Freelance tools: understand their importance for work organization

Freelance tools: understand their importance for work organization

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Working with a formal contract or starting your own company does not always fit everyone's profile. In this scenario, a new category has emerged: the freelancer, who acts autonomously. If you are part of this category and want to know tools for freelancing you are in the right place.

Unemployment was one of the factors that drove the growth of freelancers. In November, for example, Brazil reached 14.1 million unemployed, according to the UK residents Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

In addition to those who choose to work as a freelancer to have a freer life, the lack of opportunities has also influenced many people to start this career, however, without the necessary preparation.

The main differential of these professionals is the responsibility for managing both projects and working hours and productivity. Therefore, having tools for freelancers can assist in daily organization and ensure success in the endeavor.

In this article, we will talk a little more about the category and help those who are starting or intend to start choosing the best tools for freelancers.

You will learn:

  • What is a freelancer ?;
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelancer ?;
  • 7 freelance tools to assist in the work routine;

So, come on!

What is a freelancer?

Freelancer is the term used to refer to the self-employed professional, who seeks his own job opportunities in one or more companies. In addition, it can also work capturing projects and serving several customers simultaneously.

The difference for a entrepreneur is that the freelancer does not necessarily own a company. He sells his own work, like any other professional, but without creating employment links with companies.

However, many times, it will be necessary to open a company to issue an invoice. Everything will depend on the type of work performed and the opportunities that the professional captures.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelancer?

All job categories have advantages and disadvantages, so before choosing to work as a freelancer it is ideal to know what the particularities of the category are. The main advantage of being a self-employed professional is the time management.

When working as a freelancer, it is possible to choose which projects you want to work on, how much time per day you want to direct to a certain function and also determine how much you want to earn for the work done.

Thus, the work of the freelancer is freer and allows the professional to have a life less linked to working hours and more focused on the completion of projects within the deadline established by the client.

Being a freelancer also allows professionals to work wherever they want, without having to go to the companies' offices. You can work from home, rent a room in a coworking or even finish a task in the hotel room during a trip.

However, while it can be a benefit, time management can become a villain for professionals who have difficulty organizing. That's why freelancing tools are so important. In this article of our blog, we talked about how to increase concentration at work

Not being forced to work eight hours straight does not mean that the freelancer does not need to dedicate a good part of the day to complete the tasks. Like any other category, projects will take up a lot of your time, the difference being that you will be able to better manage your routine.

Another sensitive point of the freelancer is the capture of projects. As he is autonomous, the professional himself needs to pursue job opportunities, otherwise he will not have enough demands.

Like any other self-employed professional, the freelancer has no labor rights such as a guarantee fund, thirteenth salary and vacation.

7 freelance tools

Freelance tools can help from managing working hours to producing reports for clients. The fact is that for those who work alone and manage time, finances and are still responsible for the execution of projects, counting on this assistance is essential.

So, now that you already know what are the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing, let's list some tools for freelancers that will make a difference in your daily organization.

1. Trello

This platform is indicated for those who have difficulties in managing tasks, as it has a control panel that allows viewing the demands that have already been carried out or not and how the projects are in progress.

THE Trello is an excellent tool for freelancers. Especially for that professional who can't organize alone, with the traditional checklists. It allows you to post messages, delivery dates, attachments and post the status of each project.

For those who want to try it, there is a free and paid version, with more complete options of use.

2. Toggl

If your main difficulty is managing time and understanding how many hours you use for each project or task performed, this is the ideal application. With Toggl, you can calculate how much time you spend on each activity, making it even easier to determine your price.

So, if you don't know how to charge the client or how much your hour is worth, this freelancer tool can help you understand if how much you charge is worth for the job performed.

In addition to managing the time for each demand, the platform will be useful for closing proposals, as you will know how many hours you will use to finalize the project. There is also the option of including your customers to have access to the hours you used for the contracted activities.

THE Toggl it also has a free and paid version with more complete options.

3. Canva

Most of the time, before closing a project, it is necessary to present a proposal to convince the client that you are the ideal professional for that demand. The traditional presentation is still the most effective way to showcase your ideas.

THE Canva is one of the tools for freelancer that helps to set up presentations, infographics, posts for social networks, among others designs. Therefore, it can contribute not only in attracting projects, but also in execution.

With a free option, this tool for freelancers can be used even by those who do not have many editing skills, as it has pre-defined templates to be adapted by users.

4. Dropbox

Another very important point in the work of the freelancer is the storage of files and customer and task management documents.

Although computer systems have more and more storage capacity, every self-employed professional needs to have a backup of their work.

For this, there are tools like Dropbox, which stores files in the cloud, ensuring that you will not lose your files if you have a problem with your computer. In addition, you can access documents from anywhere, just using your login and password.

Like the other tools for freelancing, the Dropbox has a free version that allows storage of up to 2GB. The higher capacity plans start at $ 9.99 a month and also have a business version.

5. PayPal

Most freelance professionals receive payment by bank transfer or deposit. However, depending on the customer's profile, it will be necessary to offer other forms of transactions.

Therefore, the Paypal, a payment management tool, can be a credit or debit option. Counting on platforms like this, offers more security for the payer and still gives a more professional image.

It is worth noting that there are specific policies for the use of the tool, such as charging a fee per transaction. In addition to this, there are others such as PagSeguro and Moip.

6. Shopify

Many customers prefer to pay for the service by means of bank slips. Shopify has a billing invoice generator, which allows you to personalize with your personal mask. It is a more formal way of charging your customer.

This freelance tool referral is free and allows you to issue unlimited invoices.

7. Forest

One of the biggest challenges for the freelancer professional, especially those who stay in the home office style=”font-weight: 400;”>, is concentration.

Winning procrastination is not always an easy task, so freelance tools that help you focus on the activity being performed are very important.

THE Forest: stay focused, be present brings this proposal to users, helping them to focus on a given task for 25 minutes. With a very playful look, during this period, a tree grows in your browser.

When you reach 25 minutes, you are free to take a break. The tool is free and has an extension for Google Chrome.

As you can see, the freelance profession offers many benefits, especially for those who do not like to have a hard working day.

However, organizational and focus challenges are barriers that can be overcome with a variety of freelancing tools. Understand your main need to improve your performance or enter this market and invest in the most suitable platforms for you.

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