Flexibility at work: benefits for the company and employees + tips on how to join

Flexibility at work: benefits for the company and employees + tips on how to join

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Flexibility at work consists of offering more freedom and autonomy for employees to set up their respective routines, without, therefore, being overloaded with the demands of the company and their personal lives. This adds more value to the company and satisfaction for employees to develop their activities.

Today – and this is ironic – we are more dependent on the concept of flexibility at work. This is because, the less rigid the jobs are, the more we demand different ideas for carrying out innovative and increasingly efficient work.

For example: access to the benefits of home office at work has become a recurring situation in companies due to the need to keep teams productive and active, whether they are near or far from their respective workstations.

That is why HR and the personnel department must approach the concept of flexibility at work, exploring the differentials of a more comprehensive routine to:

Check here, then, what is flexibility at work and how your company can benefit from this broad and functional dynamism!

What is flexibility?

In general, we are talking about making everything that was rigid malleable. Management is a good example, as well as:

Therefore, the flexibility in companies it consists in learning to have control over the processes, but exposing more freedom to the new possibilities that can make the activities more efficient.

What is flexibility at work?

If you still don't know if there is flexibility in the company where you work, check that employees are free to assemble your own weekly workload it's from production and, thus, take better care of the personal problems that arise along the way. Then assess whether:

  • the same professionals can develop their activities at a distance;
  • if the company hierarchy it no longer follows a vertical structure and now explores more horizontality in the processes and in the relationship between co-workers.

Otherwise, it is possible that your organization is resisting natural changes due to the digital transformation that has been widely inserted in our society.

What is the importance of flexibility at work?

The importance of flexibility at work is so great – and not just for employees – that there are several surveys on the subject.

One of them was developed by the IWG group, which pointed to an exponential increase in the number of professionals who acquired more flexibility at work. According to the study, 70% of respondents said workers are at least one day a week out of the office.

Furthermore, 50% of the professionals heard said they prefer working at homeoccasionally and that others 20% use the popular cafeterias to carry out their activities outside the company.

Importance for employers

For the professional, therefore, this adds more:

All this for balance the demands of your life and thus get more productivity for your organization.

Focusing what the organization has to benefit from with that, we can point out the strategic use of its infrastructure, since flexibility at work does not require much physical space to set up the office.

Not to mention the immediate effect this has on employees. Satisfaction and joy at work are synonymous for productivity and a more harmonious climate day to day. Still have doubts about this relationship? Access the article; “Does a happy employee produce more? Find out here! ”.

>> One of the proposals for well-being at work is to promote quality of life in the company! For this, we created an e-Book full of tips to create a quality of life program in your company. Click here and access now!

Importance for HR

The dynamics of flexibility at work is important for the Human Resources department as well, which starts to orient itself within the main HR trends and manages to act ahead of promising results for the company.

In addition, work is made easier. With management software and integrated solutions with point controls For example, HR specialists are able to monitor the frequency of professionals – and other reports – in an automated way.

Consequently, professionals can work remotely and at any time of the day, according to its priorities and responsibility with deadlines, that HR will have all data duly recorded for eventual monitoring.

It is also worth mentioning that the Smart HR concept gains more appeal and benefits if you work with flexibility at work.

And do you know why? This idea, which has already been applied globally, translates into a more intrinsic focus on the needs of employees.

Joining the digital solutions, HR is able to play this strategic role so that:

  • the production flow is optimized;
  • employees develop their activities with more autonomy and freedom.

Why do employees value flexibility at work?

Now that we have seen what flexibility at work is and its importance, it is worth reinforcing how much employees value this functional model inserted in their routines.

And the issue is, again, associated with the balance promoted by HR when focusing on the well-being of its professionals.

With technology, focus on the particularities of the employee profile and special attention to great examples of flexibility at work, in the market, the whole routine is enriched. This can strengthen:

  • the components of the organizational culture;
  • the relationship between the company and employees;
  • the stability they will find to work, deal with their personal issues and look for ways to grow together with the organization.

How to encourage flexibility at work?

Did you see how increasing flexibility at work can be an elementary issue for your company to produce more without much effort?

Speaking specifically of time control to improve this productive freedom, you can start your planning by identifying the three most applied models in organizations today:

  • fixed variable: where the company itself offers differentiated schedule options and the employee chooses the one that best aligns with their goals and needs;
  • variable: whose concept allows the employee to identify the best workload for him, but which must be strictly observed on a daily basis;
  • free: here, freedom is ample, allowing the employee to work his / her hours without any fixed entry and exit requirements.

Realize that each of these models requires a period of adaptability for flexibility at work to be duly enjoyed by everyone, without the process being hampered in the transition.

But, with a good dose of planning and an open and transparent conversation with the professionals, it is possible to enjoy new improved working conditions in the corporate routine!

What are the best examples of flexibility at work?

Finally, we have put together some examples of flexibility at work for you to go beyond the tips mentioned so far. Are they:

  • constructive feedbacks, in which managers and subordinates carry out their respective analyzes;
  • use of online solutions, which allow the work to be carried out from anywhere, at any time;
  • flexibility for employees to work from home if you do not feel well or have to take care of your children – or any other type of situation that prevents you from going to the company that day;
  • delegate tasks based on the profile of each professional, whose expertise will generate more freedom and autonomy for him to carry out the task with perfection.

Thus, regardless of the size of your HR team, it is possible to offer a business model that is easy to follow and to propose novelties for an entire company to be more efficient, productive and harmonious.

All of that sounds great – and it really is – but it’s important that you stay on top of how Labor Law for companies that adopt flexibility at work. To do this, access the article; “Remote work and labor reform: find out what has changed”.

As we said above, you will need to have a modern HR system, which meets this and other market demands.

So, if you are looking for an efficient Human Resources platform for your company, get to know HR Consultant UK, the best HR software in Brazil!

With our system you will:

  • reduce the time in your employee dismissal admission processes;
  • have a clearer and safer process;
  • avoid penalties, fines or any risk related to legal issues and information management of the company.

HR Consultant UK is the only one that delivers an incredible experience and still solves the real problem that the customer has. Talk to an expert and find out how to reduce your HR costs by 30%.

Do you want to know more about flexibility at work and the concepts cited throughout this article? So, take the time to check out our post that deals exclusively with the concept of Smart RH! Good reading!



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