Folha outsourcing: how to use it to generate opportunities within the company?

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Folha outsourcing: how to use it to generate opportunities within the company?

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Outsourcing services is a solution that many companies have been looking for as a way to reduce costs and generate quality results. This is because, when outsourcing a certain activity, we look for companies and professionals specialized in that activity, contributing to a more productive work.

But, many times, we end up forgetting that this outsourcing brings benefits not only in relation to this target activity, but it is also capable of generating opportunities within the company, since employees who were previously dedicated to the task can be relocated to other companies. functions.

So in this post, we will explain how and what opportunities payroll outsourcing to bring to a company. Keep up and have a good reading!

Advantages and risks of the process to outsource payroll

When we talk about payroll outsourcing, we certainly cannot fail to address the advantages that this process brings:

In the financial sphere, the main advantages of outsourcing payroll are:

  • reduction of visible costs, such as remuneration (salaries, benefits and social charges), technology (maintenance of hardware and software), additional expenses with support material and / or physical space
  • reduction of hidden costs, such as investments in personnel (recruitment, training and bonuses), rework, lack of processes and management time

Payroll outsourcing can also help to reduce fines resulting from processing errors, since, in general, it has efficient processes and specialized resources in the execution of activities.

However, we cannot fail to list some risks related to outsourcing the payroll:

  • Failure in communication between customer and supplier
  • Definition of delivery times without space for adjustments
  • Form of access to information

Therefore, in order to avoid the risks and intensify the advantages, it is necessary that this process be carried out with the greatest possible care, integrating a team with the participation of employees from both the company that outsources and the client.

It is essential that the outsourcing process is documented to avoid mismatch of information, and the contractor must always be able to count on at least one customer representative to accompany the process.

Outsourcing the sheet to help access technologies and speed up processes

Hiring an outsourced payroll service allows access to the main technologies through the sharing of applications and systems, which would have a high cost for individual acquisition.

It is also important to consider that storing information in the cloud allows access from anywhere, with any device. In addition, it allows processes to be reviewed and automated, bringing efficiency and productivity gains.

Outsourcing to foster a multidisciplinary team

In fact, outsourcing the payroll implies the provision of a multidisciplinary team that often the client would not be able to assemble with their own resources.

These teams involve specialists in the execution of processes, labor consulting, legal consulting, accountants, IT professionals, etc. Finally, they allow several companies to take advantage of these resources through sharing.

Does outsourcing payroll contribute to a decrease in labor?

Although outsourcing the payroll can generate a decrease in labor, this concept should not be associated with an automatic reduction. In fact, it is important to consider that resources will be shifted to other activities and not necessarily eliminated.

In other words, the headcount responsible for payroll processing can be trained to work in strategic activities in the area of ​​human resources.

Outsourcing payroll in reducing time spent on bureaucratic processes

From the moment the company delegates the operational activities to the service provider, the organization can direct this time in actions focused on the HR strategy, since the obligation to carry out day-to-day deliveries will be under the responsibility of the provider. .

However, it is important to emphasize that there must always be at least one employee of the company responsible for monitoring the work of the company responsible for outsourcing.

How subject matter professionals can help reduce errors, decrease costs and improve processes

With a specialized and multidisciplinary team, the service provider is able to deliver a complete solution, involving process diagnosis, automation of repetitive activities, in addition to technical and operational support. All of this allows for gains in productivity and legal certainty in relation to what is being delivered.

So, did you like our content? Do you have any questions or suggestions? So leave it here in our comments!

And if you want to understand more about the advantages of outsourcing your company's payroll, keep following our blog or contact us!




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