“Former math teacher, I am now a developer driven by the magic of code”

« Malheureusement, je n'ai vraiment pas eu d'accroche avec le métier de prof : ambiance désagréable, salaire peu valorisant, élèves désintéressés, administration à côté de la plaque… »

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“After a baccalaureate, I did a mathematics license and I was already not very excited about the path I was taking. I continued with a Master's degree including a one-month internship before being able to practice the profession of mathematics teacher. Alongside my studies, I was a private maths teacher and college supervisor for more than 4 years. Besides, I was a music buff and I also gave private guitar lessons.

After completing my Master's, I landed a 5-month contract as a secondary school maths teacher. Unfortunately, I really didn't have a hook with the job: unpleasant atmosphere, low salary, disinterested students, administration beside the plate… I didn't find myself in this environment at all. At the end of my contract, I left to live for a year in Canada where I did odd jobs.

The pandemic, the trigger

When I returned to London, I took a slap: at 30, I was stuck in a job that didn't suit me. However, I looked for a job as a maths teacher to get a job quickly, but did I really want to go back? And then with the Covid, the offers were very limited.

This situation gave me the courage to reconvert myself. I thought about opening a board game bar but bad timing with the pandemic; I therefore began to seriously look for an environment that I might like. You may not believe me, but it was thanks to a Facebook post that the profession of web developer came to my mind. In the comments, people talked about the advantages of the job: it's an environment that recruits a lot and retraining is quite easy. After further research, the profession appealed to me and so I decided to throw myself into it.

I initially had the ambition to train myself but it was very difficult, which is why I signed up for La Capsule training. It was a big investment, especially since I paid for it out of pocket (7,000 Pounds, or all my savings), but I was determined. The training went very well, I realized that I had the skills to follow it easily.

Following that, I landed a 6-month internship as a web developer at Entoureo, a start-up specializing in illustrated books based on life stories. This internship allowed me both to deepen what I had learned during the training, but also to overcome my apprehensions of the business environment, hitherto totally unknown.

Dispel the impostor syndrome

So I was ready to start looking for a first permanent contract as a web developer. That's when I created my LinkedIn profile – yes in education, it's not very trendy. I was hired at Pretto as a junior software engineer. We are not going to lie to each other: I was inhabited by an impostor syndrome; will my conversion be a success? Was I best suited for this position? It was quite a bet on my part, and I was not yet certain of winning it, despite all my efforts to do so.

Some of my fears were quickly put aside thanks to a complete onboarding and the support of my team. Since I was still a novice in this environment, I still had a lot to learn in order to upgrade myself. During the first month, I therefore came to the office an hour before everyone else in order to reread all my notes on what I had learned the day before. This allowed me to assimilate the information, and therefore to progress more quickly.

I was followed on a weekly basis in order to adapt my objectives according to my progress, but I quickly managed to master the different subjects that I was given to deal with. The validation of my trial period was a real moment of consecration: I finally had the feeling of having found my way.

I have now been in this company for a year and I have absolutely no regrets about my retraining. The job of developer is very intellectually stimulating, I learn new things every day: it's what we call the ‘magic of the code'! The team is still as caring despite the growth of the company.

I had always told myself that I would never end up behind a desk, and yet I don't see myself anywhere else now. However, the love of music has not left me: I plan to start a band with my colleagues soon! »


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