Free template: Employment contract for salespeople (2021)

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Free template: Employment contract for salespeople (2020)

Table of Contents

Employment contract template for salespeople

As an employer, it is important to have an employment contract that ensures that the terms of employment are seen and signed by both the employee and the employer.

However, it can be a more or less confusing affair to make an employment contract and at the same time ensure that all requirements, terms and formalities are as they should be. If you do not have the opportunity to make it yourself, you can choose to either get outside help, or simply use our template.

As a salesperson's employment relationship often differs from the typical one, the template is not just a standard employment contract, but rather specifically targeted salespeople.

An employment contract for a salesperson is often different from other employment contracts. It is quite normal for a seller to receive part of his salary as a commission. Therefore, as is often the case, there will be a section in the employment contract where the commission scheme is described.

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to a contract template that you can use the next time you need to hire a salesperson.

Employment contract template seller

The employment contract template can be used for more or less all kinds of sales positions. So whether it is an account manager, key account manager, sales representative, meeting booker, sales consultant or another sales title, you can take this template as your starting point.

The template contains 15 points:

1. Accession and job title

2. Place of work

3. Working hours and duties during employment

4. Holidays

5. Salary

6. Pension

7. Notice of absence

8. Confidentiality

9. Copyright and Inventions

10. Termination of employment

11. Processing of sensitive personal information

12. The Civil Servants Act

13. Collective agreements

14. Significant matters

15. Other provisions

Not all points may be relevant to the employment relationship you should enter into with your salespeople. However, we take no responsibility for the validity of the contract if any changes are made to it.

Employment contract template from Contractbook

It is our good friends from Contractbook who made the template. It is based on the premise that your salesperson has some form of commission scheme. You will find the employment contract template here.



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