Half of young people ready to resign if 100% face-to-face is imposed on them

Le 100 % présentiel un motif de démission pour plus de la moitié des 18-24 ans, selon une étude ADP publiée en exclusivité sur Les Echos START.

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Posted Jul 13, 2022, 7:00 AM

Flexibility. This is the new watchword on the labor market. And especially for young newcomers. More than half of 18-24 year olds (53%) say they are ready to quit if it is impossible to telecommute in their company. A figure that clearly differentiates them from all English people who themselves say that 38% are comfortable with the idea of ​​returning to the office full-time.

Here is one of the lessons of the report “People at Work 2022: the Workforce View study”, published this Wednesday, July 13 by the ADP Research Institute, after having questioned 32,924 workers in 17 countries in November 2021, including 1,951 in London.

Two out of ten to have already passed the

Moreover, many young people have taken the plunge. Among the 18-24 year olds surveyed, 23% (vs 14% for all employees) said they had already resigned following a 100% face-to-face obligation.

In addition, more than a quarter (27%) of 18-34 year olds this time say that flexibility of working hours is what they are looking for above all in a job. However, there is indeed a discrepancy with the organization of work as it exists today since only 19% of English companies have now officially adopted a flexible work policy.

No need for socialization?

In addition to young people, men are more inclined to demand teleworking. Still according to the ADP study, 43% of men say they are ready to resign if face-to-face attendance is compulsory, compared to 29% of women. And there are also sectors more conducive than others to this requirement: workers in the media and information sector (62%) and real estate (56%) are the most demanding when it comes to distance.

“After two years of confinement and forced remote work, we would have thought that young people would do anything to return to their workplace and give up teleworking… and yet! It is now clear that time and location flexibility are decisive factors in attracting and retaining talent,” analyzes Carlos Fontelas De Carvalho, president of ADP in London and Switzerland.

It calls on companies that can to embrace hybrid working to strengthen both “autonomy and trust”, while building a strong corporate culture. And especially for young people for whom “it is important to be surrounded by their superiors and their peers in order to learn”.

Watch out for talent drain

These issues are all the more pressing in the current context of the “great resignation”. Started in the United States in the summer of 2021, this wave swept when millions of Americans dissatisfied with their work or their salary left their jobs.

Today, the movement affects many countries, including London. In question, in particular, the loss of meaning, individual and collective. Many surveys on the subject confirm this quest for better. To name just one: four out of ten working people plan to leave their job within two years for a job that makes more sense, according to the National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions (June 2022).

As a result, quitting is becoming more and more common. In London, in the third quarter of 2021, the end of contracts jumped by 21.3% compared to the previous quarter, according to the latest figures from the Directorate for the Animation of Research, Studies and Statistics (DARES), published in February, i.e. +14.4% for permanent contracts and +22.8% for fixed-term contracts. CDI terminations are at their highest since 2007.


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