attention in the book, with practical tips, that wealth is possible for those who are willing to acquire knowledge in the area of ​​financial management and want to dedicate themselves.

Check out more about the work and buy if you wish, clicking here.

7. The secrets of the millionaire mind – T. Harv Eker

“The main reason that prevents most people from getting what they wantand what you want is not knowing what you want ” (Book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind)

Did you know that a destructive mentality can directly impact your financial failure? In “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, author and motivational speaker T. Harv Eker portrays the importance of changing habits and mindset to achieve financial success.

For this, the author takes as a reference people who managed to become a model of how to make money. It presents the “wealth files” with different ways of thinking and also acting to manage finances well.

Eker says the most important thing is to make your money work for you, saving and investing instead of spending all the time. A book that could not be missing from our list of books for financial management.

For those who want to buy the book it's just click here.

8. Strategy giants – Michael A. Cusumano, David B. Yoffie

“Look to the future, reason in the present” (Strategy Giants Book)

When we talk about success, we can't forget companies like Apple and Microsoft or people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

In this list of financial management books, “Strategy Giants” examines the successes and failures of some of the main geniuses of the last few decades.

What are your practices and strategies in the management and administration of your companies? How did they manage to turn their companies into market references?

Michael A. Cusumano and David B. Yoffie present some insights that can help those looking for ways to innovate in the market and for those who want to manage the company in an assertive way.

To learn more about the work and acquire this book, just click here.

9. What Rich People Know and Don't Tell – Brian Sher

“Wealth requires balance in all aspects of life” (Book What Rich People Know and Don't Tell)

Within our list of books on financial management, “What Rich People Know and Don't Count” brings as its main focus ways for those who want to change their financial reality.

The author and entrepreneur, Brian Sher, founder of The Marketing Corporation, brings in his book tips on how to build, maintain and increase wealth. Sher presents strategies and principles that the rich often follow when managing their finances.

With a didactic language and easy to understand, Sher, seeks to demystify the idea that being rich is for a few, showing that everyone can be rich as long as they follow healthy rules and habits in the management of their own finances.

Click here to acquire the work.

10. Thinkers get rich – Napoleon Hill

“What a man's mind can conceive and believe can be achieved” (Book Who thinks enriches)

Advisor to no less than two US presidents, Napoleon Hill, in “Who thinks enriches”, brings together a hard work of research of more than 20 years.

Hill exhibits in the work 15 features of the great millionaires of his time like Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander Grand Bell.

The author reveals the keys to achieving financial success and managing money well, always based on the proposal that knowledge and a lot of work are needed.

He says “stimulate your mind with the right thoughts and have well-defined goals”. “Whoever thinks gets rich” can be acquired clicking here.

Did you like the tips on financial management books?

This list is quite an inspiration not only for you, but also for the employees of your company.

After all, everyone wants to have a healthy and balanced financial life. And in addition to indicating materials and readings like those of the lfinancial management books, your company may include practical tools in the life of the team.

Meet the proposal of HR Consultants UKy, the tool that is changing the way employees deal with their wages and generating more satisfaction and motivation at work.

HR Consultants UKy can be one of the most valued benefits for those who work at your company. Talk to an expert and learn more!

Did you like the 10 books for financial management that we brought you? Share this article and help more people find ways to manage their finances well.



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