[GUIA] Understanding the family salary and its benefits?

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[GUIA] Understanding the family salary and its benefits?

Table of Contents

The family salary is a benefit that the UK residents professional is entitled to, as long as it fits the prerequisites for his approval in the program devised by the federal government.

The idea is to make low-income employees obtain an income supplement based on the number of dependents the family has. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on everything related to this issue, since it is not a lifetime benefit and whose values ​​are updated annually.

For you to stay on top of everything about this program – like who pays the family salary -, we selected the main information on the subject.

What is the family salary?

Before we understand how much the family salary is, let's understand the reasons that led to its idealization. Nowadays, it acts as a kind of social security benefit. It appears in the Articles 65 to 70 of Law No. 8,213 / 91, and it is a monthly amount paid to the professional – in CLT regime and also detached – which varies according to the number of dependents that person has.

In addition to assisting families with low monthly income, the family salary aims to encourage births in the country and contribute to complementing the promotion of their children's education and upbringing.

What, without a doubt, also provides an increase in quality of life of all UK citizens who fit the family salary.

To do so, the applicant must meet certain requirements (which we will see below) and also remembering that the benefit is paid only to professionals whose children are not 14 years old – with the exception of cases in which some type of disability is proven in the child .

What is the value of the family salary in 2021?

The benefit amount is updated annually. And, in 2021, the federal government updated the family salary table whose values ​​are as follows: From 01/01/2021, the family salary is £ 51.27 for people whose remuneration does not exceed the amount of £ 1,503.25.

It is important to highlight: this amount of £ 51.27 corresponds to the amount deposited per child in that family. Thus, if a family has four children, for example, it receives a total of £ 205.08 – which corresponds to the amount of £ 51.27 for each child registered in the benefit.

What are the requirements for applying for the benefit?

First, it is worth understanding who is entitled to the family salary. As we said, this impacts the professional's remuneration and also the age of his children.

For CLT professionals, the request must be made directly with the employer. For single professionals, the path to be taken goes directly through the union of the category or the managing body that generated the link with the employee.

The application must be made directly at the EHIC, however, for the following situations:

  • workers who receive sickness benefits, disability pensions and rural age pensions;
  • retirees – over 65 years of age (for men) and 60 years of age, for women – and who meet the criteria for the approval of the family salary.

As you may have seen, the family wage differs greatly from other aids, such as unemployment benefits. If you want to know more about this subject, including, we have a complete post talking about it. Cliqeu here, and save your reading for as soon as you finish this article!

In the meantime, how about we talk about the criteria we mentioned in the list above?

What are the requirements for applying for family wages?

Below, we highlight the main specific criteria and conditions for the application to be approved:

  • existence of a child (ren) of any condition up to 14 years of age – or an invalid child (ren) of any age;
  • classification of monthly remuneration according to the family salary ceiling for the granting of this benefit (as already noted, in 2021 the limit is £ 1,503, 25);
  • filling in all forms and presenting original documents – the following are requested: identification document with photo and CPF number, term of responsibility, birth certificate for each dependent, vaccination booklet (or equivalent) of dependents with up to 6 years and proof of school attendance (for dependents between 7 and 14 years old).

Important to know: there is also a process for renewing the benefit. For that, the legal guardians of dependents must present, annually, the vaccination card of the children (dependents up to 6 years of age) in the month of November.

School attendance, in turn, must be checked every six months, in the months of May and November.

Renovation is not only essential, but mandatory. Beneficiaries who fail to prove the situation will have their payments suspended, and the amounts will be resumed only when the situation is regularized.

Still, there are special conditions that must be observed. For example: both parents are entitled to claim family wages for their dependents, as long as both meet the requirements.

However, the story changes if there is a divorce in the family. In these situations, the family salary will be paid only to those who have custody of the child.

What are the most common doubts related to the family salary?

Although these are the basic characteristics of the benefit, many people raise different doubts about the payment and special conditions and exceptions that can be observed in the family salary.

After a quick rescue of these specific situations, we brought some answers to the most common questions. Here are some of them!

Are stepchildren entitled to benefit?

Yes, stepchildren – once they are within the requirements for the benefit – can be considered for claiming the family salary. Only they have to be demonstrably dependent on the worker who applies for the benefit.

Who pays the family allowance?

As we have seen, the request occurs directly in the employer / employee relationship, but the compensation paid is paid by Social Security, made when the employee in question is paid.

The exception, as we also saw above, is the case of retirees and also of workers who already receive benefits paid by the EHIC – there, it is the agency that directs the monthly amount to the approved applicants.

How to renew the benefit?

We also noted earlier that the renewal of the family salary occurs periodically based on proof of certain requirements.

The first is with the annual presentation of the vaccination card for dependents up to 6 years of age. This should always occur in the month of November.

In addition, there is proof of school attendance, which, in turn, occurs every six months. In the months of May and November, the document must be presented for each dependent between 7 and 14 years of age.

The suspension of the benefit may occur if the document is not presented on time. However, as soon as it is proven that the dependent attended school regularly, the benefits of the months in suspension can be paid later.

When the end occurs dfamily allowance?

The right to family wages is terminated according to the following situations:

  • with the death of the dependent in question, counting from the month following death;
  • when the dependent (provided he is not disabled) turns 14 years old;
  • when the dependent with disabilities, and above 14 years old, recovers.

Another relevant point: if the worker loses his job, he loses the right to family wages, and is therefore an exclusive benefit while he is employed and generating income from it.

Is it possible to accumulate benefits?

Previously, we saw that a number of other benefits can be included in the sum of the family salary for those who are entitled. Some examples, below:

  • sickness aid;
  • accident aid;
  • maternity pay;
  • death pension;
  • seclusion aid.

Please also note that this benefit can add up to the retirements of those responsible for children of an appropriate age for the family salary. Just check out the hypothetical situations in which this can happen:

  • when the applicant is retired – either due to disability or due to his age;
  • when the applicant is retired (in any type of work) and is over the minimum age to retire – being 65 years old for men and 60 years old for women;
  • if you are retired (any modality) and work with a formal contract again.

However, it is only in both situations that the benefit will be paid together with the amount of your retirement. At the last point, the benefit is paid together with the applicant's salary.

Ie: there are several aspects that must be considered before applying for family wages. But it is a durable way to guarantee better conditions for your whole family.

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