Fines for companies: get to know the main fines and answer your questions

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Fines for companies: get to know the main fines and answer your questions

Table of Contents

Business fines are issues that every employer should be aware of. To avoid warnings and penalties arising from the SPED system, it is necessary to be attentive to the development of the entire production process of your business.

The impact generated by eSocial, which is a Digital Public Bookkeeping (SPED) project, forces companies to meet and monitor deadlines and issue tasks. This system also works with social security processes.

Especially because monitoring the way in which employees act in relation to planning and commitment to obligations is essential to preserve a more harmonious work environment.

Want to better understand how to avoid fines generated by the eSocial system? Then check out the main warnings and how to resolve them. Good reading!

Neglect with FGTS

One of the salary benefits that must always be up to date is the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Time and Service). However, companies that do not make this payment run the risk of paying a fine that can reach R $ 106.41.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to the FGTS, other salary benefits, such as the thirteenth, also need to be organized.

Solution: create a payment spreadsheet

To avoid this problem, create a virtual spreadsheet with all the data and salary information for each employee of the company. This is important, as this procedure not only preserves the company from the risk of fines, but also from any judicial or union proceedings in the future.

Another very simple way is using post-it so that these demands receive more visibility and are more publicized.

Lack of information about changes to the contract

Any change in the contract, whether due to a service or to the admission of new employees, must be previously informed. If no change in any development is communicated, the fine for companies can reach up to R $ 402.54.

Solution: elaboration of virtual registrations

One of the most efficient ways to distance yourself from this type of fine is to provide a virtual register for new hired employees. This procedure is also valid for any contractual changes. Always use the internet to your advantage.

Accidents at work

Another factor resulting from the corporate environment is accidents at work. In this regard, it is always important that the event is reported to all departments of the company.

If these accidents are not reported, the consequences can be serious and can lead to fines with considerable amounts. In cases of crimes that can lead to accidents, the fine can also double in value.

Solution: inspection of occupational safety terms

As soon as this type of situation occurs, be aware of the employee's needs. If so, I refer you to a medical center. To avoid any recklessness in these situations, transform the workplace into a more dynamic and communicative environment so that disorders can be avoided.

Most importantly, ensure that all employees work within the standards required by job security, using PPE's correctly, for example.

Irregularities in medical regulations

One of the most important requirements within companies is the regulation of medical orders by employees and collaborators. It is essential to maintain a daily routine with all medical requests to avoid any problems. If the company does not prepare a medical regulation correctly, the fine can reach R $ 4025.33.

Solution: supervision and adaptation

Always be aware of the medical needs within your company. If the employee has a physical or mental disability, it is important to create a work environment that meets his or her needs.

Non-compliance with recess time

One of the relevant aspects within the business field is the application of recess time. It is worth mentioning that this benefit is part of the labor legislation, in addition to being important to maintain a more active production and without disturbances. If the vacation period is not announced to the worker, the fine can reach R $ 170.00.

Solution: proactive HR work

For each employee, organize a virtual system that obtains all the necessary data related to the production time and describes the recess period that a specific employee needs to fulfill.

Removal of employees

Whether due to maternity leave or any leave caused by illness or family problems, it is important to always record absences. After all, it is necessary that every employee of the company has its formalized registration. Any changes must be investigated or the risk of fines for companies will be very great.

Solution: absence record

As previously stated, it is essential to register the events that led to absences. To organize them more effectively, add an integrated system in the company to always be aware of the reason for the leave. Thus, all departments will also have the same information instantly.

Payroll error or delay

Payrolls must always contain details of the benefits and salary equivalent to the production process of each employee. In addition, such documents must be delivered on time, without delay.

The company that does not correctly perform the procedures related to the payroll can be subject to a fine of R $ 1812.87.

Solution: use the screensaver with activities

One of the current solutions for this case is to use a screen saver that contains data and information related to the development of production and resources on the payroll. This method is effective and helps the entrepreneur to organize and maintain a more qualified discipline within the work environment.


If the work environment presents any risk to the work, either due to contact with chemical products or any other situation that may interfere with the employee's health, it is necessary to prepare a statement advising on these risks before starting the hiring process.

If the organization does not inform its employees about these harms, the fine can be severe, reaching R $ 181284,63.

It is worth remembering that the need to preserve the physical integrity of employees is also valid for retirees and people with special needs.

Solution: adoption of exclusive software for eSocial

The creation or adoption of software that contains relevant data to comply with eSocial requirements is essential to discipline the work environment.

For unhealthy cases, inform the team in detail about all aspects of risk that a certain employee may suffer and do not forget to include this information in the hiring contract.

Finally, given all the relevant strategies to avoid fines for companies, it is worth investing in any procedure that can bring a more disciplined life to the corporate sphere.

How about continuing to delve deeper into the subject and check out 4 tips to protect yourself from fines?



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