For the young generation in business, it’s the money that counts

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Cette enquête a observé le rapport au travail de la génération Z et notamment auprès de l'entreprise.

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Posted on Dec 16, 2021 2021 at 7:00Updated Dec 16, 2021 2021 at 9:40

They are preparing to land in the company. And their vision of the working world sounds like a return to basics. For 18-24 year olds, surveyed * by BVA for the Jean-Jaurès Foundation and Macif, exit the meaning and usefulness at work relegated to the background … it is the salary that takes the top.

Among their main expectations, the young people questioned first mentioned having a well-paid position (at 43%), largely ahead of having an independent position (18%) or a position that allows them to defend values ​​that are dear to them (16%).

In second position all the same, “To have an interesting activity” (32%), just having to have a job that allows them to free up time (30%). Conversely, positions of responsibility, those that allow you to travel or move quickly in the hierarchy, no longer make you dream.

Support herself

For them, the primary role of a business is to create jobs and hire (57%). “This is even more true among the students, the first ‘anxious' the idea of ​​having a job tomorrow ”, note the authors of the study.

Unsurprisingly, the pecuniary aspect is more marked when looking for the first job. The will to provide for one's needs is at the top of the objectives for this generation, just ahead of the gain in experience. Then comes access to housing and the gain in purchasing power. Recognition or social advancement are relegated to the back of the pack, with 15% and 9% respectively.

Stability search

Contrary to popular belief, they are less “bougistes” than one might imagine. The pandemic has passed this way. “If this was the case there is Over the past few years, we have to admit that our survey shows that this trend is much more fragmented after a period no doubt experienced as relatively distressing and insecure for young people ”, can we read in the study.

For more than a quarter of respondents, the search for security and stability is a priority. Moreover, they imagine themselves staying within the same company ” as much as possible “ (28%), paradoxically almost in equal parts with those tempted by the entrepreneurial adventure.

Behind these differences, very different realities emerge depending on the level of studies and the place of residence. Young people with more qualifications and residents of Ile-de-London are more willing to change companies several times, as well as when it comes to working abroad.

Large groups shunned

There remains a trend that does not weaken: the box of the CAC 40 is less and less popular with young people. With only 13% of respondents indicating that it represents the ideal business model, it comes in last. The one that makes you dream is rather the local company (39%), the start-up (26%) and the social and solidarity economy company (25%).

“Even if this notion may seem vague at first glance, the fact that young people place it at the top of ideal models illustrates the expectations they have for companies linked to their territory (compared to large companies perceived as” above ground “) and on a human scale, no doubt synonymous with less pressure than large groups”, analyzes the study.

Respect and trust

It must be said that most (55%) of young people first seek a good atmosphere in relations with their work colleagues and people on whom to rely in case of difficulties (43%).

On the managerial side, they primarily want a superior capable of creating a fulfilling work environment and who recognizes the work accomplished. “We are there at the heart of two strong notions for the young generation: the fact of feeling accomplished on the one hand, and the fact of being recognized on the other hand, in its singularity and for its faculties”, explain the authors.

A desire for recognition which is reflected in the study by the values ​​carried by this generation at work: respect and trust, when competitiveness wears the donkey hat.

*Methodology: This survey on “young people and the company” was carried out by the BVA institute among 1,000 young English people aged 18 to 24.


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