Finding Web3 talent: the puzzle for recruiters

Métavers, DeFi, Blockchain... il existe une demande forte des deux côtés, recruteurs comme candidats.

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“Web3 profiles don't really exist”. Antoine Scalia, boss of Cryptio, would however dream of recruiting them. With his company, he does the accounting on behalf of companies that hold tokens, and for him, apart from a few engineers with very specific profiles (protocol engineer, smart contract developer, etc.), no one has the profile. Worse. “We must even be wary of candidates who present themselves with Web3 profiles”, skills are so rare. He is satisfied with talents trained on Web2, curious to get on the train of the Internet of the future.

The whole problem of the sector is that there is no serious training (or almost) to meet the exponential needs of companies. Recruiters must draw from the tech boxes and train the recruits themselves. “It's a big subject because there is strong demand on both sides, recruiters and candidates, and matching is still bad”observes Bartosz Jakubowski, senior VC in the Alven investment fund which has several tickets in Web3 companies.

And the investor to add: “Not a week goes by without me meeting employees who tell me that they are interested in crypto but do not know how to integrate the sector and who wonder if their tech skills will be valued in this new sector. It is actually also a problem of understanding the skills needs of the market and of self-confidence. »

Exclude applicants solely attracted by financial speculation

For all these reasons, he launched his Operation 3 program this month. A training course that spans two months, with a workshop of two to three hours per week on a specific subject (Tokenomics, Defi, NFT , etc.). A dozen projects or companies are involved, from the small protocol Angle to the multihorn Sorare, via The Sandbox or Ledger. The goal: to raise the skills of around twenty talents from Web2 to Web3, with the promise of being hired by one of the partners. A program that he would like to reproduce every semester.

Elie will be part of this first class. He comes from digital marketing and wants to pursue a career in this booming sector. “What excites me about web3 is the promise of using cryptography to build autonomous organizations, operating by their own rules, without centralized power”, he confides. He would like to work in DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a computer program that provides automated governance rules to a community.

With this program, Antoine Scalia of Cryptio hopes to find some candidates. However, he knows that recruiting in crypto will always remain more difficult than elsewhere: “We must also be able to judge the person's curiosity and level of interest. They have to be interested in crypto for the right reasons and exclude those who come for purely speculative and financial reasons. These people cannot build convictions over the long term and will be the most likely to leave the company in the short term. »


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