Guidance tips for teenagers that you should never forget in your career

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Table of Contents

Know what you are worth

“One of the first pieces of advice we give to teens is to know how to show off: take stock of the skills acquired, the qualities on which to communicate. It is very academic but very useful throughout a career to list his profile in this way and to enrich it as and when the experience acquired ”, estimates Christine Lafond, of the specialized coaching firm Jeunes Orientation. A mastered IT tool? A project completed? A foreign language spoken with customers or suppliers? So many everyday things that can be used to negotiate a promotion for example. ” Too often, adults acquire skills by reflex, without knowing how to restore them in so many arguments », Continues Christine Lafond.

“You don’t have to have the same career as your colleagues. Allow yourself to think differently. Listen to your desires: having responsibilities, working in a comfortable environment …””


Stay opportunistic and curious

In high demand in schools, curiosity is a quality that can be worked on throughout a career. This is what Valérie Deflandre, adviser at CIDJ notes: “Naturally, teenagers are generally very open to the opportunities that present themselves to them because they are like ‘new”. It is a state of mind that we must seek to maintain in always keeping an eye on the latest trends in their profession and sector of activity for example. By staying abreast, you will be able to better seize the opportunities that may present themselves and stay abreast of the latest trends in your function. ” Know how to listen to what drives you and keep the boldness and freshness you had when you were in school », Continues Valérie Deflandre. This will make it less difficult for you to step out of your comfort zone if the vagaries of a career mean that you have to find another employer or reorient yourself.

Keep your ideals

Virgin of any experience, adolescents can sometimes feel lost about their professional future. Christine Lafond then advises them to listen to their hearts and to feel what drives them deeply. A recommendation that also applies to adults, she notes: “What am I able to do or not? What are my ideals? My ethics? So many questions that are worth to be asked regularly during a career to make sure we haven’t taken the wrong road. »If you have a strong environmental awareness and find yourself working in a company that does not respect these values, perhaps it is time to consider a new professional project? “Be careful, however, not to fall into too much utopianism, warns Anne Phénix, of the firm Phénix Coaching. The advice we give to teens to avoid focusing on sectors with very few future prospects also applies to their elders.… ”

Be unique

At school, learning autonomy is a must that should not stop once the last diploma has been acquired, observes Christine Lafond: “We encourage young people to build their own path without necessarily following the crowd. It is a gain of self-confidence that must be maintained throughout life. Just as you don’t necessarily study in the same field as your high school friends, neither do you have to have the same career as your co-workers. ” Allow yourself to think differently, she insists. Listen to your desires: have responsibilities, earn as much money as possible, work in a comfortable environment, focus on family life, travel abroad… ”

Network and get help

Last but not least, advice that can be applied at any age: never isolate yourself. ” Networking starts in school and never stops, and getting help can come in handy anytime », Notes Anne Phénix. Having recourse to a coach or a consultant, taking stock of skills: so many useful tools to take stock of your career. “Not to mention the many training courses for adults,” adds Anne Phénix. With them, no professional project is impossible. Just because you left school doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to learn. ”



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