Find out how to engage your finance team once and for all

Find out how to engage your finance team once and for all

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With the financial market increasingly dynamic and competitive, productivity has become an essential factor for the survival of companies. However, the truth is that obtaining it is related to a set of actions, ranging from investments in projects, technology and process standardization to human capital management techniques. One of the biggest challenges of this is to ensure the commitment of professionals so that everyone feels valued by the company.

Wants to know how to engage the finance team through a more humanized management? Then keep an eye on this article!

Meet the team and assess the organizational climate

Low productivity and lack of engagement are problems that affect all companies and can come from a variety of reasons. Among those directly related to the employee are the inability to perform a certain task, lack of motivation, conformism and low expectations regarding the future of the business.

For these and others, it is essential that you get to know each member of your team – including vocations, ambitions, preferences and limitations. Based on the analysis of these characteristics, it is possible to create opportunities to increase the performance of the entire team.

As the quality of the professional environment is also part of the company's success, organizational climate surveys can contribute to the management of results and people. Through a simple and intuitive questionnaire, it is easy to identify which procedures really need adjustments.

In this case, in addition to the internal rules and policies, the conduct of all those who are part of the sector is also evaluated. The ideal result of this procedure is for professionals to demonstrate consistency, make quick decisions, avoid procrastination and eliminate behaviors that can hinder the flow of activities.

Set goals to be achieved

An objective and very effective way of guaranteeing the productivity of a financial team is the elaboration and implementation of goals. These objectives to be achieved can be individual and/or collective, depending on the criteria you consider most relevant.

When a company incorporates goals that must be met by employees, the team becomes more engaged to achieve results, increasing productivity and profits.

However, it is important that you invest a little time and attention to define the best goals, as it is very common to have market leaders who set goals that are impossible to achieve, without considering the level of difficulty of a given task. Therefore, pay attention to this so as not to have the opposite effect on the team, leaving your people unmotivated and harming the tasks.

Build relationships based on trust

One of the challenges for high-performing teams is the complexity of the solutions they need to create to solve big problems. To work in a group, it is essential that there is trust in the company, in the leader and in other colleagues in the financial sector.

That is, you must be aware of all the processes that occur in the company so that nothing harms the optimism of your team. For this, it is necessary to be transparent and keep them informed about any changes in the procedures in order to maintain a good flow of activities, without any doubts or obstacles.

The basis for a good performance is not a set of steps that you put into practice as if it were any recipe, but a set of commitments aimed at a good relationship. The leader's commitment to his subordinates results in practical actions that generate efficient cooperative work.

To increase the bond with your team, it is necessary to publicly acknowledge a good idea, be truthful, take full responsibility for any type of problem that may happen and always comply with what was said in a collective dialogue.

Reward your team and customize training

An incentive program linked to the target plan can help increase productivity. In fact, awards are a way of recognizing dedication, encouraging performance and strengthening the employee's sense of importance in their stay at the company. Also, when the goals are collective, they also emphasize the concept of reciprocity, that is, they encourage the willingness to help each other.

The training of professionals is one of the bases of productivity. Therefore, it is essential to implement actions with the intention of generating stronger and more complete teams — remembering that this planning must consider the profile of each employee and the survey of the organization's real objectives. After all, personalized training is much more efficient than the transmission of generic knowledge.

give feedback

Never forget that feedback is one of the most important practices of human capital management. Frank and structured dialogues should be part of the teams' daily lives, with the aim of stimulating learning and improving procedures.

It is the right time to encourage, guide and praise, but also to reprimand any misconduct. Feedback brings you closer to those you lead, which strengthens trust. By adopting this practice, you can become a kind of mentor, who helps the team in the search for professional growth.

Use management technologies

Finally, we cannot fail to indicate the use of solutions that facilitate the company's processes. Using specific systems speeds up the work of the finance team, reduces the incidence of errors, helps in detecting problems in processes and improves overall performance.

Specialized programs in financial management reduce the time of delivery of tasks and map both the activities and the cash flow of the sector. This guarantees total control over the business, making it more effective and being able to conquer a prominent place in the market.

On the other hand, HR management systems can assist in the assertiveness of admissions and other processes related to human capital, such as payroll management, layoffs and vacation control. Solutions of this type are essential to ensure transparency and compliance with the rights of professionals, as they are updated exactly when the labor law comes into force.

With the automation of activities, employees will perform operational tasks with more attention and dedication, which increases the chances of discovering new ways to fulfill them strategically.

Did you find out how to engage the finance team with the tips exposed throughout this article? So don't waste time and put them into practice as soon as possible to get excellent results in your sector!

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